Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU all for your generosity surrounding the birth of our sons Vladimir and Waylon. We have been overwhelmed by the kindness of our extended family. Since bringing the boys home from the hospital in late August our lives have been a whirlwind of non-stop diapering, feeding, rocking, changing and swaddling. As your thoughtful gifts continued to arrive well into the fall we lost track of who was sent thank you notes and who was not. Please accept our deepest apologies if we overlooked you. You must all know that we did receive your gifts and appreciated them more than we could ever express. The boys have a veritable clothing boutique hanging in their closets stocked by all of you! We have opened savings accounts for each of them with the generous gifts that were made for such a purpose. We have bought hundreds (likely thousands) of diapers and baby wipes with the gift cards we received. All of the books and CDs have been read and listened to multiple times. All of the food and goodies were delightful and all of the great advice was priceless. We honestly could not have made it through these first few months without all of you. And though we always knew how great you all were we certainly could never have expected such generosity!

As we head into 2007 we feel extremely blessed to have these two beautiful boys in our lives. Though overwhelmed at times, as all new parents must be, we cannot express the happiness they have brought us. If you haven’t met them yet we invite you to stop by the house any time. We are both surprised by how much we love our new role as parents to these two cool little guys. The experience has been quite unexplainable. Who would have guessed?

We wish you and yours the best of everything in 2007. May you find health, happiness and good fortune before you and look back at 2006 with fond memories. We look forward to spending time with each of you in the coming year.

With Love,

Ernest, Nancy, Vladimir and Waylon

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blowing in the Wind

We have a new view from the front porch of the house at Adzentoivich Woods. Windmills. 13 of them to be exact.

HUGE windmills.

If you don't want to click the link I'll just tell you - they cost $70 million and are 100 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Huge freakin' windmills!

Here is a photo of the new view (this is a mountaintop, not a hill, mind you)...And another (look closely)...One of the things we cherished about Adzentoivich Woods was the fact that when there you felt as if you were the only people in the world. You could see no neighbors, no roads, nothing.

Complete solitude.

Nature in it's natural state.

I have mixed feelings about these new addiitons to our environ. On one hand they are really, really cool. I mean really. They turn so slowly and silently. Giants on the hillside quietly bringing life through the wind to humanity. Harnasing the winds and squeezing from them electricity.

Clean power.
Responsible power.

Little or no by-products. No pollution (hello, co-gen plants?).

Almost majestic in their pursuit and stature.

Calming to behold and somewhat humbling.

Heck, we were even thinking of putting one up on the farm - though not nearly as large. And cousin Anne trekked halfway across the country in a gas-guzzling SUV to pick one up for her place.

Off the grid, self-sustaining power. Hope for the future.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

YouTube and Cat's Eyes

So I uploaded that last post from my digital camera to my computer, then to YouTube. I posted it to the blog straight from the YouTube interface. For some reason I have heard that several people have been unable to watch it. Sorry for that. It is really just a random video of the boys laying on their tummy-time mat while Vladi cries and Waylon pedals his feet. So, sorry about that if you can't see it. I am new at the whole YouTube thing - at least the contribution aspect of it. Maybe I did something wrong when I uploaded it.

Yesterday morning, Ernie and I were sitting on the bed feeding the boys when Godzilla sauntered into the room. I looked at him as he walked past my side of the bed and continued to schlep underneath the crib into what is known around here as "cat jail" (the slats of the crib make it look as if the cat were in jail). I noticed his right eye was completely swollen and discusting. The inner eyelid thing was all pink and HUGE.

I said "Ernie, go look at the cat and put medicine in his eye" (this is not the first time this has happened to Godzilla, he seems to have allergies)

He said "But I am feeding a baby"

I said "I don't care, give me the baby and take care of the cat. His eye is really bad"

He said "Wow, that's a first. Take care of the cat instead of the baby?"

I said "Look at his eye and you'll see why"

So Ernie gives me the baby, now I have two. He goes to get Godzilla who of course doesn't want to be gotten. Once he catches him he yells to me from the other room...

"I think he lost it"

I yell back "Lost What?"

He yells "I think he lost his eye"


He "I think so!"

Me "Well, call the vet! Call Rick and bring him over there right away" (Rick being our parent's friend who is a vet two towns over)

He "OK"

.....time passes

I think about where his eye could possibly have gone. Under the diningroom table? Under the refrigerator? Into the fireplace? And how would we ever find it? Would it start to eventually stink and lead us to it? Hopefully before the boys start to crawl...

Me "well, is it there?"

He "I think so. I dunno. I put some medicine in it so we'll see. I am going to watch him"

Me "OK"


He "Wow, his eye looks 100% better!"

Me "Oh good, so it is still there."

He "yeah"

Only that evening did I think about it and realize that it would be quite impossible for our cat to "lose" his eye. I mean, it is attached and all that. This I found to be quite comical. Both Ernie and I thought it was perfectly probable that our cat's eye could have fallen out from extreme paw rubbing or some such thing.

This is what happens when you are subject to extreme sleep-deprivation. Your cat can lose his eye and you don't really think a thing of it other than, I hope we find it before the babies do. It all becomes one big Fellinni film.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


New Post

I missed a few days of posts so I guess I am out of the NoBloPo thingy. I made it everyday for a week, at least! I think that is pretty good considering I have the babies and am working again.

I am going to try to continue to post daily, or as close to daily as possible. I have enjoyed reading other people's daily blog posts. I think this NoBloPo idea is great though, it has gotten a few folks (including myself) blogging regularly again.

Keep up the good work, and I will try to do the same.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Plant For The Planet

This is a cool program being initiated by Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai from Kenya. She is the only black woman to ever win a Nobel Prize. Her goal is to have 1 billion new trees planted across the world in 12007 in an effort to stall global warming. All you have to do is click here and enter any trees you may plant during the year so that they may be counted.

You can read about it on Yahoo! News or at the United Nations Environment Programme.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oh Britney

Is anyone surprised that she filed for divorce from that idiot? At least she got him a job (a.k.a. record deal) so that his sons won't think he is a total loser.

And it was sure smart of her to have both of her sons sired by the same (deadbeat) dad. She definitely put her thinking cap on for that one.

Why are celebrities such imbeciles? Is this really the best our society has to offer our youth as role models? I mean, if she were some sort of musical genius it might be a different story, but in reality she is just a piece of tail. And now she isn't even good looking - though she did just birth two babies in two years so I have to cut her some slack and give her some props.

But Britney, really, can't you hire someone to make your decisions for you? Surely you can afford it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Addicted to HGTV

Hi, my name is Nancy and I'm a HGTVaholic...


Since I have been home nurturing my offspring I have also been feeding my addiction. And it isn't the home improvement or design shows that I am into. Nope. It's the real estate shows.

What You Get for the Money
National Open House
International Open House
What's My House Worth

You know. Shows that make me feel like an idiot for spending a gagilion dollars for a 1800 square foot 100 year old house on 0.10 acre. Dunce.

From what I can see we should be looking to move to Savannah, GA. Now you're talking about a nice place at a reasonable price.

But as my friend Krista says "but you have to live in Savannah (insert any town/city/state other than New York or one of it's suburbs)".

And of course she is right. We all know the sacred real estate mantra...location, location, location!

But moving somewhere like Savannah/Nashville/Pittsburgh would allow us to live in a mansion/estate/loft with every amenity, no mortgage and I wouldn't have to leave my boys to go to work if I didn't want to. Wouldn't that be worth the sacrifice of location? What would I really be missing? Starbucks (doubt it), Barnes and Noble (probably not), Walmart(absolutely not)?

So, when I start talking about taking a road trip to check out property in Memphis it may be time to stage an intervention.

Admitting you have a problem is half the battle, right?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

What It Is Like to Have Twins - 10 1/2 Weeks

It feels like I have been hit by a truck.

All the time.

I eat things like salt and vinegar chips and Vienna Fingers because I am always hungry and cannot have; dairy, chocolate, spicy food, beans, gas-producing vegetables, too much caffeine.

