Thursday, November 01, 2007

Post #1

OK. Peer pressure. I never could resist it.

I am not going to commit to anything as organized as Josette's NaBloPo schedule - but I will do my best to write something every day this month. Try. Last year I didn't even come close. But this year they have my picture here so I feel like I sort of HAVE to do it....

Hubby is in LA at a music-writing conference. I am on three days of PTO from work so that I may stay home with my wee lads while daddy is away. I get them solo for the weekend too, so it is me and the boys for five days. I am thinking they might like the mall.

Sister is living with us, for those of you who might not know. She has converted our basement into an adorable little studio apartment. It is working out quite well as now we have a third set of grown up hands around the house and that's a big help.

Baby Waylon is sick with a nasty cold. Last night when I checked in on him there was a stream of snot from his nose to the crib mattress where it joined it's brethren in a puddle of ick. Poor kid. And lucky for his brother they eat the same books and drink our of the same cups and chew each other's fingers. Only a very slight chance Vladimir may catch it from him.

Halloween - wasn't as fun as last year. Our neighborhood last year was so overrun with minivans dumping kids at the end of the street that it was impossible to drive down the block. This year, we all kept our lights out and hid from the goulies and ghosties. Ba-humbug.

Hope you all enjoyed your fright night. I am thinking next year will be much better for us because the boys will "get it". This year they just sort of stood in their costumes looking confused.

Ah yes, lest I forget. Today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary. Wow.


Lisa Milton said...

You're off to a good start. I'm READING blogs, not writing yet this morning.

(Great picture, btw)

anne said...

Very cute costumes.

And Happy Anniversary!!

I'm glad you're trying the post-a-day thing - we get to hear more from you!

Pocklock said...

Happy Anniversary! Good luck on the post-a-day thing!