Friday, February 25, 2005

Bathroom Linoleum

Bathroom Linoleum
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Linoleum is a big theme at Adzentoivich Woods. There must be at least 3 layers a piece in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Kitchen Linoleum

Kitchen Linoleum
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One of the many, many layers of linoleum in the kitchen of Adzentoivich Woods. Very 1950's...

"Great Room" Wallpaper

"Great Room" Wallpaper
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If anyone know about Antique wallpaper I would love to find out more about this design. It is so lovely. The paper is in great condition, almost perfect. I hate to have to tear it down but the walls underneath need to be replaced (most of them). If anyone knows how to preserve wallpaper I would love to hear how!

Wallpaper Detail

Wallpaper Detail
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This wallpaper is so beautiful and fitting to the house and the setting. The design is delicate and subtle. Almost Oriental.

The wallpaper going from the kitchen/dining area up the staircase to the second floor hallway is the same but smaller design.


I want to Blog every day - I really do.

My work schedule has been so jammed lately that I have had no time to sneak in a post. I apologize. I do have more Adzentoivich Woods photos to post and lots of things to say!

I expect next week to be equally busy with the SES Conference here in NYC and my Father In Law coming to town to help us work on the farm. That should provide some great Blog photos....

In the meantime, stay warm and dry whether you are in rain-soaked California or the Snow-covered Northeast. Drive safely, bundle up and tell your friends and family you love them.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Miserable Failure...

You have to try this Google Bomb before it is disabled (if they can disable it).

Go to the new Google Maps and search for miserable failure in Washington, DC. You are going to laugh out loud.

The Republicans may not have liked the "Intellectual Elites" during the election, but they should remember to choose their enemies carefully.

Love it. Happy President's Day!

Daytona 500 Blues

No. I am not a Jeff Gordon fan.

Yes. I would have liked to have seen anyone else but him win the Daytona 500 last Sunday.

Yes. I realize that most people reading this have no idea what I am talking about.

If you know me, you know I am a NASCAR freak. You may also know that NASCAR is in my blood. Really. Grandpa Wood was a charter member of NASCAR way back in 1950-something when they used to race on the beach in Daytona.

He was there.

For years he owned cars and nurtured young drivers. His most notable (in my eyes anyway) was my father. My father, BC Wood Jr. drove my Grandfather's race cars well into his 30's and early 40's. My family took several trips to Daytona to see the 500. Once my dad had the opportunity to fill-in for a sick driver, who ended up driving anyway. Another time my dad's cousin was part owner in the car that Darrell Waltrip drove. We were true rednecks from Connecticut.

So this is the first Daytona 500 that my Grandfather has missed. He was witness to every 500 up until now. Although, I think he was watching somehow from wherever he is.

My proof:

Ernie and I went to PA to work on the barn this weekend. Because Ernie had a recording session Friday and Saturday we had to leave for the farm on Sunday morning. I had one stipulation, that we bring the TV so I could watch the 500.

We got a late start on Sunday morning and were still driving when the race started at 1:00. We were able to find a radio station that was broadcasting the race. It was fun to listen to even if I did miss the pre-race show, etc.

By about lap 35 we arrived at the farm. We brought our 13 inch TV from Brooklyn, along with the rabbit ears. Ernie carried it into the little house and hooked it up. To my horror we were not able to get any reception whatsoever. None.

Ernie was a good sport. He tried every room of the house. He put tinfoil on the end of the antenae. He got a big tinfoil baking pan and put the TV on top of it. Nothing.

I tried the radio in the kitchen and was not able to get the same station we had in the car. I tried all over the dial, AM and FM. Nothing.

I resigned myself to the fact that this year, I too would miss the 500.

I put on a music station and did some work in the house before joining Ernie out at the barn. We worked on the barn for about an hour and a half before I decided to bring my cell phone into the house because it was getting wet in the snow.