I stink. Haven't bathed in days. Hair becoming like dreadlocks.

See my husband only on occassion, on which we yell at each other about things like; types of formula, adequate burping practices, poop diapers, vomit, showers, baths, dinner...

Have ungroomed eyebrows that are starting to look as bushy as they did in 1984.

Hairy legs.

Unmade bed.

No sex.

Jelly belly.

Dust bunnies, toilet bowl rings, dirty countertops, full litter box, dusty TV screen.

Stuffy nose, constipation, headache, backache, sore boobs.

General feeling of being overwhelmed and out of sorts.

Just when we think we are getting the hang of things and it is starting to get "easier", something happens like "uh ha! Gotcha mom and dad!! You thought you were soooo smart, now what are you going to do about this?"


I wouldn't give up my boys for the world. I am oh so glad that they came to join our family. However, I wouldn't wish this on anyone else. Unless they could afford a baby nurse, a nanny and a housekeeper. On most days there is at least a moment of amazement when I look at each of them and melt - that makes it all worthwhile. It's the days when I have had no more than 3 hours of disjointed sleep that make it difficult to see the forest for the trees.

Friday, November 03, 2006

"Big Box Stores" or "It Could Happen to You, Too"

Yesterday I did something I never thought I would do. In fact, I am pretty sure that I swore to never do such a thing.

I joined a big box store. You know the ones I mean. There are lots of them, depending on what part of the country you live in. But they are all the same, really.


Big, giant testaments to American Consumerism. I think they embody at least 4 out of the 7 deadly sins (is that right? Vices? Whatever they are - like the Brad Pitt movie, "7").


And I am on the fence about Pride/Vanity. You could say that fits too if you stretch it. And Anger fits if you take into consideration the parking lots and checkout lines.

So basically, these stores are gateways to Hell in Earthly form. They are also SOOOOO suburban and just gross, to put it in layman's terms (speaking of Layman, I always wondered whatever happened to my friend Lisa Layman and her husband Brent....they were Opera singers and very cool).

But alas, I am a sinner afterall. I have never claimed to be otherwise. And I Have even been called a Heathen on occassion (by, of all people, my mother). So maybe I shouldn't be surprised by my actions. But I am. So maybe I don't know myself very well. Perhaps you all saw this coming.

This latest development is right up there with driving a minivan. I will Never, EVER, drive a minivan. N-E-V-E-R

Unless, of course, anyone knows of a good deal on one post 2001 with less than 70k miles on it? If so, please let me know 'cuz the two-door hatchback Hyundai isn't so cute anymore. Economical, yes. Practical, not so much. Did I just say that? Geesh.

Admitedly, I am coveting my dad's new Dodge Caravan. It is just so roomy.


I mean, I don't think it is so bad to be a sinner. Aren't we all? But I would like my sinning to at least be FUN. Right? Like sex, drugs and rock-n-roll kinds of sins. Not big box stores and minivan envy kinds of sins. Blech. How did this happen?

I need redemption. Can anyone help me out here? Any ideas on pennance? I am not big on confessions in the Catholic sense of the word, but let's face it, this blog is my running confession to the world wide web. Sort of the same as God, no??

So I ask you, please forgive me for turning that corner of no return. Please look beyond my suburban, mommy, consumerist facade and rather deep into my free-spirited, environmentalist, rockstar psyche. I promise to never, EVER pile the kids in the minivan and roadtrip it to Orlando. For another 4 years at least....

Thursday, November 02, 2006


8th Anniversary Dinner. Gads and gads of sushi. Delicous sushi. I honestly haven't had sushi in over a year due to pregnancy, blah, blah, blah. Ocha Restaurant in Stamford. YUMMY!!

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Wood for baby-sitting. Priceless!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Anniversary Song

Yes, today is my wedding anniversary. 8 years. Wow. Time really does fly. People say it for a reason. Because it is true. Time flies when you are having fun, and as far as I am concerned the fun is just getting started!

Anniversary Song (Cowboy Junkies)

Have you ever seen a sight as beautiful
As that of the rain-soaked purple
Of the white birch in spring?

Have you ever felt more fresh or wonderful
Than on a warm fall nightUnder a mackerel sky,
The smell of grapes on the wind?

Well I have known all these things
And the joys that they can bring
And Ill share them all for a cup of coffee
And to wear your ring

Have you ever had the pleasure of watching
A quiet winters snow slowly gathering
Like simple moments adding up?

Have you ever satisfied a gut feeling
To follow a dry dirt road thats beckoning you
To the heart of a shimmering summers day?

Well I have known all these things
And the joys that they can bring
And Ill share them all for a cup of coffee
And to wear your ring

And I dont know how I survived those days
Before I held your hand
Well I never thought that I would be the one
To admit that the moon and the sun
Shine so much more brighter when
Seen through two pairs of eyes than
When seen through just one

Have you ever seen a sight as beautiful
As a face in a crowd of people
That lights up just for you?

Have you ever felt more fresh or wonderful
As when you wake
By the side of that boy or girl
Who has pledged their love to you?

Well I have known all these things
And the joys that they can bring
And now every morning theres a cup of coffee
And I wear your ring

And now we have these two beautiful children to add to our family. It can only get better from here! I love you Buppa.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Back to Work

Today is my first day back to work. How weird.

I am working in my "home office", which is my diningroom table. Ernie is upstairs with the babies. I know he is supposed to be "watching" them, but I hear his music loud and clear so I know he is actually working in the studio. I want so badly to go up there to check on them but I am going to let him be the responsible daddy and I will trust that he is checking on them from time to time. My fear is that he has them in their swings in the next room and is leaving them there while he works, regardless of whether or not they are crying, choking, being eaten by the cats...

Really, I know he can handle it. He keeps telling me he can.

So back to work. It is nice to be in contact with grown ups. It is nice to look at spread sheets and to play with other people's money. therapy. It is like meditating. What a nice break from baby duty.

But really, I do miss the boys. It is strange to not be holding them all day long. I hear them crying right now...I think he stopped the music. Is he going to check? Hmmmmmmm.........nope. The music just came back on, and the crying got louder. Shit. Go check on your sons man!

Don't make me go up there. I don't want to usurp you...

OK, I think he's got them now. Crying stopped. Music started. It soothes the savage beast and all that. It's true with babies too apparently.

I think this working thing is going to be OK. At least until I have to actually GO to the office. Now that will be difficult...luckily I have about a month before I have to consider that. We have expanded so quickly that my former office has been recommissioned and there is no place for me to work until we move in December.

So this marks the end of my maternity leave. So sad, really. You only get to do it once in the lifetime of your children, and here it has already passed.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Geekification of Boys

My husband is bent on grooming a couple of geeks. Dorks even. My boys, the Adzentoivich Geeks. All three of them.

This morning I awoke to the sounds of Captain Beefheart. Who is Captain Beefheart? you may ask. Well, if you are a Frank Zappa fan then you must know Captain Beefheart. He was part of the original Zappa thing. I think he played the guitar or something. He writes lyrics like "the mascara snake in the rollo-barrel sniffed the perfume and said BAM!"(sic.) More spoke word than singing. And the musical accompaniment is more a caucophony of dissonent sounds and screaming guitar. Folks, this is geekier than Frank Zappa. I mean, you have to dig deeper than Zappa to find "The Captain", as Ernie so lovingly refers to him.

Yes, he was sitting there in the studio with the baby on his lap playing Captain Beefheart on iTunes.

Next I wholly expect to come home from work to see them watching Monty Python. I mean, we do own the complete set of The Flying Circus on DVD. I have to take partial blame for that. I bought it for Ernie two Christmases ago. And I did take him to see Spamalot for his birthday a year ago. What was I thinking?

Somehow I didn't foresee the ramifications of my actions. I mean, I wasn't even pregnant at the time, so give me a break. And if I were I couldnt' have known I would have a boy, let alone TWO boys. I mean, with a girl none of these things would have mattered. Ernie would have been too mesmerized and terrified by her to try to influence her tastes like this.

