Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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OK OK. So I fell off the NaBloPo wagon. Sorry about that folks. Here is the story.

Thanksgiving was at my house this year. This was my own doing. I wanted it this way. And it was fine. My grandfather came from his nursing home with my parents and it was just them and us and my sister. A small gathering. Intimate. My mother made some green bean caserole, some sort of cauliflower caserole and two pies. My sister made corn bread and bought the wine. I did the rest. It was quite a spread and very traditional.

The boys were not interested in anything remotely Thanksgiving-y. All they wanted to eat were cinnamon graham crackers. Much of their dinner was left on the floor. Half way through the meal they began to fall asleep so we knew it was time for them to visit Swingtown and napping ensued.

This was actually excellent timing because I was able to enjoy my feasting using both hands and taking time to taste the foods. Perfect.

Later, we realised that Waylon was wheezing and that his breathing was very labored. I pulled out the nebulizer from when he had pnemonia at 6 months old. This helped him for about an hour and a half, then we needed to do it again. Poor little guy was miserable.

Company departs and we try to put the boys to bed. Waylon would have none of it and his breathing seemed to worsen. So I become, once again, that woman who calls the pediatrician on every single holiday with some sort of question or concern. (remember the one last year when I called to say I had dropped a box of chocolates on the baby's head while we were in Target?!)

Doctor says to keep giving him the medicine every two hours through the night and if he gets worse to go to the hospital. Then to bring him to the office first thing in the morning.

Nobody got any sleep that night. Baby spent all night in mommy and daddy's bed, not sleeping. Other baby was in his own room and woke screaming to find his brother missing.

Go to doctor. Doctor says, "no more monkey's jumping on the bed" - no he says "sounds like he has some pnemonia again and definitely is wheezing". More meds. Antibiotics, steroids, asthma stuff. Great.

Second baby has chronic runny nose that ends in his mouth every time. Gross, but at least he is able to breathe so he gets very little attention over the next several days.

So, the next night, nobody sleeps. Try to get Waylon to sleep in his own crib. It doesn't work. Spend the night alternatingly putting him back to his crib, carrying him into my room.

Next day, back to doctor. Doctor says "Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang walla walla, bing bang..." - no he says "sounds like he is doing better. Keep him on the meds and bring him back on Monday."

That night, nobody sleeps....blah blah blah.

Monday, we all go to the doctor for a scheduled 15 month check-up. Sick baby gets no shots but his poor, neglected brother gets two for good measure. Plan of action is to keep sick baby on nebulizer through mid-January to prevent him from getting more phnemonia. Problem is, sick baby HATES nebulizer more than he hates eggs (just like his daddy).

Other piece of adivice from pediatrician at 15 month check-up - create a room in your house where they can play. Take out all of the furniture and put a light in the ceiling. Put pre-school-type padding on the floor and pad the lower half of the walls if you need to. Put lots of pillows on the floor. Oh yeah, and the room should have no windows. Why you may ask? Well, this is because one boy likes to bang his head on things like the floor or the wall and then his brother follows along and they both think it is hysterical. They both also enjoy breaking every gate we have in place to confine their world, and crawling up and down the stairs ar breakneck speeds is a favorite passtime. Also, slamming one another's fingers (and on occassion, one's own) in the piano is great fun! And lastly, the best time these days is had by shaking the gate that seperates them from the flat screen TV and the cabinet it is on so that both the TV and the cabinet shake and teeter precariously. And the floor lamp has already been knocked down, broken and removed from the room.

Did I happen to mention that this is my livingroom?

Does this sound like a fun place to play or solitary confinement?

And, by the way, we live in a 100 year old house. Every room has windows, mostly they are only 2 1/2 feet off the ground (perfect for boys to bang on), and every room has weird angles and corners. There are no simple, square, one point of entry rooms in our home. So, unless we move this isn't going to happen.

Today mommy is back at work and babies are having a daddy/baby-sitter day today. Mommy is a wee bit tired after such a fun filled few days at home with the family, but wouldn't trade it for anything.

