Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 in Pictures

Well, it is finally the last day of 2004.

Although we have had a rough time these past few months, most of the year was filled with really great memories; time well-spent with family, friends and in nature. The following images are just some of the highlights of 2004. Some of you may have shared these events with us, while others of you were in our thoughts throughout.

Some of you may recall:
Our various exploits in real estate -

  • The old PP&L building in Lansford, PA that we planned to buy and convert to a performing arts school, went into contract on - didn't happen...
  • The tiny dollhouse in Asbury Park, NJ that we put an offer on - didn't happen...
  • The beautiful three bedroom house in Asbury Park that we put an offer on and that had sat on the market for a year until we saw it, the same weekend another couple decided they wanted it - didn't happen...
  • The broken down piece of crap near the beach in Asbury Park that we went into contract on - didn't happen (thank God!)...
  • The 5-story Queen Anne Victorian that needed a complete gut rennovation, roof, heating, plumbing, electrical, etc. in Bed Sty Brooklyn that we put an offer in on - didn't happen (AGAIN, thank GOD! What were we thinking?) ...
  • The gorgeous restored 4-bedroom Victorian in Western Sullivan County, NY that we put an offer in on - didn't happen...but we did meet some lovely people and a great Realtor up there if anyone wants a referral...
  • And FINALLY, the little old farm house on 20 acres in Brandonville (or Ringtown or Union Township, depending on who you ask), PA that we are scheduled to close on January 14th, 2005.....keep your fingers crossed for us on this one...

    Of course, some of you may or may not know this but

  • I graduated from Hunter College in January 2004... after beginning my college education in 1988. Bachelor degree in Art History.
  • I got a new job at a young, leading Search Engine Marketing agency in TriBeCa in June, that I absolutely love and feel so honored to be a part of
  • We adopted a new kitty named Godzilla to keep Mrs. Jinx company who has become the love of my life
  • We went to the E3 Video Game industry Expo in LA in May 2004 as Adzentoivich Music. Me, Ernie and Deanne. Ernie hit it off with the Japanese and Korean game producers and a couple of cell-phone game producers (still working on those music connections). This was the most amazing thing I have ever been to...
  • We spent almost every weekend this summer at either Jones Beach, NY or Asbury Park, NJ. I was tan for the first time in 10 years.
  • My running partner Emily had a baby, Zoe, in June, which is why I am now so fat - no one to run with - I blame it all on her ;-)
  • Ernie taught at the National Summer Guitar workshop in LA and CT in July
  • I sang on one of Ernie's tracks (a duet with him actually) that was used repeatedly by One Life to Live this summer
  • Ernie and I did a radio commercial for a spring break "Lime" (big party) for a Barbados radio station
  • Ernie played at the Williamstown Theater Festival Jubliee Gala in Williamstown, Mass in Sept. He was on stage with Alec Baldwin, Eric Stoltz, Scott Wolf, Blythe Danner, James Naughton, and a bunch of other "celebrities". It was a black tie event - which he failed to mention to me - and so I showed up in a dress from Target!

Thank you to everyone for your support when we needed it, and thanks also for the fun and laughs. We hope to create even more magical memories in 2005.

Hope you enjoy the photos. If you see any you like you can order them by clicking the little photo icon at the corner of the image.

Tomorrow I think I am going to go swim with the Polar Bear Club at Coney Island beach....remember all of those souls who were lost last weekend...

Nancy A. Death Valley, CA. 2004 Posted by Hello

Laughing mom. 12/24/2004. Posted by Hello

Dad and Dee - Christmas Eve Posted by Hello

After a time of, laughs and joy! Posted by Hello

Patricia, Steph, Deanne. Posted by Hello

It's Christmas Eve! Steph, Dee, Dad. Mercurio's fireworks display 12/24/04. Posted by Hello

Painted sky. Posted by Hello

Sun Streak - going down at dusk in the Valley of Death. 12/04 Posted by Hello

Dune slide Posted by Hello

Ernie at dusk. Death Valley 12/04. Posted by Hello

dunes. Dec. 2004. Death Valley, CA. Posted by Hello

Dune-boogie Posted by Hello

Dunes at dusk Posted by Hello

Dunes Posted by Hello

Death Valley Swallows the Sun Posted by Hello

Coyote Brother - Stovepipe Wells, CA. Posted by Hello

Stew's News (free ice cream). We were later at 100 feet below sea level. Posted by Hello

... Posted by Hello

Rhyolite Crucifiction...female Posted by Hello

The Last Supper. Posted by Hello

Belgian Open Air Gallery. Rhyolite, NV (ghost town) Posted by Hello

Marta Becket. Prima Ballerina (in her 70's by now...). Death Valley Junction. CA. Posted by Hello

Armagossa Opera House. Marta Becket paintings. Posted by Hello

Tenopah Springs, CA Market. Charles Brown, Founder. Posted by Hello

Old Grandpa Wood. Tenopah Springs 12/04. Posted by Hello