When I entered the kitchen the radio was still on - but it was static, between stations. When I went outside I left a regular rock music station on that was coming in loud and clear.

I couldn't stand the sound of the static so I went over to the radio to adjust the dial. When I did it was the Daytona 500 race broadcast coming in loud and clear. It was the 10th caution of the race and they were about to have a Green/White/Checker finish. This means the race was in a holding pattern and was about to end in a very dramatic fashion.

I sat at the table to listen and the first thing that I saw was my picture of Grandpa Wood sitting in his recliner. The place from where he watched more than 50 years of racing on his TV.

I knew Grandpa had gotten the race for me. And I knew he didn't want Jeff Gordon to win either.

The Wood Kids in Los Angeles 2005

The Wood Kids in Los Angeles 2005
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I got to spend two full days with Bryan and Deanne in LA last week. I had to go visit Overture for work (you may know them as Yahoo!), and took the weekend for personal time. We had a lot of fun, and somehow Bryan looks the best of us all in this photo!

I have to make the excuse for myself that I was the one holding the camera. It certainly isn't the most flattering picture I have ever seen of me!

The Back of the Barn -After

The Back of the Barn
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Unfortunately we don't have a before picture of this one, but we do have the sore muscles to prove we did a lot of work.

We still need to remove the old ceiling frame sticking out the back and shore up the side wall and roof before the insurance company will give us the OK.

Farm House Bathroom - Before

Farm House Bathroom
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Before we removed old moldy, torn window shades and sheer curtains.

New Bathroom Curtains at Adzentoivich Woods

Please disregard the peeling plaster.

Adzentoivich Woods Barbecue Before

We found an old barbecue under a lot of growth near the pond.

Ernie and the Barbecue - After

Ernie and the Barbecue
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Ernie using the old barbecue after removing years of brambles and pricker bushes.

Still in need of obvious repair before the big 4th of July picnic!

Farm House "Master Bedroom" - Before

New Curtains at Adzentoivich Woods

After replacing the broken plastic mini-blinds and valance with handmade curtains. "Master" bedroom.

Antique Cut Glass Lamp - Before

Antique Cut Glass Lamp - Electric
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With plastic crystals.

Antique Lamp After Replacing Crystals

I replaced the plastic crystals with reproduction glass crystals from Liz's Antique Hardware.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Google Maps

OK. Google Maps is really cool! Just try it.

It is much better than MapQuest or Yahoo! Maps. Type in you town and see where it takes you. Then click on the direction buttons at the top left.


Brain Tumors and Stuff

Why is it that every time there is an ache, a dizzy spell, a new mole, a sore muscle, an asleep appendage - we always go straight to the tragic? Of course it must be a brain tumor, aneurysm, skin cancer, MS.

I don't know if it comes with age, living in the city, drug company ads on TV, or information overload on the internet. But somehow headaches, freckles and over-worked muscles have become life-threatening ailments.

It is so sad, really.

How can we get over this? How can we stop obsessing over what could be wrong with us and just enjoy all of the things that aren't? How can we stop turning our imagined futures into Soap Opera dramas filled with rare diseases, car crashes and disaster? I would love to hear any suggestions that you might have.

I know this isn't just me.

It seems our society, media, whatever, is setting us all up to become hypochondriacs. Wherever you go you see it. TV shows about hospitals, medical examiners and investigators - heck there is even a show called Medical Investigation! Then in between TV show segments you have the commercials urging you to call your doctor if you have any of these symptoms: dizziness, fatigue, muscle aches, sensitivity to light, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, urinating, achieving an erection....... aren't many of these things normal for a human being to experience throughout his or her existence?

I would love to go on but I am now being thrown off of my computer so our IT guy can do some house-cleaning. Keeping a blog while at work is not only wrong, but difficult...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

All the Bloggers in Da' House Unite...

So it seems my blogging has spurred a trend amongst my family members. Although I can't say for sure it was my blog that started it all, I do know that MINE WAS FIRST!

