Thursday, July 10, 2008

1 Day Overdue

Well follks, yesterday was the BIG DAY. Yep. It came and went. And nothing. Due date, schmoo date is all I have to say.

Still working. Still sitting here with my laptop. Still surfing real estate listings (which could become dangerous if I spend too many more days like this!). Waiting.

The two existing Adzentoivich Boys have been super-clingy to me the past week. I wonder if this means that they know something I don't? Could there be inter-womb communication going on with their little brother? Some sort of weird twin to newborn telepathy? I can only hope. For the past 4 or 5 days neither of them will go anywhere without MAMA. They would rather sit with me while I work on the computer than to play outside with Grandma or DADA. They have always been very happy to spend time with me but this has been ridiculous. Bath time won't go down unless I am in the bathroom to watch (of course it is quite difficult to lean over the tub and assist with the actual bathing at this stage of the game). And only MAMA is allowed to apply powder and diapers before bed. Please tell me this is all because they know that labor is fast approaching. Some sort of animal survival instinct. They want to preserve their MAMA.

Hmmmmm.....maybe I will do some research. I am, afterall, sitting at my laptop looking to kill some time....


Jozet at Halushki said...

Maybe you smell like yummy milk?


I'm sorry. I'm not sure how well intact your sense of humor is at this point. I seem to remember that mine was long gone.

I don't know any surefire ways to start labor. I think I've tried them all. Shopping at Target was the only one that jump started anything.

Easy labor vibes!

nadzent said...

Hmmmm...could be. Though it has been a loooong time since he was exposed to that. Primal instinct maybe?

My sense of humor - what sense of humor? I see no humor in this situation. Ask my husband how funny I find him these days...

Thanks for the good vibes. I feel them sista'!