I asked Ernie if he was going to get them into an online game of D&D next, just to finish the project. He informed me (silly me) that no, in fact it is the World of Warcraft community which they will become members of. Hmmm. I have never played this game, but I must admit to spending pre-baby hours at The SIMS and The Movies not to mention Civilization. But I never joined any of the online gaming communities (though I do get The Sims e-newsletter). So I suppose I am not completely blameless here either.


Now they are listening to something about fish eyes and bumblebees "...From here to there it ain't far enough and from here to here is too short..." see what I mean? On the way to total geekdom.

I can see what is going to happen. As soon as the boys can speak the three of them are going to start quoting all of these obscure references and I will be left smirking, pretending to understand what they are talking about. Forcing a laugh even though I have no idea why what they are saying is funny. Sort of like my relationship with Mark Goldstein in high school. A completely brilliant and creative kid with an afro who wore a Members Only jacket every day and drove a huge boat of a car with Zappa blasting. Sometimes he gave me a ride to school and his sister and I would roll our eyes in the back seat. Sort of like that. Me, trying to be cool by understanding the Geeks among us.

Of the freaks and geeks, I was always more likely to be a freak who tried to "fit in" with the geeks. Now that I think of it, why? I guess I liked being the cool girl who was able to fit in with all of the other crowds as well. I mean, I did watch Life of Brian and The Holy Grail many times to try to understand what the hell was so funny when someone would say "...I can't eat another bite" or "...Wafer thin", and of course "Nee!" But I balanced it out with multiple viewings of The Wall. I never went to the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I bet if they still have it around here Ernie will be taking the twins as soon as they are able to hold their heads upright on their own.

I see my future, and it is filled with obscure comedy.

Fellini anyone?

National Blog Posting Month

Takes place in November. You can find out more about it here .

I plan to take part in an attempt to get myself to write and think about things other than my babies. Not that my babies aren't wonderful and don't deserve my undivided attention, but I am going a little batty already. Just yesterday I found myself talking baby talk while holding one and rocking the other in his bouncy seat with my foot. When the baby talk stopped working I moved on to singing. My forte is a fine medley of songs ranging from "The Gambler" (Kenny Rogers) and On My Own" (Les Miserables), to "She's A Grand Old Flag" (traditional) and "Can't Go Home" (Bon Jovi). Only the choruses of course, because really who can recall an entire song on spot with no accompaniment? I have found that I cannot.

So I am going to attempt to post on this blog every day in the month of November. Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


2 months have passed since I gave birth to my terrific, adorable, amazing twin boys. Two months since I had my abdomen cut open and two squirmy little humans were extracted from my womb. Two months since I have slept more than two consecutive hours. Two months since I went to work, ergo two months since I have had a paycheck. Two months since I began referring to myself as "mommy"; "mommy will be right back", "mommy needs to take a nap", "burp for mommy', "mommy will change your diaper as soon as she feeds your brother", "tell mommy why you are crying"... Two months, eight weeks, 60 days. Wow. Time flies.

So today, after two months of motherhood, I was finally able to go for a run. I ran. One block. Walked. One block. Ran. Another block. Walked. Another block. Etc. It was AWESOME! Forget about the fact that my abdomen has the tone of a jello mold and my ab muscles do absolutely nothing to support my "core". I ignored the awkward heavy, jiggly feeling of my belly as I lifted my feet; left, right, left, right. Walk. I was hardly able to lift my knees enough to even look like a jogger let alone a runner, but I DID lift them. I did. Even if it was just a little bit. I ran.

Let's not forget that I was on strict limitation throughout my entire 9 months of pregnancy, add the past two months to that, and that brings you to just about a year of no activity other than walking up and down the stairs (sometimes). And then let's also remember that I didn't really exercise while trying to conceive because of the two miscarriages. It has truthfully been about two years since I had an honest to goodness workout. I hate to admit it, but it is true. The months just flew by and before you know it here we are.

But I am so happy to say that I finally got my body moving again. Got my heartrate up a little bit without the aid of two fetuses in-utero adding to the load. A good old fashioned aerobic workout.

How was I able to do this with two miniture men at home, you ask? Well, Grandma Wood and Aunt Joan came over and took the boys for a walk so that I could have some alone time to be Nancy again. I even got to shower after the run. Amazing.
I have paid for my independence however. Since Grandma left the boys have been extremely fussy to the point that I wonder if something could be wrong with them, until I realize that if I feed them they calm down. They are dramatically increasing their feedings and amounts of formula/milk they eat at each. In one day we went from 3oz to 4.5oz feedings. The only way to figure out how much they need in order to feel full is to keep adding ounces until they seem satisfied and stop crying. For some reason I always have the fear of over-feeding them - I hate to see them spit-up, and so I guess I don't feed them enough...I forget that they are growing and developing and that I must alter their diet accordingly.

I am finally talking about going back to work. Though I approach this with mixed feelings, as I am sure all new moms must. I am very excited to get back to my clients and to have grown-up conversations and interactions on a daily basis, but I also dread the day when I don't see my boys for 8 hours. Unfortunately, we are not yet wealthy enough for me to be a stay at home mom, and if we ever were I am not really and truly sure that I would want to be. But maybe just for this first year....

Finally, I am feeling more like myself and less like a baby-feeder/changer/cuddler/zombie. I am feeling more like mommy, nurturer/teacher/role model. Much more fitting to my psyche. Horrah!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

What Else?

Can I talk about other than babies and being a mother? I hate to be such a bore. I am still more than a mom, right? I mean, right now I feel like nothing but a milk machine but I know the old me has got to be in there somewhere tucked away waiting to reemerge.

My husband is talking about joining some wild mushroom society in CT called COMA. He wants to get into COMA right now. It is the perfect season for it. I think he is looking for his inner-self too. Though I am not quite sure how rooting through dirt for mushrooms might do that. I don't think they are the mind-altering kind of mushrooms, or shrooms as you might call them. And I never knew him to be a big fan of mushrooms....maybe he's been sniffing too many baby diapers.

It makes me sad that the small plane crashed into the building on East 72nd Street in NYC. I used to work in the building next door, at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center, so I know the block very well. It is scary. But what makes me the most sad is that once they suspected that a sports celebrity was involved it became a "Great Tragedy". Before that it was simply the most interesting news story since the Amish school shootings and all of the media were crawling on it like little hungry ants. They were obviously looking for an angle to play: Flashback to 9/11, Terrorism, people trapped in the building, people hurt on the street, companies housed in the building that might be targets, accident or suicide, etc. Not once did I hear anyone refer to it as a tragedy, even though they knew there were two people killed the entire time. Not until they found out it was a Yankee, that is. Why was it not tragic when the pilot was just an unknown civilian? Are some lives worth more than others? The loss of one person more tragic than the loss of another? The media are really always looking for a way to market a story, even if it involves loss of life. It is very sad.

What else?

The fall TV season. Yes, I am watching lots of TV these days. My time spent outside the home has been drastically cut and my ability to do anything that takes two hands must come between feedings, which leaves me about 8 disjointed hours per day, including when I am asleep. So TV is the easiest way to pass the time while nurturing my wee babes.


I am loving Friday Night Lights. Loving it. The first episode presented a good case for not allowing your sons to play football. I love that Chandler guy. He used to be on another show when I was in college and my roommates and I used to classify him as "dreamy". Now that he is a bit older and a bit heavier he looks like my old boss, Josh. But he still has some of those dreamy-like qualities. Plus he is the compassionate, underdog coach, and that makes him even more appealing.

Men in Trees. OK, I know there are lots of Anne Heche haters out there. But I remember her from her soap opera days pre-Ellen. I always liked her and thought she had a very funky off-beat quality (which was proven during the post-ellen days). The writing of the show is very witty and she is funny. Plus I love that is it not a Lawyer, Police, Hospital show. It smacks a bit of Northern Exposure but what's wrong with that? I liked that show too.

Project Runway. This isn't really a new fall show, but I am so addicted! Ernie and I love to imitate Uli and Heidi. Love them. Will Jeffrey get screwed? I can't hardly wait until next week to find out. I hope Laura gets lots of stretch marks, that bitch...