Now, if anyone knows of a house with a room like that for sale, let me know.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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OK, I admit this wasn't written by me - but I had to pass it along.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Who's Sitting At The Children's Table?

Lifetime Products, based in Clearfield, Utah, commissioned a survey in October about American trends related to the ubiquitous kiddie table. Here are key findings:

More than nine in ten adults surveyed (94%) have sat at a kiddie table during Thanksgiving, while 83% have sat at the kiddie table for Christmas and 47% have sat there during Easter meals.

More than one in four adults (26%) and almost half of the children surveyed (44%) think the kiddie table is just plain more fun than the adult table.

Most often, adults ages 18-24 years old say their kiddie table was a plastic folding table (37%), but only 6% of respondents ages 45 and older can make that claim.

Forty percent of adults ages 18-24 say their kiddie table was set with disposable plates and utensils, while only 11% of adults ages 45 and older make that claim. Also, 84% of adults 45 and older report that their kiddie table had a tablecloth on it, but only 54% of people in the 18-24 age group say their table was set that way.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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This post was supposed to be a video from YouTube but for some reason it didn't post. Darn technology!

Go to YouTube and search on How To Sleep (or try clicking here) by Robert Benchley. I wonder if Lucy and Ricky know this guy was sleeping in their bedroom?

There are some good tips on how to get a good nights' sleep after Thanksgiving dinner too.


Monday, November 19, 2007

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

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First, have you seen Josette and Anne's blogs today? OMG...for a dose of the funnies, click here now. And then here.

Finished laughing yet? Wow. Those are good photos. I myself never indulged in the perm craze due to my naturally curly hair and all that. MY sister however, she was all about the perm. Unfortunately, I have no photos from the past to share with y'all. But I am going to keep it in mind the next time I am at my parents' house and have access to the family albums. That's funny stuff.

So, today what did we do? We had a little Thanksgiving of sorts, early-like. Jen and Steph from the perm era came over with their kids (three in all aged 10 mos to 7 years) and our new friends Joe and Marnie with their son (age 2yrs). We all got bundled up cuz it was cold here today don't ya know, and trekked down to the UBS Thanksgiving Parade Spectacular!

Husband and I have gone for the past two years. It is right down the street afterall. Last year we brought the Wondertwins in their Baby Bjorns, but they slept through the entire thing. This year, they were all bright eyed, demanding to sit atop daddy and/or mommy's shoulders. Lucky for me I had Uncle Steve standing by to do shoulder duty. I mean, have you ever tried to carry close to 30 pounds on your shoulders?

So, all the kiddies loved it. The Baranello family brought thermoses filled with hot cocoa. The kids all got to see Santa at the end. All of the favorite balloons were there; Kermit, Ms. Piggy, Beetle Bailey, Betty Boop, Big Bird, and of course Elmo and Dorothy.

Back at the house we continued the festivities with hot chili, warm apple cider and brownies. Yummm. Kiddies played (fought) with toys and the living room became a preschool for the afternoon. It was really a scene right out of Family Vacation or something like that. No, really the kids played together really nicely, especially giving their wide-range of ages. It was so nice to see them all running around, laughing and playing. At the end of the day it really felt like a special holiday moment. And yes, I am cheesy, I can't help it.

I promise to post some pics of the day (no, I didn't take that aerial shot of Elmo, I lifted it from the Parade site...psyche!). And I really hope you all have a wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving this year surrounded by friends and family!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

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Since I spent the entire day with the boys, on my own, and they completely wiped me out, I am going to follow the advice of the late, great Red Skelton and "give the people what they want" (well, one person anyway). Following are more pics of the wonder twins. Enjoy!

Vladimir smiles for daddy while mama is in Orlando at a nasty hotel...

Vladi is ready to play catcher.

Waylon in his new favorite helmet, poses for the lens.

Oh yeah. P.S. - they are that tortellini, pumpkin, tomato paste stuff for dinner again tonight! Left overs from a few nights ago. And hot dogs worked well for lunch. I guess they like processed meats. Go figure.

