Thursday, December 30, 2004

Help for Tsunami Victims

Mr Godzilla thinks he had a rough night - imagine those poor people in Southeast Asia with no place to live, no food, no water, no anything. I donated a very small amount to AmeriCares. You can also make a contribution to any the following:

Action Against Hunger
247 West 37th St.
New York, NY 10018

American Red Cross (news - web sites)
2025 E St. NW
Washington, DC 20006

88 Hamilton Ave.
Stamford, CT 06902

151 Ellis St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

Habitat for Humanity International
121 Habitat St
Americus, GA 31709

SAWSO (Salvation Army World Service Office)
South Asia Relief Fund
615 Slaters Lane
Alexandria, VA 22313

Save the Children USA
54 Wilton Road
Westport, CT 06880

It is very difficult to understand how somthing like this can happen. There are now more than 114,000 deaths confirmed with more sure to follow. The numbers are staggering. Our troubles of the past year are trite in comparison to what is happening in this far away part of the world. We must not forget that we are all one family, one people, one planet. Nature and the Universe do not forget this.

Wishing Peace and Love,


More on the Tsunami Relief from

Dear MoveOn member,

The tsunami in southern Asia and Africa may be the worst natural disaster of our time. More than 116,000 lives were wiped out within hours. The toll in death and suffering from smashed cities, broken families, rampant disease, and crippled economies cannot even be calculated. In the face of this horror, MoveOn members have poured in requests to help, asking how we can push through our sadness and lend a hand.

Rising to this challenge is at the heart of global leadership, and the world is depending on us. The U.S. government can lead billions of dollars of aid into this relief effort, if it chooses. Americans are generous and ready to step forward, but the U.S. Congress and the Bush administration have made a weak initial contribution to the effort -- first offering $15 million and then $35 million when they came under pressure. Clearly, we can do more.

Let Congress and the President know that Americans are supporting strong leadership in this relief effort -- that millions of lives are at stake and we have to help. In this hour of need, if America chooses to embrace our role as a world leader, we can have an unparalleled impact. Send a message to our leaders at:

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