LOST. Of course. This is a big hold out from last season. So far the first two episodes have been AWESOME. Now, I have heard people talking about the fake commercials that are on during LOST, but I don't think I have noticed them. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? And who fathered Sun's baby? And who is really in charge; Henry Gale ( hello...Dorothy's uncle?), or that chick with the blonde hair who brings Jack sandwiches?

30Rock. Watched this one for the first time last night. Funny. Loving Tina Fay, as always. I think this one will become a fave. And it is nice that it is only 30 minutes. Not a huge time commitment.

Then there is Earl and the Office. Faves from last season.

Then there are the MTV/VH1 reality shows that are so freaking guilty pleasures that I watch only when I happen to catch them. I mean, it isn't like I know where they fall on the schedule and tune in each episode: Little Talent, Hogan Knows Best, Daddy's Spoiled Little Girl, My Super Sweet 16, etc. And what is up with Pants Off Dance Off?

Of course I love Million Dollar Listing on Bravo. And then there is National Open House on HGTV.

Am I pathetic? I know I am not the only one who loves fall television.

As soon as I go back to work we are getting a DVR so we can record even more shows. Then I will be able to watch Biggest Loser, which I love but is trumped by Desperate Housewives, which is on at the same time. Yeah, I am living large.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Grandparents Unite!

All of the Grandparents, except for Grandpa Adzentoivich, spent some time with the new grandbabies this past week. The boys are now 5 weeks old - hard to believe. When they say they grow so fast they aren't kidding. Every day they look different and do new things. They have already rolled over from their stomachs to their backs on one occasion. We haven't been able to replicate it, but they both did it twice in one day last week. Perhaps we are raising two young gymnasts?
Everyone had a lovely time and enjoyed meeting each other. Upon arrival, Grandma A went to work changing dirty diapers. No time to lose when there are two boys to contend with.

This week will be the meeting of Auntie Dee Dee and Uncle Bryan. This should really be fun!

As the boys get older they want more and more interaction, which is fun, but extremely challenging for one mommy. Actually, so far the whole mommy thing has been quite a challenge. And lucky me, I get to go back to work in a few short weeks. Then it will be daddy who is faced with the daily challenge of entertaining, feeding and changing these little munchkins.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Can You Tell Who is Who?

At one month old the boys are developing distinct personalities and physical characteristics. The funny thing is that as they are growing older their mannerisms become more and more alike.

Can you tell them, apart?


Vladimir is one minute older
Waylon is 6 ounces heavier
Waylon is one inch longer
Vladimir is usually more serious

Good Luck!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Tea Partay

This is hysterical. Thanks to Tony C for sending it our way. Now that we live in Connecticut I suppose we deserved it.

It is an ad campaign and we are doing exactly what the agency wanted us to do, passing it along. Well, I say kudols to them for a job well done. This is viral marketing at it's best. I only wish it was my account and that Ernie wrote the track.

Anyway, enjoy.

I can't figure out how to get the actual video to play on the blog so you have to click through, sorry.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Brothers Holding Hands

Brothers Holding Hands
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This is my favorite photo at the moment. Twin magic is amazing.

Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Five Years Later

Yes, I remember.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Christie Todd Whitman is Full of Shit

She is trying to say that she didn't say that the air at Ground Zero was safe to breathe after 9/11. Bull shit!

I was there. I had bloody noses for days whenever I went outside in Brooklyn.

We worried about the air we were breathing and eagerly awaited her environmental report. Ernie and I both had several visits to the doctor for treatment for upper respiratory problems for months after 9/11. When Ms. Whitman declared the air was safe we said "She is full of shit! Who does the government think they are fooling?"

We knew that years later this would come up and bite someone in the ass. We knew that people would suffer from disease and illness. We were not fooled.

Why do they think they can get away with this? They had to say the air was clean in order to keep people working to clean up the mess. In order to keep people riding the subways. In order to keep businesses in business, encouraging employees to continue to go to work.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Being a Mom

Hmmm...while my sons are sound asleep in their dad's studio and I sit here contemplating my new breast pump, I decided I might write down some thoughts about being a mom. I need something to distract me from figuring out the breast pump thing-y, I have been putting it off for a week now and just can't seem to stop procrastinating about it.

Being a mom.

So far being a mom means sacrificing my body for the sake of growing healthy babies. Luckily for me I have been rewarded with ZERO stretch marks and have already lost 20 pounds more than I gained while gestating. That puts me at a 50 pound weight loss after two weeks. Not bad. A pretty nice pay off after allowing myself to blow up like a Macy's Parade balloon. Of course the other pay off is two healthy happy baby boys!Leaving for Hospital

10 days post-partum

Being a mom also means being up in the wee hours of the morning, hanging out with two relatively strange boys. Sort of like college when I would be up at all hours of the morning hanging out with relatively strange boys. Only now I am painfully sober and can look into the eyes of these guys knowing they will be around, loving me for years to come, rather than wondering whether or not they will call me if I give them my number before we part ways.

Being a mom means sacrificing meals in order to make sure my boys are fed. This seems to be counterintuitive since I need nutrition in order to make nutrition to feed them. But it is nearly impossbile to find time to eat let alone shop or cook. Luckily my own mother has been keeping us stocked up on food and has been feeding us at least once per day. As I feed my children my mother feeds me. The circle of life thing lives on.

Being a mom means being in love with two little guys who can hardly hold their eyes open long enough to focus on my face. Two little guys you can hold in one hand each. Two little guys who are smaller than my cats.

Being a mom means you can wipe up poop from your hands/clothes/furniture, etc. without giving it a second thought.

Being a mom means when you think of buying a new car the most important thing is how many air bags it has, if it has stability control and whether or not a folded up tandem stroller will fit in the back when you have several bags of groceries. It's like a switch is thrown in your brain. Suddenly that convertible seems like a death trap and how did I ever drive one?

It's pretty cool so far. Right now I am being paged by my second born son who is probably extremely hungry and has poop in his pants. Looks like I am on. See ya.

Just call me Mommy.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy 40th Anniversary!

To my Mom and Dad! Wow, 40 years. I can't even imagine that, and I was there to witness most of those years.

Sorry - no big parties have been planned to mark the day. I was busy birthing babies (one if whom has an extremely smelly diaper right now, and is not impressed that I am managing to post a blog entry while he sits in his poop) and such.

I do have to congratulate them on achieveing such a milestone. I honestly don't know at times how they could stand one another, but then again I think about it and realize that they are truly the only two people who COULD stand one another. And I mean that in the best possible way. Their honesty and openness is a great example for the rest of us (well, for me anyway), in achieving long term success. They are definitely not afraid to voice their feelings or opinions to one another or to others and I think that is wonderful.

Thanks mom and dad, and congratulations!!!


Yesterday it rained. And it poured. Trees came down all over our suburban neighborhood - including one on top of our garage.Ernie climbed up to the roof and - assisted by our elderly Italian neighbor - chain-sawed the limbs, braving the 7o mph winds to do so. I chose to stay in the bedroom and nurse the babies rather than watch him. It only pissed me off that he couldn't wait to climb up there in the middle of the storm. So I ignored him. He is sitting here grumbling now as I write this because I am not presenting his "side", and I am explaining that this is my blog so why would I present his side? But anyway he states for the record that he was trying to be a good dad and "protect our investment" and make sure the limbs didn't break off even more and put a huge hole in the roof. So there - that is his side. He adds that it was a "calculated risk", even though last evening he told me that he almost died on the roof. If it were up to me I would have let a tree professional come out and cut the fallen limb and trim the rest of the tree as well. Or at least would have waited until the storm passed before getting up on the ladder. But what do I know? I am just a milk machine.

Our friends from The City braved the storm and we had a baby play date in the evening. The husbands thought it funny to walk around mooing.....they don't call it a nursery for nothing, especially when there are four babies under the age of four months.
I can just see the embarassment value of this photo in about 12 years when little Simon, Waylon, Vladi and Leia hit puberty...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Grandma and Grandpa Wood

Grandma and Grandpa Wood
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Daddy and Baby

Daddy and Baby
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At Home - Day 3

I actually took a shower.