Friday, November 16, 2007

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Today I spent the day in NYC. Boy, was it cold. It felt like winter. Brr. And it is only supposed to get colder over the weekend. Sunday is the Thanksgiving Parade in town. With the big Macy's Day Parade balloons. Or I should say the rejects from past Macy's Parades that didn't make the cut this year. They also fly some that are brand new and need a test run before the Big City parade on Thursday. Either way, it is a fun spectacle and the entire town, and more, come out for it every year. I am really looking forward to the boys' reactions this year. Last year they slept through it.

I spent the day at Yahoo! today and got to see all of my former colleagues. Most of us have moved on to different agencies but we all keep in touch via email from time to time. When I walked into the room it was like I had stepped back in time to my former office. Some of the folks there I hadn't seen since the day I left. It was really nice.

Yahoo! gave us each a big flippin' umbrella as a parting gift at the end of the day. Not so sure what to do with such a huge umbrella in the suburbs seeing as we don't play golf. In the city we used umbrellas like that when we had to walk around town during a downpour. Now that we are suburbanites we take the car everywhere. Not all that much walking to do. Maybe we can take it to the parade on Sunday?

OK. Gotta run. I just heard Mrs. Jinx puking in the dining room and I'd better go clean it up.

Mrs. Jinx is the cat...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

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I am back at home. Regular day at the office today.

It feels good to be back at home with the family. I missed the boys so badly. It is great to be back with them. I love getting to put them to bed and read them their stories.

They haven't wanted to eat anything for the past month or so. I thought at first it was because of the teething (they each have about 14 teeth already) but now that they are all in and they still don't want to eat I don't know.

I am so desperate to get them to eat that I made a gross concoction tonight with the hope that they would get some of it into their gullets. It went something like this.

Meat Tortellini
Canned Pumpkin
Tomato Paste
Bread Crumbs
Wheat Germ

Mix all together, put in casserole dish and bake for 25 minutes (or dish out lukewarm before screaming gets too loud).

Believe me, I do not believe in torturing my children. I ate the stuff first. I stood in front of them pretending that it was "sooooo Delicious!" Blech. But it ended up being my dinner too. I am a team player don't ya' know.

Waylon actually ate quite a bit of the glop. Vlad, not so much. I redeemed myself with garlic bread which we all enjoyed very much.

This culinary delight was topped off with one Empire apple, that nobody really ate.

Ah well. I will keep on trying new mash ups until I find something that they will eat. In the meantime, I don't think we have to worry about either of them wasting away....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Post #14

Well here I am at the end of my trip to Orlando and I managed to post every day! Granted, yesterday's post was sort of lame...but at least I logged on and typed something. I feel very accomplished!

Last night we went to the House of Blues at the Magic Kingdom and had dinner and saw a Keller Williams show. Judy and I took the client. It was a pretty good dinner. The atmosphere at House of Blues is pretty cool. The entire place is a follk art piece. Folk art on the walls, ceiling, floors....we were trying to figure out if it was authentic art or "Disney" art. I still have no idea.

The show was pretty good. I guess Keller Williams is popular with the hippie kids and the older generation of Dead Heads. The kids were dancing the free-style and the older folks were in the balcony (more expensive seats) swaying back and forth. It was actually more entertaining to watch the crowd than to watch the show.

Today I planned to sleep with no alarm and then have breakfast and grab a cab to the airport. I guess I didn't fill-in my better half because at 7:15 my phone rang and there he was. I heard the boys in the background tearing apart the kitchen. Ah, well. I guess I didn't really need the extra sleep.

It was a productive few days and enjoyable too. I can't wait to get home anc see the family this afternoon. I miss them so much!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Post #13

Last night I ate Gator. It was pretty good. We had a great dinner with Yahoo.

Everyone hates this hotel. It's not just me.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Post #12

To answer Steph's question - yes, we are in Celebration. Though not in the cute little town. We just drove through there and it was so bizarre - clean, orderly, art-deco architecture mixed with PLantaion homes. My co-worker Judy keeps calling it the Truman Show. And would you believe I saw billboards advertising condos starting in the $100's?! I mean, can you really buy a place to live down here for that little? It is very tempting.