Anyway - if you are into the Bridget Jones type of thing, you have to check out Stephanie's blog. It is so cute. And for those of us who are married it is a hoot to read about her single-woman exploits.
I love it.

And if you are into really well-written dry-witted mommy commentary, try Josette's new blog. Although I have only read the first few installments I am hooked. I hope she keeps it up!

Who knew there was so much talent in one family (OK, so Josette is a cousin by marriage but still!)? Anyone else out there itchin' to blog it out? Gail? Bryan? Linda? Krista? Come on, I know ya' wanna....

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Days, They're A Gettin' Longer

Yep. They sure are. This evening, from my desk at 9 Desbrosses Street in TriBeCa, NYC the light reflecting off the buildings at 5:30 was a bright orange-pink. Sure looked like springtime to me.

The light was so remarkable that Ernie was compelled to call me on his way home from sound check at the Mercury Lounge on the Lower East Side. I can't remember the last time I noticed any light at 5:30 in the evening. It was beautiful.

By the time February is in full swing it is easy to forget that there is a light at the end of the dark, dank tunnel that is winter in the city. Today's late afternoon glow was enough to put a bit of hope back into my heart that better things are just around the bend. All we have to do is hang in there...

The Barn Must be...Salvaged?

Yes. According to my husband the barn will not, in fact, be taken down. Instead, he plans to shore it up, straighten it out, give it a fresh coat of paint and call it a day. Although I am not so sure how the insurance company will react to this I do admire his resolve nonetheless.

He is a true preservationist.

Be sure to check back next week for photos of Ernie's and my attempt at "Saving the Barn"...Should be a hoot.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Barn Must Come Down!

Yes, AllState has informed us that "the barn must come down" or they will revoke our home owners insurance policy on the farm.

Apparently they don't appreciate the Leaning Tower of Pisa-ness of the structure. They do not see the years of history weighing heavily upon it's sloped and sagging roof. They cannot feel the generations of grandsons learning to repair a broken tractor within it's four perforated walls. They don't recognize the beauty of the weathered wood crafted by decades of Pennsylvania snowstorms.

Pity, really 'tis.

We will spend our President's Day Holiday tearing down the old barn.

Expect notice of a Barn Raisin' Party later this spring. Details TBD.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Ahhh, gray, rainy New York City. Nothin' like it.

Yes, I am back from the land of sun and surf. Back to the world of Search Engine Marketing.

I have to make a point here for all of my years of acting classes, extra work and student films:

An extremely important client of Reprise Media requested an extremely detailed proposal in order to win all of their business for 2005. Part of this request was a 5 minute film featuring the entire account team. I am proud to say I was able to portray myself with grace and knowledge and actually sound and look like a bona-fide professional - and it was so easy! Wow - I never would have guessed when touring the US as the Wicked Witch of the West with AFT that it would lead to greater things in Corporate America - amazing.

Friday, February 11, 2005


Ahhh, gray, rainy Southern California. Nothin' like it.

Yes, it's raining here in Venice Beach. But it's still nicer than the weather in NYC. So I'm not complaining.

I spent the night on Bryan's couch with Dugins the Chu Hua Hua. The poor ugly little thing. She shivered all night long under the blanket. Strange little creatures - Chu Hua Huas.

Going to La Brea today to browse the antique stores. Hopefully I won't buy anything.

Ernie might go out to the farm today. We got a call from the insurance company, AllState, to tell us we need to tear down the barn or they are going to cancel our policy. Ernie wants to fix up the existing barn and get them to reapprove it. I think we should tear it down, salvage the wood, and put up another one. I am not sure what he'll be up to this weekend, we'll see how it turns out.

Overture was very cool. They are a great organizatoin. Pasadena, where their offices are located, is so cute. The Old Town is like an outdoor mall with tons of cute restaurants and bars. The homes around the Ritz Carlton are amazing examples of Mediterranian and Craftsman style mansions. I guess it's more than just roses...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Goin' Back to Cali...

