Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Post #6

Wow! I think I have already beat my NaBloPo posting record of last year...

So, I was recently online (OK, you caught me, I am online right now) and decided to Google "Toy Recalls", you know, just for fun.

Scary stuff.

I went to the Official Government Site of Bad Toys (or something like that) and I could hear the song clear as day "...Here on the Island of Misfit Toys, where we don't want to stay..."

All of those poor lead-full toys will not find themselves under anyones Christmas tree or Menorah this year. Boo-hoo. And if they do, they will be swiftly kicked to the curb by any fastidious mom who keeps up with The Today Show or NPR.

Interesting that Mattel has a video on their Consumer Safety site. They are reassuring parents that it is OK to buy Mattel toys for Christmas. Like they didn't know that those manufacturers they contracted with in China and now Mexico were using lead-based paint? And it just so happened that their "rigorous safety control" testers never found any elevated levels? He says they "have been working hard" (where have we heard that before?) to make sure there are no more issues. How about working a little harder? Shouldn't they have this process in place by now after 60 years in the business?

How many other parents have had to sit at home waiting three weeks for the results of their kids' blood lead-level tests to come back? Hubby and I, for two. And our friends Joe and Marnie, for two more. How much money is this little oversight costing the healthcare industry in this country as more and more babies and toddlers are being tested for lead? And more than once?

Now, before I go off here, I have to admit that our kids' lead levels were not likely elevated due to toys (though we have found three on the list so far) or bottles, etc. but the Pediatricians are now testing regularly at check-ups. And once the level is identified as "high" a second test must be done and all results must go to the State Department of Health. This is a lengthy process involving insurance companies and state agencies. Does anyone think this isn't going to bite us somehwere down the line? Though I would much rather have it make a dent in my pocketbook than in my childs brain.

I think for Christmas this year I am going to buy all wooden toys painted with soy paint. I found one interesting company and haven't seen it on any of the recall lists - yet. If you have, please let me know.

Books are awlays good to. We have soo many and the boys love to chew (eat) on them. I often wonder if maybe the books don't have lead in the ink. I haven't heard anything about that yet.

Ironically, I just heard my insurance premiums are going up for 2008.

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