And to answer Steph's other question - the cab driver said he hated Haititans because he is an American who has been driving a cab since April 1980 and in the past 5 or 6 years he has seen the Hatians take over the taxi cab business in central Florida. He said they are terrible partners and he has to share a cab with one because there are no other Americans to choose from. He said they all lie and cheat and can't speak the American language (please believe that I am not making any of this up). He asked me if all of the taxi drivers in the Northeast were foreigners too. I was like "um...yes?"

Then the guy told me about his father who was in "that generation that Tom Brokaw wrote about". He fought in WWII and lost a lot of good men. He was a "seer" or a "psychic" and my cabbie felt that he had inherited some of his father's gift of sight. He also told me that when he was 18 he was a hippy-wannabe and that he used to use the Lord's name in vain and say GD all the time. And now he wishes he could take all of those bad words back (the guy was like 60). He also told me that he began reading scripture when he was 18. And it dawned on him then, and it becomes clearer to him each year, that in America people are too self-centered and materialistic. And what did I think about that? He also told me that he forgets stuff and thinks it might be early onset Alzheimers. And by the way, he hates computers and doesn't own one and doesn't believe in them and Bill Gates is a theif and a liar and so are all of those other people who made computers and "that internet" - HELLO! I am here to attend a conference about INTERNET MARKETING!!! I was so glad that we got to my hotel before he asked me what sort of business I was travelling on.

I was just happy to make it out of the car in one piece. Maybe this isn't the scary part of Florida, but that guy was one character that will go down in the books.

Today we went to the hotel where the conference was. We were unable to get a room there when we booked ourselves for the conference because it was sold out. Well my lordy. It is soooooo beautiful! The Omni Champions Gate (or something like that). There is no comparison between the two hotels. I don't know why the conference organizers chose this dump as second to the conference venue.....

But all else is good. The weather is nice. We had breakfast with the client at Shoney's - which was delicous in a gross way. Biscuits and gravy. Yummmmm. And we had an excellent lunch at the conference hotel. And in about an hour I will be off to dinner with Yahoo and the client at Charley's Steakhouse, so I am sure it won't be a low-cal dinner. Though the sinus infection and antibiotics will keep the alcohol at bay, I am sure I can find other empty calories to take it's place - like maybe Dessert!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

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Hubby and I had a very romantic, relaxing evening at the Doral Arrowwood Hotel in Rye Brook, NY. It was a beautiful resort. Our room was OK. Ernie used the gym and the sauna and steam room. We went to Tarrytown, which is an adorable little village on the Hudson River for lunch today. There is an amazing Greek place on the corner of Main Street that had a 20 minute wait. We sat outside and ate with our coats on to avoid the wait. The gyros were amazing. Like the best I have ever tasted. Wow.

Then Ernie dopped me off at the airport (conveniently 10 minutes from the rresort) and off I flew to Orlando, which is where I am right now. In a crappy hotel. One mile from Disney. The hotel is the Radisson ORlando Celebration. I arrived at 7pm. I have three nights accomodations which had been reserved for more than a month. I check in and they tell me at the front desk that I only had two nights booked. I was like, um, please check again. I am tired and hungry and still suffering from a sinus infection.

I convince them to give me a third night. After a few minutes in a back room, the front desk person came back to tell me "no worries", they would have a room for me.

I get to my room and unpack. OK. Starving. I tell my boss and coworker that I am not going to join them for dinner because I need a good nights' sleep. I call room service, about 100 times, and realize there is no room service. I call the Guest Services number and they ask if I want to speak to a manager and I tell them no, I want some food. Can you get me some? Again "do you want to speak to a manager?" So I hung up.

There are two menus under my room door from local pizza joints. Visions of a creepy delivery guy from central Florida coming to my hotel room gives me chills. Plus, I gave almost all of my cash to the super-creepy, bible-thumping, Hatian-hating, ex-hippie, army brat taxi driver on the way to the hotel.