I am off to Pasadena this afternoon. Going to spend a few quality days with the folks from Overture (also known as Yahoo!) for some in-depth search engine marketing training. They are flying two of us out there and putting us up at the Ritz Carlton Huntington for two nights. Swanky!

I will take an extra day to spend Friday and Saturday with Deanne and Bryan. It should be a nice impromptu visit. I plan to spend some time on La Brea cruising through the antique stores getting ideas for our huge renovation project a.k.a. Adzentoivich Woods.

Ernie will be at home with Mrs. Jinx and Godzilla. No farm for him this weekend.

Looking forward to some warm weather and hob-nobbing with the big dotcoms.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Note* We still are unable to get our Hyundai up the drive to the house. It is still covered with snow with ice and mud alternating beneath. We have a clear spot by the entrance where we park the car and then walk in with our stuff - 3/4 mile...

We met some neighbors on the farm this weekend. The first when we were just getting back from the mall. I had a big GAP bag in my hand and Ernie was lifting my sewing machine out of the car. Two guys, Lee and Scott, brothers actually, pulled up on a big red ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and introduced themselves. So here we are in the snowy woods with a purse, a GAP bag, and a sewing machine. We didn't look odd at all.

Scott and Lee convinced us to get on the ATV so they can give us a ride back to the house. All I can think is "Why do they want to give us a ride? Are they going to murder us?" - typical City-slicker reaction to plain old neighborly kindness. So Ernie climbs on the front of the thing and sits next to Lee. He hands Lee my purse to hold while he keeps hold of the GAP bag. They strap my sewing maching on the back with some bungee-cord-net-thingy. I try to convince them to let me walk along behind them but they wouldn't have it. I climbed up onto the seat behind Scott.

Scott and Lee were out scouting "Rubbings". That would be where dear (Bucks actually) rub their antlers against tres trunks. They scout these out so that they can come back later and shoot the deer..............HELP!

Scott and Lee are wearing Camo jackets, kahki pants and rubber Camo boots that almost reach their knees. Pretty.

They drive us up to the house and help us carry our stuff up to the front porch. It turns out that they are related to the Savitskys. Their mom was a Savitsky. They tell us about sledding down the hill, where to go for the best ATV trails, etc. They also fill us in on where they stock the pheasants in the fall and ensure us that we will be able to "pick them off" from our front porch. Great!

The next afternoon we hear a motor coming up out of the woods alongside our house. Ernie was already outside playing in the stream. I can't remember their names but it was a man and woman who were also related to the Savitskys. They live up the hill from us. They were riding their Green ATV. They told us where we can find the swimming hole on our property and warned us about the "crazy woman from New Jersey" who moved in across the field about a year ago. Apparently she chased them off of her property when they were deer hunting this past season - Imagine That!? They also knew we were from "The City". Ernie told them he grew up in New Boston and went to Mahanoy Area High School. The man said "Oh, well that's better then." He was completely serious and totally unapologetic.

Now our dilema is this - how are we going to keep all of these neightbors off of our property with their ATVs? How will we keep them out of our swimming hole? How do we stand our ground without them giving us a hard time? We are thinking we need to bring a whole bunch of loud City Folk out to the farm and just let everyone shoot guns for one afternoon. That'll scare 'em!

Either that or we'll have to start running around naked and put some giant wacko sculptures up all over the place - like really freakish German artists or the like. If anyone has any other ideas we'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Little Bit of Land

A little bit of land is all I ask.
Just a small place to call my own,
Where I can put down root, so deep, so deep,
That great-grandchildren will still call it home.

Is it so much to ask? A lane of trees,
Bringing birdsong and colored leaves,
A grape arbor, the roses beyond,
Sweet lilacs, holding in their arms, the lawn...