Babes are well. Trying to gain back the weight they have lost since they were born - one week ago tonight. Lots of eating and sleeping and pooping (the babies, not me).

Thank God for Grandparents is all I have to say.

Don't have any pics from today, but will post a few from earlier in the week (what day is it again?)

Vladimir in the Morning with Mommy 2

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Birth Story or Buy One Get One Free My Ass - I Paid For Them Both

Came to hospital on Tuesday evening around 7pm. Immediately was put on Magnesium Sulfate for the preeclampsia. This drug is IV and was horrible. Side effects include blurred vision, nausea, disorientation and muscle relaxation (including the uterus, which is not a good thing when you are trying to induce labor). My blood pressure kept going up. I had a catheter and they were checking my fluid output which was steadily decreasing. My kidneys and liver were not functioning properly, also part of preeclampsia.

They checked my cervix and I was 1 cm. So they gave me this medication to help ripen my cervix overnight. So I spent the night with the cervix medication and the Magnesium and penicillin (in case of strep B) IV and catheter, while a nurse sat by my bed side monitoring me. I continued to have contractions as I had been having for the past month or two. Not too painful except that each contraction caused the babies' heads to push on my bladder/catheter which was excrutiating.

Throughout the night they checked my cervix and it wasn't changing. In the morning they started the Pitocin IV to help increase the strength of the contractions. Because I was on the Magnesium the Pitocin wasn't working as it typically should. The two medications were fighting each other. The contractions became closer together and eventually were continuous, but not strong enough to cause dilation. So I was in constant pain for hours. They finally lowered the dosage and then turned off the Magnesium for a couple of hours to see if it would work better with it off for a little while. Contractions increased and I began to get sharp pains in my left rib/lung with each contraction which made it difficult to breathe. Magnesium came back on. They gave me Demerol to help with the pain. That made me sleep for about two hours. My legs swelled like balloons from the preeclampsia. Ernie kept rubbing them to help me get some circulation and pain relief. My hips and back hurt too. Some of this was also from being confined to the bed for so long. Ernie was really great. I know he was freaked out too. My parents were there the whole time as well lending their support. The three of them were able to go home for lunch and dinner seeing as we live across the street from the hospital (which turns out to be very fortunate).

After 9 hours like this they checked my cervix and it was 2 cm. Nothing had really changed.

By this time it was 8pm Wednesday. Dr gave me three options: 1. Stop the Pitocin and do another night with the Cervical ripening medication and start Pitocin again in the morning to see if the labor would progress more quickly with another round. 2. Break the waters and see if that would start things to move along. 3. C-section.

One of the other issues besides the fact that the labor was not progressing was that my fluid output had gone from a normal range of around 300ml per hour to 20 - 30 ml per hour. My kidneys were almost not functioning and the Dr was not ready to let them go for more than 3 hours at this level before performing a c-section. So this needed to be taken into consideration when looking at our three options.

The other issue to consider was the fact that I was in excrutiating pain and hysterically crying. There was no way that I would physically be able to go another round for 24 hours and then still be able to push the babies out. I was also loopy from all of the drugs and hadn't eaten or drank anything in more than 24 hours.

We had to decide on the c-section. Ernie was not convinced and quizzed the Dr for 30 minutes about options. The nurses, the Dr and my parents all tried to explain to him that this was the best option to protect my health. Then they left us alone for 15 minutes while I told him that there was no other way as far as I was concerned. That there was nothing else that I could do. I was done. It wasn't what I wanted. Wasn't my ideal birth experience, but I was sick and I felt sicker than I had ever felt in my life. I knew there was no way I would be able to even go another hour in the pain I was in.

By 8:30 they had me in the OR and were prepping me. Ernie instructed my doctor "You are supposed to be the best, so do a good job. Make a little incision." He then went outside to have a smoke and call his mom. He was so nervous.

They had me on the table and gave me the spinal block. Luckily for me now my memory of these events is pretty fuzzy because of all of the drugs in my system and the general exhaustion and system slow down from the preeclampsia. I do know that it hurt like a bitch.

They brought Ernie into the OR about 20 minutes later. He had his iPod and little iPod speakers. He played some classical music during the procedure (I know he will kill me for not knowing what it was, I think Bach). He had what he calls the "Buck Shakes" that you get when deer hunting. Basically his entire body was tremmoring and he couldn't get a breath or relax. He sat by my head and tried to joke with the Anesthesiologist, who was thankfully a fabulous gay guy.

I remember asking the Anesthesiologist when they were going to start and he said "honey they are already through 2 layers" and I was like "oh". Then I got sharp pains up my neck and in my chest and I kept asking him if I were having a heart attack or stroke and he kept saying "it's normal, it's normal. I have your vitals on screen here. You're fine". Of course I didn't believe him. Ernie will have to tell the story from here on in because I don't really remember much else. He kept giving me more and more drugs to shut me up and calm me down. I know he gave me Morphine at one point. And by the end of the procedure I was out like a light.

They found a fibroid had been causing the pain in my rib/lung. Apparently it had been deteriorating or something where the blood supply gets cut off and it begins to die off. The babies were pushing on it and it was in turn pushing into my ribs. The Dr decided that it's condition was bad enough to warrant an extraction, even though it is something they never do during a c-section because of the risk of bleeding. I remember smelling the burning while they cauterized it. Gross. I guess that was while I was going under. Ernie had already left with the nurse and the babies to the nursery.

Ernie told me later that the Dr told him afterwards that they had trouble getting the uterus to shrink and to stop bleeding because of the effects of the Magnesium, and had had to give me a few injections of something directly into the uterus to help it to contract. They also had some trouble controlling the bleeding of the fibroid which is why they had to cauterize it. But in the end I lost a lot of blood but was OK.

I guess I came out of the OR about an hour after the babies were born. They brought me back to my room and then brought the babies down to us a few hours later. Their APGAR scores were in the high 9s, so they were healthy and doing well. That was a big relief.

I got to try to feed them at about 12:30 am. They went back to the nursery around 1:30 and Ernie went home to get some sleep. I was monitored every hour throughout the night, blood was drawn, pressure checked, fluid measured, etc. I was still on the Magnesium and the Pitocin, one to help the preeclampsia and one to help the uterus to continue to contract. Needless to say I got little sleep.

The next morning they turned off the Pitocin. We had the babies on and off in the room with us all day. We had a few visitors. My parents were there for a while. I was basically out of it. I was still in Labor and Delivery, they hadn't moved me to the Maternity ward yet because they needed to monitor me closely.

That night (Thursday) they turned off the Magnesium at around 10pm. They finally removed the catheter as my fluid output was back up into the hundreds. I was moved to the Maternity floor at 1:30am. They made me try to walk after almost 72 hours confined to bed and with my incision - talk about pain! That night was very uncomfortable in the new room and I didn't really sleep at all.

That is the end of the birth story. I guess the rest is the hospital/recovery story. I don't know if I have the energy or wherewithal to get it down right now.

We all go home tomorrow - Yay!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Friday, August 25, 2006

2 New Adzentoivich's

2 New Adzentoivich's were born on August 23.
Vladimir Joseph 5 lbs. 12 oz. 18" born at 9:11pm
Waylon Bram 6 lbs. 7.5 oz. 18.5" born at 9:12pm
Mother and babies are all doing fine at Stamford Hospital and should be headed home on Sunday or Monday.

We have gotten great responses from all of our hip, young artistic friends in NY and abroad, and confused looks and comments from those less artistically inclined.

To the former the 4 of us appreciate your support, and to the Later, you all should be happy that they aren't named Wozzeck and Lazeraus.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Babies Update

No babies yet. Still sitting in this bed with tons of non-fun drugs going into my arm. Only 2cm dilated afer being on Pitocin for 4 hours. We have been in the hospital for 19 hours now. With any luck these guys will be born by midnight.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This is it...Baby Day!

Yep. I am waiting for Ernie to get home from the city and then we are checking in to Stamford Hospital to be induced.