An hour later I switch out of my comfy sweat pants back into my travel clothes and make the treck across the tropical waterfall area to the next building where a deli and Pizza Hut are. Gross. Starving. ??? What would you do?

I ordered a veggie lovers pizza and bring it back to my room. Gross. But at least now I'm not hungry.

That's it. Again. Don't ever stay here. Terrible service and I have only been here for two hours.

Oh yeah, and the up button on the TV remote doesn't work either. Geesh.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Post #10

Today hubby and I are going on a mini-vacation! Woo-hoo. We are going to a resort two towns away. Though very close to home, it IS in another state (NY). So we can feel like we are "esacaping" for the first time in 14 months.

We were supposed to spend a long weekend in Orlando since I am going there on business tomorrow. But the airfares were so high it made no sense for Ernie to pay that much for a couple of days away.

So Aunt Dee and godparents Carleen and Jeff are going to be home with boys for the night.

Husband is stressing because I am online. I'd better go before he explodes. Then I might have to kill him.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Post #9

What we did today...as captured by my cell phone...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Post #8

Jozet commented on the toy recall post and sent along this link to a really cool site where you can find great toys that (most likely) will not harm your child.

Tomorrow is another PTO day from work! Woo-hoo. I get to hang out with all the boys for the day; hubby, Vladi, Waylon. My favorite men. Very exciting.

Thinking the boys might need another hair cut. Their hair is starting to look like their Grandmother Adzentoivich's. Maybe we will take them to the old barber shop tomorrow during our family day.

Sinuses are clearing up yet I still feel oh soooo tired. I've got to go to Orlando this weekend with work. Actually with my boss and the client. Though I am not complaining. It should be a fun conference. Typically, when I travel for work I end up in Saint Louis, which is a fine city, but I will surely appreciate the warm and sunny Florida weather for a change.

NBC is broadcasting this stupid Green Week. All of the shows have a Green theme. Only it is really stupid. I don't know what they are trying to get across. I guess maybe just reaching the most people to let them know that being Green is now "cool". But wouldn't it make more impact if NBC/GE actually became Green themselves. As companies? I know GE produces windmills and alternative energy research, etc. But are the networks Green? I don't know. I have yet to hear of any Big Business making any sort of radical change in the name of Green, though they are all jumping on the PR band-wagon for the sake of good press. But what does it all really mean?

If we want to really get involved I think we need to turn off our TVs and do something.

Here is the link to the Green Party web site
Here is the link to TreeHugger.com where you can find Go Green Guides
Here is the National Geographic Green Guide
And the US Green Building Council
Lastly, the Sundance Channel's Green Programming Site

We just had one of the City organizations come to our house and test it for energy waste. Since our house is heated with Gas and is almost 100 years old we qualified for this test. They spent a couple of hours replacing all of our lightbulbs with super efficient CFL bulbs (though we already had quite a few). They also tested the sealant around our windows, doors, walls, etc. They also tested all of our appliances and gave us a little watt tester to find out how much energy they draw when off but still plugged in. So now we are starting to unplug things like the toaster over, when not in use. I try to use the cold water a lot more than the hot. My sister and I carpool to work every day.

I know we aren't the Greenest family - but we'll do all we can to be better at it. I am looking into kitchen composters now.

And what do you think about this?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Post #7

Did I miss a day? I didn't think I did. Did I? Oh NO! I hope I didn't.

Does this sound weird? This isn't weird. It is very typical for me to not remember something so seemingly simple. Deal With It (as Taylor from Kid Nation might tell you, yes I am watching it...deal with it).

I was talking with my friend Melissa last evening while waiting for my sinus medication at CVS. Ah yes, it is that time of year again. The annual sinus infection-a-thon. Everyone is doing it. Really.

But anyway, I was speaking with Melissa and she said how glad she was that I was blogging again as that was how she kept tabs on me. This got me to thinking.

Blogs are truly a great tool for moms and dads who have no time for social phone calls, etc. I think of all of the great, funny blogs I read and the far majority of them are written by witty, busy moms. Somehow, once the kids are asleep and the wine comes out, it is very satisfying to sit and blog while watching TV, or whatever ('cause you know we can't do just one thing at a time).

