Friday, July 18, 2008


Thursday, July 17, 2008

He's Here

11:37 am
8lbs 7 oz
19.5 inches
Silas Wolfram Adzentoivich
Mother and baby are doing fine. Pictures and details to follow.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Due Date +6

Scheduled the c-section. It will be Thursday at 10:30am. Assuming, of course, that things don't happen on their own before then.

Not exactly what I had in mind - but as I learned from my last birthing experience, as long as everyone comes out alright in the end, everything else is just small stuff.

Looking forward to meeting my son! FINALLY.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Due Date +5

Yep. Still here.

I woke up at 3:00am and never went back to sleep. Was sure I was in "Early Labor" as it's called. Thought I was having the whole lower abdoninal and around the back contractions. Like 5 or 6 an hour. Thing is, once I got up and out of bed and started the day, seems like things have calmed down. Why does this happen every day? Maybe if I just stay in bed all day I will go into labor?

Got the Red Raspberry Leaf tea yesterday. So now I am on that and the Evening Primrose Oil. Let's hope these contractions are focused properly now.

I really shouldn't say that nothing is happening since I got out of bed. It could be that it just seemed more exciting in the middle of the night while in the light of day it is just sort of whatever. I am trying to keep positive. Next doctor's appointment is tomorrow at 8am.

Hopefully I won't need to keep that appoinement!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Due Date +4

Well, made it through another night. Is that good or bad? I don't know.

Did I mention that I have a whopping case of SCIATICA?!?! Yeouch!! ("An important thing to understand is that sciatica is a symptom of a problem — of something compressing or irritating the nerve roots that comprise the sciatic nerve" ---really? hmmmm...wonder what that something could be?) .

If any of you could see me "walking" right now you would ROTFLYAO! And to make matters worse, child 1 and his cohort child 2 decided to wake up at 3:30am and wouldn't go back to sleep if MAMA left the room. This prompted me to "sleep" on the Lilliputian-sized IKEA couch in their bedroom. Did I mention that I am suffering from siatica? And how about trying to go down the stairs to breakfast this morning? Almost didn't happen.

Grandmother leaves for home this afternoon. Her prediction is that I will go into labor while she is en route. If only we were that lucky! Unfortunately, after 3 1/2 months hanging out with us she will not be here for the birth of child #3.

My next stop is to Mrs. Green's market to buy some Red Raspberry Leaf tea. Supposed to "focus" the contractions to make them actually do something other than be annoying. Just like me to have contractions that suffer from ADHD....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Due Date +Three

Nothing to report but a wicked case of sciatica from all of the walking I've been doing.....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Due Date +Two

So, this morning I woke up and stripped our bed and the boys beds. Folded a load of laundry. Put a second load in the wash. Baked a slew of summer savory biscuits (no idea what Summer Savory is, some sort of herb we got from the CSA last week) and two pans of Zucchini Bread. Do you think this could be "nesting"? Hmmm...I do hope so.

Doc appointment today at 3:00.

Still waiting. It can't be long now. Can it?

UPDATE: At doctor's office the nurse (who used to be a doula) recommended I try Evening Primrose Oil. So off I went to CVS to get some. So far I have taken two capsules - 1000 mg each. I also went for a loooooonng walk in the neighborhood after the boys went to sleep. Let's hope this does the trick!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

1 Day Overdue

Well follks, yesterday was the BIG DAY. Yep. It came and went. And nothing. Due date, schmoo date is all I have to say.

Still working. Still sitting here with my laptop. Still surfing real estate listings (which could become dangerous if I spend too many more days like this!). Waiting.

The two existing Adzentoivich Boys have been super-clingy to me the past week. I wonder if this means that they know something I don't? Could there be inter-womb communication going on with their little brother? Some sort of weird twin to newborn telepathy? I can only hope. For the past 4 or 5 days neither of them will go anywhere without MAMA. They would rather sit with me while I work on the computer than to play outside with Grandma or DADA. They have always been very happy to spend time with me but this has been ridiculous. Bath time won't go down unless I am in the bathroom to watch (of course it is quite difficult to lean over the tub and assist with the actual bathing at this stage of the game). And only MAMA is allowed to apply powder and diapers before bed. Please tell me this is all because they know that labor is fast approaching. Some sort of animal survival instinct. They want to preserve their MAMA.

Hmmmmm.....maybe I will do some research. I am, afterall, sitting at my laptop looking to kill some time....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The update is...there is no update.

No change since my doctor's visit last week.

We sit and we wait.

The suspense is KILLING me!! This baby is going to be gigantic by the time he decides to be born...a month ago he was already 7 pounds!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Still Waiting

Yes, T minus two days until the "official" due date of baby boy #3. We are still in the holding pattern waiting for clearance.

Next doctor appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning. Will post update.

In the meantime, we greatly anticipate the first REAL contraction.....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Baby Watch

Still on high alert over here. Baby watch is in full swing. And I have to say I do not like it one little bit.

My due date is exactly one week from today. I was ready for this baby to make his entrance a month ago!

The boys were born at 35 1/2 weeks, so I never got this far. I also wasn't sitting around waiting to go into labor because I was in preterm labor for two months before they were born. We were doing everything we could at the time to stop the labor.

Now I just sit. And I wait. And wait. I have contractions every now and again. As I have since about 5 months along. But honestly they aren't too big of a deal. I am waiting for the REAL DEAL to begin. I don't like not knowing. This whole idea of it all being out of my control does not bode well with me. In case you don't know me too well, I like to be the one in charge. you quickly learn when you become a is very seldom that you are really the one in charge. These little people have a way of making your entire life bend to their will. Very powerful creatures....

So we wait. And Wait. and wait......