Turns out I have developed Preeclampsia afterall. Dr says not to worry, we will all come through it OK, but I must admit I am just a scosh nervous.

We will update you all as soon as the boys arrive. I anticipate sometime very early tomorrow.

Wish us all luck!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Getting Ready

The house is almost ready for the arrival of our little guys.

Ernie and his dad installed three new windows, the most important one being in the babies' room.

They also put windows in the bathroom and Ernie's Studio. Tres Magnifique!

Today my mom came over and put the rest of the nursery together, with Ernie's help. It looks great! I will get some pics up tomorrow.

There is a chance that I am developing preeclampsia. We find out for sure tomorrow. If so, the babies will be here by mid-week. Of course we will keep you posted.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


So many babies. Soooooo many........

Congratulations to Krista and Jason on the arrival of little Leia Elizabeth. She is georgous and perfect and was born July 14th (maybe it was the 13th?). Mom and Dad and baby are all doing fine and have already ventured up to our house in CT as well as to several NYC eateries. Bravo!

Congratulations to Josette and Mike on the arrival of little Jonathan Joseph. He is also beautiful and perfect and will be the second counsin of my little guys - or once removed or something like that. And Josette somehow still manages to post on her blog.

Congratulations to Melissa and Yves who just last night welcomed their little guy Noah to the family. He is also adorable and perfect. He was four weeks early and has no problems. He was born in Switzerland, where the family is living for the time being.

Melissa was due the week before me. We thought for sure my guys would be born first, I even asked her to bet me, but she declined.

BUT, rather than having my little babies to hold, I am here at home, miserable. Unable to find a comfortable position in which to exist. Peeing every 4 seconds. Sleeping for 20 minutes at a time. Pumping myself full of drugs to stop my premature labor. Being kicked and punched from the inside by two very aggressive little boys who want OUT NOW!

I have realized that my doctor is a Preemie Nazi. He will in no way allow these babies to be born before 37 weeks. People told me this about him but I guess I didn't really get what that meant. I mean surely these guys must be cooked enough by now, right? I spent 6 hours in the Dr's office on Friday being pumped full of more drugs and IVs of liquid to try to stop my contractions. Nothing worked. My body is rebelling against the drugs. But unfortunately not enough. Not that I want mt babies to be early or in the NICU for even one minute, but couldn't they be done by now? I don't know how much longer I can stand it. And I don't like to think of myself as a complainer. But really, I couldn't feel any worse. When these guys are born it will be the happiest day of my life in more ways than one. Please send booze in lieu of flowers to the hospital after their delivery - it will be mich appreciated, thanks.

Well, congratulations once again to all of my friends on the arrivals of their perfect little bundles of joy! I should also mention the arrival of Simon Kinglsey to Emily and John way back in May. I am so jealous I could spit, but I know my time will come soon enough....I just keep trying to be patient and find strength thought Zen meditation - or ironing.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I know, I know...

It's been an extremely long time since I have contributed a post to the blog. Sorry. Been a little bit busy.

What have I been doing, you ask? Well, working. working lots. Trying to work as much as possible before taking my maternity leave. Trying to get everything established and stabilized with my clients before effectively abandoning them for several weeks.

Been going to lots of doctor's appointments. Twice per week. Usually lasting at least 2 hours and many times more than 4 hours.

These days I am working from home. Thank God.

I have a bunch of new toys. An at-home uterine activity monitor, a terbutaline pump. It's been loads of fun these past few weeks.

Just found out my insurance isn't going to cover the monitor - don't know what we are going to do about that.

The uterine monitor basically is this sensor thing that wraps around your belly (which is now 48 inches around, BTW) with a velcro strap. It is hooked up to a little computer that measures the muscle contractions for an hour. During this hour one must lay still in a reclined position - sounds like a piece of cake, but not when you have 10 pounds of baby and several pounds of baby-sustaining tissue leaning up against your back and cutting the circulation to your lower extremeties. Sitting still in one position isn't all it once was.

Anyway, after the hour is finished you upload the data via the telephone to a monitoring center in St Louis where all of the nurses address you as honey or sweetheart. These nurses call you back once they evaluate your results and either congratulate you or reprimand you for the number of contractions your uterus had in that hour. Bad uterus!

I had many days of 9 - 13 contractions an hour. When this happens the nurses instruct you to lay on your left side and drink a glass of water. Then monitor again. Is it any surprise that I would still experience high numbers of contractions after this high-tech cure all?

After about a week of many contractions my Dr decided to put me on a subcutaneous pump. This pump is in a little pouch that I wear around my torso. It is a mini computer with a big syringe filled with medication attached to it. It attaches to a thin tube (that Mrs. Jinx has chewed through on two occassions) that enters my leg through a subcutaneous catheter. Basically it goes into my skin - or the fattest part of my thigh, as my nurse put it. At this point I have no idea how you would determine where the fattest part is, it's all pretty mushy.

Every hour this little pump gives me a dose of this medication that is supposed to calm the uterine muscle. Side effects include it relaxing your heart and lung muscles too - lovely. So it is necessary to take my pulse several times a day to make sure it isn't doing anything wonky to my heart. It also has the effect of making me shake. I shake like an old alcoholic. It is really nice. And did I mention that is makes you hot? Yep. I have been sitting in my air conditioned bedroom with an oscillating fan blowing on me. Ernie sleeps under the down comforter.

And the best thing is that I am STILL having lots of contractions. They have upped my dosage twice and upped the frequency of when I am given the bolus (higher dose). And this morning I still had 7 contractions in an hour. That is less than 10 minutes apart.

So my days are filled with monitoring and dosing. And working. Three things that alone are not always fun, but when put together are definitely a unique and non-fulfilling challenge.

I keep reminding myself that this is all for the babies' benefit. We need to keep them in there and cook those lungs a little bit longer - maybe 3 weeks? My crazy doctor wants to keep them in there until I am at 38 weeks, which is 4 1/2 weeks from now, but nobody thinks that is going to happen. Me especially. If we make it to 36 weeks I will be perfectly happy and the boys should be fully cooked.

At our last doctor's visit they did a growth scan, which is where they measure certain bones of the babies' bodies using ultrasound. They determined that Baby A is 5 pounds and Bay B is 4lbs, 14oz. So they aren't too scrawny!

We are still working on getting the babies' room together. Window still hasn't been put in. Painting still has not been done. On the flip side, we have managed to set up the "Bachelor Pad" in our bedroom so the boys have a place to stay should they arrive before their permanent room is compelete. We've got one crib, a changing table, a vibrating chair, diaper champ and a little couch for midnight feedings all set. I feel like I am living in my old studio apartment every time I walk into the bedroom. Too much furniture - none of it matching. But at least I can rest assured knowing that my kids have a home.

OK - so that's about all I've got for you guys. Time to go do some work and strap on the monoitor!

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Internet = Tubes

This is so freakin' funny / scary. Or maybe it just is to me because the internet is how I make my living. Plus John Stewart is just brilliant. You have to watch it all the way to the end to see the funniest piece.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

What's New

Not too much really. Still getting bigger. Feet still the size of watermelons.

Had lots of what they call "practice" contractions. Also known as Braxton Hicks. Fortunately (?) this was discovered for the first time while I was hooked to monitors at my last doctor's visit. This prompted the doctor to order two bags of IV fluid to re-hydrate me. Which although it made for a 3 hour doctor appointment, did seem to stop the contractions. At least for a few hours.

Still having lots of them. They don't hurt. Basically the belly just gets as hard as a rock and feels very tight and heavy. Called the Dr yesterday because I was still having so many and wanted to be reassured not to worry. Instead he sent me to the hospital. Luckily the hospital is a 2 minute walk across the street from the house - not that I walked. They monitored me and the babies for three hours and sent me home. No IV. Told me to "rest" and to "Take it easy". What do all of these people think I am doing these days? Running 5Ks? I mean honestly, I don't do much of anything on days that I don't work. And when at work I sit at a desk all day. How much more can I take it easy? How am I ever going to paint the babies' room or vacuum the house?