I think a lot of it is a time thing. It isn't always that free time comes along during acceptable calling hours, but it is never a rude time to blog. And all of that great blog material that comes to you as you care for children/work/run the household/etc./etc. is just too good not to write down. I mean, you've got to get it out of your head somehow.

So here is a shout out to all of us moms who keep in touch through our network of blogs. I am not hurt or offended if you don't call as often as you used to - as long as you keep on blogging!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Post #6

Wow! I think I have already beat my NaBloPo posting record of last year...

So, I was recently online (OK, you caught me, I am online right now) and decided to Google "Toy Recalls", you know, just for fun.

Scary stuff.

I went to the Official Government Site of Bad Toys (or something like that) and I could hear the song clear as day "...Here on the Island of Misfit Toys, where we don't want to stay..."

All of those poor lead-full toys will not find themselves under anyones Christmas tree or Menorah this year. Boo-hoo. And if they do, they will be swiftly kicked to the curb by any fastidious mom who keeps up with The Today Show or NPR.

Interesting that Mattel has a video on their Consumer Safety site. They are reassuring parents that it is OK to buy Mattel toys for Christmas. Like they didn't know that those manufacturers they contracted with in China and now Mexico were using lead-based paint? And it just so happened that their "rigorous safety control" testers never found any elevated levels? He says they "have been working hard" (where have we heard that before?) to make sure there are no more issues. How about working a little harder? Shouldn't they have this process in place by now after 60 years in the business?

How many other parents have had to sit at home waiting three weeks for the results of their kids' blood lead-level tests to come back? Hubby and I, for two. And our friends Joe and Marnie, for two more. How much money is this little oversight costing the healthcare industry in this country as more and more babies and toddlers are being tested for lead? And more than once?

Now, before I go off here, I have to admit that our kids' lead levels were not likely elevated due to toys (though we have found three on the list so far) or bottles, etc. but the Pediatricians are now testing regularly at check-ups. And once the level is identified as "high" a second test must be done and all results must go to the State Department of Health. This is a lengthy process involving insurance companies and state agencies. Does anyone think this isn't going to bite us somehwere down the line? Though I would much rather have it make a dent in my pocketbook than in my childs brain.

I think for Christmas this year I am going to buy all wooden toys painted with soy paint. I found one interesting company and haven't seen it on any of the recall lists - yet. If you have, please let me know.

Books are awlays good to. We have soo many and the boys love to chew (eat) on them. I often wonder if maybe the books don't have lead in the ink. I haven't heard anything about that yet.

Ironically, I just heard my insurance premiums are going up for 2008.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Post #5

So, what I was trying to say before my laptop conked out last night...the boys went to Stew Leonard's for the first time yesterday. They LOVED it, of course.

It's the Disney World of Dairy Stores. I had my first job there when I was 16. I was a cashier/ Jennifer was too. We got in trouble We quit by walking out when we were supposed to be on a 15 minute break and we went to a football game instead. Can you believe that? I can't believe I ever behaved that way - but hey, I was 16.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Post #4

Computer is flashing Low Battery, Low Battery.

Me, I caught the boys' cold. I am also flashing Low Battery, Low Battery.

So sick...

Husband comes home tomorrow. Yay!

Boys had their first trip to Stew Leonard's tod

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Post #3

Wow. I almost forgot about this today. I hadn't even logged onto the computer and just remembered as I was about to sit down for my evening TV viewing. The boys are asleep, the kitchen is clean. The washing machine and dryer are both whirring away. Mega Blocks are put away. Stinky diaper's are out in the trash. Now it's my time. I typically last about an hour or so before I drift off.

