Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yes, another boy. We are having another boy. It's a boy. Just one boy. So that will bring us to a total of THREE boys. Yes, we are very excited. Ernie is jumping for joy. He is building his "clone army"...

Vladimir Learns to Blow His Nose

Not to be outdone by his brother - Vladimir soon learned how to blow his nose. He also mastered the concept of recycling, using the same tissue more than once!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fuel Economy = Big Bucks?

Here is whay I read today in an article about the North American Auto Show in Detroit:

Every automaker has given a glimpse over the past two days of its strategies for dealing with tougher U.S. fuel economy regulations, rising oil prices and a surge of global warming rules around the globe. While Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. have pledged new hybrids, General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC have touted a variety of approaches. Ford Motor Co. has bet big on a single technology.

But in interviews with the Free Press, Detroit executives said the technical hurdles to meeting a 35-m.p.g. standard by 2020 were less difficult than getting customers to accept the changes and extra costs that come along with the goal.

GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz told reporters at the show that the new U.S. rules would cost the industry $5,000 to $7,000 per vehicle, with much higher costs possible for some models.


Funny that I own a 2001 Hyundai Accent, 4-cylinder, hatchback that STILL gets more than 30 MPG. Know what I paid for it NEW? $9,700. Does Hyundai know something that Ford and GM don't about fuel technology? Is my car made out of some super light material with a hyper-aerodynamic design? I think not. Maybe the technology in my car cost Hyundai $7,000 and the rest of the car only cost them $2,500? Maybe.

You can get a brand new Hyundai Accent for $10,700 - list prince - and the MPGs listed on the web site are 33. This is with NO Hybrid technology, mind you. Just good, efficient design.

So how come it is going to take another 12 years for the American automakers to catch up to the Koreans? It is such a joke. Just another excuse to jack up car prices and stick it to the American consumer while continuing to support our dependence on foreign oil while harming our environment.

Greed - priceless.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year

Yes...I know I am late. Sorry. I have been finding it increasingly difficult to get to the blog these days. I don't think I can really be called a blogger anymore.

So, a couple of things that you all most likely already know.

1. I am pregnant. Again. No, it is not twins again. This time there is only one, and yes, I am sure. However the interesting thing is that the doctor says it began as two...identical yolk sacs seperated by a membrane. One developed and the other didn't. So - we came very close to another set of identical twins. Weird, isn't it? I wonder if this new baby will feel all of it's life like somebody or something is mising? This newest addition to the Adzentoivich clan is due to arrive July 9th or thereabouts. So I don't know if we will be able to hold the Second Annual AdStock at the end of August. But I will keep you posted.

2. I don't know if there is a number two. Hmmmm. Well, my grandfather just turned 90 and we are having a big wingdig this weekend for him. That's pretty impressive I think.

3. Ernie got himself a nice shiny new Mac laptop. You know, the cool little white kind? I am having a little bit of computer envy.

4. I had a birthday.

The Adzentoivich Super Twins are doing swell. Big. Real big. They weigh 27 pounds and then some...each. Almost three feet tall. They don't sleep in cribs anymore. They are in their toddler beds, or the floor, or the IKEA couch, wherever. But the point is they are sleeping better. Yes, Waylon climbed head first out of his crib and that was the end of the cribs. They love playing Landscaper's Challenge outside since the weather has been mild. Vladimir digs in the garden, removing leaves to the grassy part of the yard, while Waylon moves the bricks that form the garden "wall" border from place to place around the patio. I haven't seen their master plan yet but I am sure it must be quite crafty.

That's it really. I am just working and trying to eat large amounts of protein to grow another Super Baby. This proves a little bit of a challenge as every time I eat in the presence of the Wonder Twins they end up consuming at least 2/3 of my cereal, sandwich, ice cream, pie, cheese, get the picture. So I have to hoard my food at the office or late night (like 9pm!) after they have gone to sleep.