Ernie is at the farm fixing whatever damage was done by the floods. Seems our damn broke and our pond is no more. A 100 foot pine tree fell, or was uprooted I suppose. The driveway was washed out and made impassable. The swimming hole rose up through the woods to the edge of the lower field. Sorry to say that all of Deanne and Aimee's work from last summer was washed right away.

Of course, these are all minor problems. We still have water and electricity at the house. And the house is still standing. Seems some animals took shelter in our basement and made themselves a nice cozy nest with sticks and fiberglass insulation (ohhhhh, comfy shards of fiberglass). Ernie is cementing up the hole under the basement door to discourage them from returning.

Last weekend was Allen and Liz's wedding outside of New Hope, PA. It was beautiful, even though many of the roads and bridges were closed. I didn't do much dancing on account of the watermelon feet and sausage toes,

but I swayed in my seat as much as possible. Here's a picture, in case you were wondering what a gigantic-bellied woman wears to an outdoor wedding in July.

Sort of tent-like, but I didn't think it was too bad. And look how cute we are - we match!

The day after the wedding was a pool party at this beautiful house in PA. Basically what Ernie and I envision the farm to be someday. Their mile long driveway was actually paved and lighted. Yes, I broke out the preggo suit and joined the festivities in the pool. It was 90 degrees, I really had no choice!

Notice the slimming horizontal stripes. Nothing like a giant scary monster at all.

The babies' room is still not painted. The new windows have not arrived. Nor have the cribs. The house basically looks like a construction zone. But I guess it will all get done - somehow. Ernie is turning into a regular Norm.

Sorry for such a boring-type post. I don't think my witty brain cells are very active these days. Just trying to get through as best I can without oh I don't know - leaving my keys hanging in the front door all night long, or shutting Mrs. Jinx in the bedroom door (yes, I got her too).

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Latest 3D Baby Pics

OK. So these are way better than the last 3D pictures we got way back in, oh probably March.

You can actually see each of their faces, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. Who do you think they look like?

Baby A has his right arm up with his hand over his eye, so you can only really see half of his face. Do you think they look alike? I think their noses are different, but I am sure it is just the angle, right?

They look like real babies now. Plump even. How cool is that?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's The Final Countdown...

Oh yeah!!!!!

That was a top 10 single in 1986 - according to Wikipedia.

Well - I feel like I have just entered it.

On Thursday evening I thought I had gone into premature labor. The staff at my Dr.'s office thought so too. They hooked me up to monitors and did all sorts of little tests to make sure I wasn't. 2 hours later we were sure it wasn't my water that had broken (I know, iew).

While I was hooked up to machines at the Dr.'s office, Ernie was across the street from our house at the hospital meeting with a bunch of pediatricians. He was the good daddy-to-be and asked about a million questions in front of a half dozen other expecting couples; how long do you recommend breast feeding, how do you feel about circumcision, what if the babies are premature, etc. He was the only man there without a pregnant wife.

This may have caused a few odd stares, I'm not sure.

Anyway, he liked the Docs and we have decided to go with them. We can walk to the office from home, and they will put off the MMR vaccination until the kids are 3 years old if we choose. So that was cool by us.

Oh, the album cover art? I guess I am just on a Hair Metal kick these days. Nostalgia before I give up my youth to become a mom?

Could be but maybe not. The song just popped into my head and I couldn't help myself but to look it up. So shoot me.

Now we are in the 10 week countdown. 10 weeks and these boys will be ready to join the family for real.

Ten weeks.

Ten is not a lot. Not a lot of weeks at all.

Next weekend we are going to a wedding.

Then there will be only 9 weeks...

The following weekend Krista's baby is due.

Then there will be only 8 weeks...

8 weeks is two months. That's not a lot of months...

Five weeks from now our new windows will arrive.

Then there will only be 5 weeks.

Why do we need windows? Well, we thought it would be a good idea to replace the 100 year old drafty ones in the babies' room before we put them to sleep in there over the winter. Here is what their room looks like right now...

Yes, we need to paint, too.

Are you beginning to see why I feel like we are running out of time?

My belly is getting so huge that I don't know if I will even be able to paint the room (but don't ask me to post any more belly pics, I would rather you all remember me the way I was way back at 17 weeks). And if you ever saw a paint job done by Ernie (or heard him complain while painting a room) you would understand why this prospect frightens me so.

The cats are getting ready. They know big changes are around the corner.

Ernie is freaking out at the sheer amount of baby gear we now have littering up our diningroom (waiting for it's place to live). Don't get me wrong, it is all AWESOME and I can't wait to use it all - but the babies aren't even here and their stuff is over-running the house. We have no idea how much stuff one baby needs, let alone two...

I remember when this was all a dream that we never thought would come true. And now here we are. 10 weeks to go. And waiting for two (a rhyme, I know).


So maybe it isn't REALLY the final countdown. I suppose I should save that moniker for the last week or something. But it all feels so real now, and I wonder every morning how I could have possibly gotten bigger since the night before. So it feels to me like I am in the home stretch.

I feel truly lucky, no matter how much I complain about my giant feet or my aching back, or the lack of sleep, or the shooting pain in my hips, or the lack of clothes now that all of the maternity stuff is too tight, shoes don't fit, and it's so so hot......

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Feet

Look like this (according to my adoring husband).

Yes. My feet look like giant, swollen Monty Python feet. I am ready to step on some heads (most likely those belonging to my kitties, poor things). Don't know if there's a damn thing I can do about it either.

At work I prop my feet up on the garbage can beneath my desk. Not the most comfortable arrangement but I figure it's got to help at least a little bit right?

They say to help relieve swelling you need to drink tons of water. Well, if I drink any more water in a day I will have to move my desk into the loo. Not sure how well that would go over. I mean, I have only been at my job for two weeks, it may be premature to ask for relocation.

So I sit with ever-expanding feet. Not to mention big round ankles. Oh yes, it is sexy. And all I can think of is the fact that I have three more months to go. This is only the far can this take me I wonder? I am getting a little bit frightened.

I think my days of having that cute pregnant look are over. I went to the Chiropractor yesterday and she said "I thought you said you were 6 months?" and I was like "Yeah, with TWINS". She just looked at me with compassion in her eyes and let out a low "ohhhhh yeahhhhh." *sigh*...what's a girl to do?

The good news is that Baby A and Baby B weigh almost 2 pounds a piece and are growing perfectly. So I guess this all counts for something afterall. I try my best not to complain but am not succeeding (ask my husband). I don't mean to sound ungrateful, and if I were feeling this way in oh say month 8 or 9 I would probably suck it up. What gets me is that I still have so far to go and at this stage the end is not in sight for me.

So if you see a giant foot headed your way, it's just me out for a stroll. I will try my best not to stomp on your noggin but hey, I can't make any promises.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Almost Like Where's Waldo

But instead, try to find me in this video from 1990 (maybe it was 1989??). My friends Jennifer and Lisa are also here somewhere.

We shot this at the Angel Orensanz Foundation on the Lower East Side, back in the days when it was scary down there. We watched Headbangers Ball on MTV every Saturday night for a year and never saw this video. Jennifer does one search on YouTube 15 years later and Voila....Enjoy the hair.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Babies, Babies Everywhere

Today we celebrated Melissa's expectant status at Camp Hilltop. It was so good to see her, home from Switzerland for a couple of months. She is due about one week before me, with one baby. It seems everywhere I look there is another pregnant belly. I think this is the baby boom of '06!

Three preggos all in a row...

Back to Back...

Belly to Belly!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

More Reasons Why it is Dangerous to be Around Me While I am Pregnant...

For the first reason, refer to my previous post about chopping Godzilla's tail...

A couple of mornings ago I caught Mrs. Jinx's HEAD in the bathroom door. If you've seen Mrs. Jinx you know how tiny she is. Her head doesn't have much bulk to it. Getting it caught in a closing door could be instantly fatal to the likes of her.