Aunt Dee and I took the monsters to Bennigans today. I had never been to a Bennigans before, and now I know why. Ick. The set-up was good for the boys and it was so massive that I didn't worry that they were disturbing anyone. But the food? Yuck. Gross. Deanne's sandwich wasn't too bad, but the thing I had was nasty. The boys milk shake was gross too - and it's pretty hard to mess that up. Yes, they are drinking milk shakes these days as they are one of about three things I can convince them to eat. Seems they are on a hunger strike lately. Especuially Waylon. He won't eat anything. He does OK with avocado, french fries, spaghetti, milk shakes and cookies. Pretty much my worse nightmare. But I figure that anything I can get into his gullet is better than nothing. Right?

Boy was it cold and windy here today. They say we are getting a taste of Noel - that storm that hit Florida at the end of the week. It is really cold. Like 40. Feels like winter, finally. Boys had to wear their little winter coats for the first time, courtesy of the Mother's of Multiples tag sale a few weeks ago.

I found Heroes on the G4 channel, which I thought was a video game channel. I guess Heroes appeals to the same demographic? All season 2 episodes. I think I am going to stay up for a couple of hours and catch up on what I have missed so far this season. We have a DVR which records probably 25 different shows a week but I honestly only ever get to watch one or two of them in any given week. I see the appeal of the gadget but there are still only so many hours in a day to watch TV.

OK. So I fulfilled my obligation today. Even if it was a lame-o post....I promise they won't all be this bad.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Post #2

Yay! I am on day two. Are you proud of me?

It is also day two of just me and the boys at home. Vladimir is walking around going something like "blegh, agh, yagh" and bubbley stuff is coming out of his mouth. This is because he has his brothers cold and his snot is running from his nose to his mouth. I guess he doesn't like the taste? Aren't little boys supposed to like eating boogers?

No big plans for today. But definitely going to take the boys out in the minivan for a trip to Target. Right now I am just waiting for them both to poop before we go. Gotta love that. I've been thinking about it for a good 24 hours. A trip to Target sans hubby. I can buy all those non-essentials that look so cool on the TV ads without a little birdy whispering in my ear about not spending money, blah, blah...

I got a call from said Husband last evening. Seems he is having a swell time in LA. He met some guy who wrote all the music for the new Halo game. He asked him for his reel and told him that he was looking for some more composers. Husband is a good networker. He always seems to do well at those things.

Today I am supposed to have my first professional piece published by MediaPost. If you subscribe to any of their gajillion eNewsletters you just may see my name today.

I remembered to give the cat his pill this morning.

If you ask me, I think I have accomplished quite a bit today already. Now if only I could convince the boys that it would be very OK to let mama take a nap - she has earned it! Somehow I don't think that one will go over very well. I have difficulty convincing them that it is OK for THEM to take naps....ah well. The daily marathon continues.

The boys just put on their Halloween costumes and are playing together as a puppy and a lion...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Post #1

OK. Peer pressure. I never could resist it.

I am not going to commit to anything as organized as Josette's NaBloPo schedule - but I will do my best to write something every day this month. Try. Last year I didn't even come close. But this year they have my picture here so I feel like I sort of HAVE to do it....

Hubby is in LA at a music-writing conference. I am on three days of PTO from work so that I may stay home with my wee lads while daddy is away. I get them solo for the weekend too, so it is me and the boys for five days. I am thinking they might like the mall.

Sister is living with us, for those of you who might not know. She has converted our basement into an adorable little studio apartment. It is working out quite well as now we have a third set of grown up hands around the house and that's a big help.

Baby Waylon is sick with a nasty cold. Last night when I checked in on him there was a stream of snot from his nose to the crib mattress where it joined it's brethren in a puddle of ick. Poor kid. And lucky for his brother they eat the same books and drink our of the same cups and chew each other's fingers. Only a very slight chance Vladimir may catch it from him.

Halloween - wasn't as fun as last year. Our neighborhood last year was so overrun with minivans dumping kids at the end of the street that it was impossible to drive down the block. This year, we all kept our lights out and hid from the goulies and ghosties. Ba-humbug.

Hope you all enjoyed your fright night. I am thinking next year will be much better for us because the boys will "get it". This year they just sort of stood in their costumes looking confused.

Ah yes, lest I forget. Today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary. Wow.