Tulips and yellow daffodil,
Spattered up and down the cedar hill,
Sweet gurgling brook, fresh and cool,
The brush beyond, sheltering grouse
And sage, and shy, sweet deer.

Oh aching heart, hungry, hungry soul,
What little bit to make a grateful whole.

Is there no spot in all this Universe?
A little valley, with a cabin home,
A bit of garden I can call my own...

I would not bruise the land, or tear it apart,
But keep it beating with a happy, blooming heart.
Each bit of soil, which God had surely blessed,
Would be a cozy home for seeds to rest...

And grow and nourish, comforting all men,
With fruit and shade, and food for every soul.
A little bit of land, to call my own,
Within its small confines, a loving home...

And fertile soil, no matter the toil,
I would so grateful be, if God
Would take a little chance on me,
And give me a small plot of lonely sod
That needs a gentle hand, and God.

(By Jennie Senrud Hutton)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It Isn't Really in the Middle of Nowhere...

After yesterday's post I got comments ranging from "You mean you had no water, like the Flintstones?" and "Steve is convinced it is haunted" and then " looks too cold and like too much work to get out there. I will wait until the Spring until I come out", and finally "We would have put it back on the market already".

I am afraid many of you are missing the point of Adzentoivich Woods. Luckily we are fortunate enough to be able to have one comfortable place to live in the Big City and a second place in the Country. We are very thankful for this. When we saw the farm we fell in love with the view, the air, the trees, the pond, the people, the creek, etc. We didn't even pay all that close attention to the house itself on the day we went to see it. We knew the house was in rough shape and needed a ton of work. On that day we didn't even notice all of the lovely details that are still intact such as: tongue and groove beadboard, decorative door hinges, claw foot cast iron tub, stairway, the summer kitchen, etc. Only now are we beginning to appreciate the beauty of the house.

This is a project for us that we are looking forward to undertaking. We love to build, fix, restore, paint, refinish, etc. Living in the city doesn't give us much opportunity to work with our hands or to be outdoors. This project is our refuge. And we want it to be our legacy for generations of Adzentoivichs and Woods to come.

We hope we will have many, many visitors to the farm over the years, and we hope that it becomes a magical place full of wonderful memories for everyone who comes to enjoy it. I wanted to post some photos of the surrounding area to debunk the idea that we are isolated in the middle of nowhere. There are a few small towns around us but Hazleton is the biggest one by far. It is a great little city with an Arts League, several hospitals and a Penn State campus, among other things. We may have been playing up the country thing more than necessary - see for yourselves.

Hope to see you at the farm.

Ernie Takes A Sled Ride Sunday Morning

Keeping a lighthearted attitude definitely helps when undertaking a project like Adzentoivich Woods. Ernie is a big believer in that philosophy in all areas of life.

Ernie Takes A Sled Ride Sunday Morning 2

For some reason the sledding thing worked better for Ernie than it did for me.

Ernie Walks our Sunday Morning Visitors Back to Their Truck at the Bottom of the Hill

We have already had several visitors to Adzentoivich Woods. Bill and Diane Walsh came out to visit on Sunday. Bill's 4x4 only made it to the edge of the forest. At that point there was too much ice under the snow and the truck couldn't get a grip, so they walked up the hill.

The Paved Road that Comes to Our Dirt Drive

The road going to our dirt drive is actually paved - although right now it is a bit slippery.

Our Huge Suburban Grocery Store - Weis in Hazleton

That's me going to the grocery store. Although it may have seemed as if we have moved to the backwoods, we really haven't. They even sell Brie and Chevre...very civilized.

Me at Perkins Restaurant in Hazleton

Adzentoivich Woods may be in the middle of the forest, but the town of Hazleton is right next door. We really aren't cut off from all civilization. More than 25,000 people live in Hazleton and it is a very diverse city. This is Perkins where we had lunch the last two visits. It is across the street from the Penn State campus.