Luckily I didn't slam the door. It was more like I just gently swung it shut behind me as I entered the bathroom. I have no idea why she was following me into the bathroom, I wasn't expecting her to be behind me (even though she does follow me into the bathroom every morning, this escaped my mind at this particular moment). So I shut the door and turn around and see her desperately trying to get her head out of the way as the door is quickly coming towards her. I yell...

Go Mrs. Jinx! Get out of the way! Hurry, hurry! Get your head out of there!!!!!

Ernie, who is already in the bathroom shaving, looks at me and says...

What the hell are you doing!?

I answer...

Killing the cat, obviously.

Mrs. Jinx, utilizing her utmost agility, quickly twisted and turned her little head to squeak it out of the doorway just as it was getting squished between the door and the frame. Like I said, she has a very little head, which may have actually worked in her favor here. She had plenty of time to get herself out of there before the scene became too ugly. Had it been Godzilla's head he would have been a goner. He's got a big one.

So, Mrs. Jinx was OK. She walked around shaking it off for a little while, and I felt terribly guilty and terrified of what I might do next, for the rest of the day.

Even more frightening is what I did yesterday morning. I left three eggs on the stove, hard boiling them to eat as snacks for when I am STARVING (i.e. all the time), for more than 2 hours. Yep. They sure were hard boiled after that. My not-cheap Calphalon sauce pan got a nice new charred finish to it as well.

Once again, Ernie and I were upstairs getting our selves ready for the day. We may have even finished watching a Netflix DVD, before coming downstairs to a terrible smell. Me..

Are you burning something?


No! It smells like eggs.


Yeah, it's gross.


Weren't you boiling eggs this morning?


OH SHIT!!!!!! Oops :-)

Of course there was not a speck of water in the pot. I suppose it was a good thing I was cooking eggs and not something with a less-offensive odor. If so, we may have walked out of the house and left it burning. I could have burned the house down!

Next example.

Me sitting at a stop light waiting to take a left turn. A giant tractor trailer decides to turn onto my street, cutting it so close he almost rams into me. I look behind me and slowly, SLOWLY I say, back up to give him some room to clear my car. All of a sudden as I am backing up there is a woman behind me, WALKING! I slam on the breaks, nearly missing her. Literally about 1/2 inch from taking her out. Both she and the woman she was crossing the street with shoot me dirty glances.

Now, in my offense, they were crossing the street behind my car. They were not in a crosswalk. There was no way I would have seen them step off the curb to my left when I was turned around to my right making sure all was clear to back up. The guy in the car behind me didn't beep to warn me or anything. And the woman obviously was not paying attention because she didn't realize I was backing up.

But STILL...I almost took her down. Scary.

One more cat example. Whilst in the middle of enjoying my breakfast my fork, for no apparent reason, leapt out of my hand and took a straight and quick projectory to the floor, the sharp prongs narrowly missing Godzilla's head. Luckily for him he was very intently watching my every move in hopes of scoring some pancakes for his morning snack. He plunged to the left, saving his little brain from being pierced.

I have no idea why these things happen to pregnant women, or to me anyway. They do say there is a phenomena called "baby brain", and I think I have it. So stay away form me when I am eating, driving or moving from room to room. And please double check the stove after I have cooked you a meal to make sure all knobs are in the off position. I think these few measures will save us all some heartache down the line.


Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Yes, Happy Birthday to Jennifer, who on 5/27 turns as old as me!

Every year she mocks me for turning a year older - 5+ months before she does. I love it when she catches up.

When we were in High School being 5 months older was a good thing. I got my drivers license far sooner than everyone else, I got to buy beer legally sooner than everyone else. My friends certainly reaped the rewards of my New Years birthday status. Now that we are all 30 - something, the tables seem to have turned. Funny how that happens.

Ah well, makes no difference to me, really. As long as I keep on having birthdays you will never hear me complain about them!

Jen, I hope your day was fun and relaxing. Check your answering machine - I left you a beautiful rendition of the Birthday Song.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Thank you Allyson for being a loyal blog reader and for helping me through one of my worst weeks ever. Unbeknownst to me, Allyson read my post about the end of my employment and immediately sprung into action looking for ways to help; speaking to her boss, the recruiter at her company, co-workers, etc. I was shocked and so touched to receive an unsolicited email from her letting me know she was working on my behalf. Thank you once again. You gave me hope in the moments when I truly felt hopeless.

Thank you Randy for being an ever-supporter. Thank you for keeping your eyes peeled for leads to send my way. Thank you for being a cool guy to work for/with. And thanks for those amazing Chili Peppers photos!

Thank you Judy for listening to me, even while you were in the middle of paradise. What more can I say? You owe me nothing yet you stood by me.

Thank you Anne for suggesting I look for work as a maternity model :-)

Thank you Dad for saying "Don't worry about it", even if I did want to scream every time you said it.

And thanks to everyone else who I am forgetting to thank. The past 9 days have been some of the most difficult of my life. Truly. Though my pregnancy is going perfectly (knock wood) and the boys are good, I have a beautiful house to live in and Ernie and I are both healthy - the prospect of facing even one month unemployed was just too much for me.

So, in light of all of the support, well wishes and great leads supplied by my extended group of friends and family I am very, very happy (and relieved) to report that yes, I have an offer of employment!

The response to my resume (posted on has been overwhelming to say the least. I have been on phone interviews, face to face interviews, screening calls, etc. non-stop since last Thursday. It has been really amazing. It has also helped to restore some of my faith in the business community - all of these companies who expressed interest have known about my pregnancy.

Today the first offer came in - while I was at an interview at another company. I have a great feeling that a second offer will come in on Monday (fingers crossed). The coolest thing? Both of these companies are in CT. No more commuting to NYC! Woo - Hoo!

Now the best part will be choosing between the two (hopefully). Both are wonderful opportunities and would be excellent career moves.

How did I get so lucky? How did I go from being on the bottom to being back on top? I really don't know but I do know that I can finally breath again knowing that income and health benefits are once again part of my immediate future.


Don't know why I was so worried, really. If I weren't pregnant I would have continued taking my time looking for a new position and just enjoyed a week or two of down time. It is the pregnancy that really sparked a sense of urgency in me, and it served me well. Not that I am/was desperate, but I will admit that I was a bit panicked.

So thanks again to everyone. You all rock and I owe you big time! Everyone is invited to the farm for a big party sometime this summer...stay tuned.

Peace y'all.

Monday, May 15, 2006


After a not-so-stellar week, I hosted a luncheon for my Germano cousins. This is the side of my family that my friend Krista likes to compare to the Sopranos. The names alone make her chuckle every time I talk about them. Let's see, we have


Then we have the off-shoots, the Murones


So, anyway, we all know the Mafia doesn't exist...

This past weekend my cousin from Colorado came to the East Coast for a family visit. We haven't seen her since our grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary extravaganza about 6 or 7 years ago. Since then she has been busy saving Sea Turtles and studying the Barrier Reef off of the Australian Coast (she is a Marine Biologist). Soon after leaving here she will be off to Equador, Galapagos and

It was so much fun to see my crazy cousins all together in my new house. Luckily for Ernie he was in the city playing a matinee. If anyone has been around me, especially when having a conversation with my mother, multiply the volume factor by 11 and you will understand what it is like to have any more than 3 cousins in the room at the same time. Sometimes it is even difficult for me to bear.

The family vibe got my head in a better place about the whole getting laid off while pregnant with twins thing. A little perspective goes a long way. And besides, maybe I'll put in call to Uncle Joey.....he, he, he

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Living Room

FINALLY we have completed one room of the new house. The living room. The little kid-friendly couch arrived from Jennifer Convertibles last weekend. We hung the IKEA curtains and rearranged the furniture. The baby grand made it quite a challenge to say the least. Mother asked for photos, so here they are.

Next on the list is the babies' room...and of course Ernie's never-ending project, the studio.

Congratulations Emily and John!

Baby Simon Heath was born today (Tuesday) May 9th! YAY! Welcome Simon. Emily came through labor without a hitch and pushed for only 5 minutes! If only we could all be so lucky...

Zoe is now a big sister. Congratulations Zoe.