Thursday, April 28, 2005

Some Days Suck

Today is one of those days. Some days, no matter how hard I try to be cheery and stay positive, it just doesn't work. Then I think about it and I don't know why I think I need to always be the chipper one anyway - don't I get a day off like everyone else? Some days everything just seems bleak and I don't know why, but I also don't feel guilty about it either. And don't tell me it's PMS because it's not, and if it were I certainly wouldn't admit it anyway. That would only piss me off more.

And sometimes it isn't an entire day of disappointment and utter anger at the world, but only part of a day. On those occasions there will be a Zen moment that breaks through the haze of hopelessness and turns my perspective around. I am waiting for that Zen moment right now.

Until that time, don't bother to talk to me. I won't reply with a snappy answer. I am not going to entertain you with my wit today. Let's save that for tomorrow. After a good night's sleep.

I am going to go listen to Marilyn Manson now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I Will Take Your Comments Now

For those of you who have tried to leave comments only to be rejected by Blogger, take heart, I have updated all settings so that now anyone may post a comment. Now we will really see who is reading....

Purple Shoes with Black Flowered Socks

...Don't look very hip. Nor do they look very sane come to think of it. And yet for some reason this is what I chose to wear today. Frightening, really.

I could attribute this choice to being over-tired, running late, or lack of plain black socks...but any way you look at it I am turning into someone's mom. Though I am not really anyone's mom, which makes it all the worse.

Why is this happening to me? How could I go out of the house like this? I did look in the full-length mirror before walking out the door and somehow convinced myself that it was OK. Someone should have stopped me, really.

And it's not just purple shoes, but purple shoes with little cut-outs in the front to really show-off my black socks with the little mauve flowers. They have bows even. You can imagine it can't you?

Don't get me wrong, the shoes are very cute on their own, as are the socks. But it is the combination of the two that has gotten me worried.

I think it is time I pull myself away from the computer long enough to notice what the cool people are wearing these days. Perhaps peruse a recent issue of Vogue or something. Get cable? Pay attention to the world around me?

Or I could simply go on looking like the crazy lady with the unkempt hair and mismatched footwear. The make-upless girl who has no time to consider if her coat and shoes match her purse, or whether or not she has visible panty lines (*gasp*). I could easily slip into the thirty-something (I almost wrote middle-aged but couldn't do it) abyss where a woman can either look like she is in her 20's or like she is a mid-western school teacher mom in her 40ish 50s with salt and pepper hair, over-grown eyebrows, unpainted toes and jeans that sit on the waist.

Help me, please. I don't deserve this, really I don't. I have been a devoted fashion slave these past 30-odd years yet this all seems to have come about so quickly. I didn't even see it sneaking up on me, yet here I am wearing purple shoes with black flowered socks...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Thank you Josette!

OK, so Josette is reading the blog. Thank you Josette!

She pointed out that my Jum Thorpe Earth Day celebration entry refers to an event that occured in 2003...ah well, I am sure they must be having some sort of something this year. However, if they are nobody seems to have bothered to post it online anywhere because I just couldn't find it. And let's not forget that the internet is my life - the search engines are my bloodline. If I couldn't find it on Google it must not exist!

Now I know somebody is going to send me a link and make me look like a schmuck....

Happy Earth Day, or whatever

Nobody is Reading This

OK. So now I know nobody is reading this stupid blog.

I titled the entry two entries ago Jum Thorpe, instead of Jim Thorpe and nobody told me. Thanks a lot friends and family...

Poison Ivy

Ernie's got it. He's got it bad.

Two or three weekends ago Ernie decided to burn some of the brush along the creek. Ever since then his forearms have been covered in what we assume is some type of poison ivy. It itches.

We now have 6 or 7 different remedies sitting on our bathroom sink. None of which have helped in the least. One "wash" cost $35 at the local pharmacy. Rip-off. I think it is called something like Zanfell, or something like that. He also got Benadryl ointment (never saw that before) and some other ointment from the pharmacist with a name I can't pronounce. Nothing has relieved his agony.

He just called me to let me know he made an appointment with his old family doctor in PA for tomorrow morning. We are hoping that the country doctor will know how to cure a country ailment. Ernie just hasn't been himself since the rash appeared. The unrelenting itch makes him ornery to say the least.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Earth Day 2005 - Jum Thorpe, PA

If anyone wants to come out to the farm this coming weekend please feel free! A neighboring town called Jim Thorpe is having a huge celebration with music, art, etc. It is a really artsy Victorian town.

Here is their festival info:

Both Days
Events will be held in Asa Packer Park and at the Mauch Chunk Opera House. There will be crafters, vendors, food stands, children's activities and live music. Be sure to visit our Information Alley, where there will be displays, pamphlets and educators covering a variety of environmental topics.

Bands performing during the festival, in Asa Packer Park, include Deva Kant, Tim Perry Band, George Wesley, Jersey Cartwrights, Log, The Diggits, and Small Change.

SATURDAY April 26, 2003
Drum Circle and Musical Jam: Bring a musical instrument of your choice.

The Davisson Brothers (West Virginia Bluegrass) , with Unami (native american folk) and Didge Dude, will perform at the Mauch Chunk Opera House. Tickets are $10 and can be bought in advance at Horizons.

SUNDAY April 27, 2002

Hyundai Mud Bog

Hyundai Mud Bog
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
The best part of our weekend at Adzentoivich Woods, besides Ernie's food poisoning which he gave himself by drinking Orange Juice that expired 4/1, was at 7:30 pm when we couldn't get the Hyundai out of the mud in the front yard.

We know where all of the wet spots are, mind you. However, Ernie being in his weakened, food-poisoned state, forgot when he parked the car on the lawn.

We had everything packed to leave, including the cats in their florescent yellow Sherpa bags, and were pulling out already way behind schedule. The trouble was, when I hit the gas there was nothing. Hit it again, nothing.

Get out and look and see that the front of the car is now touching the ground. The tires are burried in mud up to the fenders. No kidding.

We try to get the car jack underneath the car to lift it up so we can put boards under the tires, but the car was so low in the ground the little jack couldn't even fit under.

Cats are crying in the back seat. Ernie is delirious. It is SO FUN!

We walk up to the Summer Kitchen (which is now a shed) and find some old rusty chains. I drive the truck down to where the car is and back it up so they are butt to butt. Ernie rigs up the chains and gets in the Hyundia to put it in neutral. I get the truck in gear and start to roll down the driveway and out pops the Hyundai. I swear I heard a thwapping sound as it un-sucked itself from the mud bog.

The whole ordeal took about 45 minutes from start to finish. 45 agonizing minutes if you are a cat stuck in a bag with a 3 hour drive ahead of you...and even worse if you are the driver facing 3 hours of driving with two screeching cats and a sick, groaning husband.

In the end we made it home before midnight and everyone is feeling much better after a good nights sleep.

Old Fashioned Truck Pull

Old Fashioned Truck Pull
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
I kid you not when I tell you that I never even took my foot off of the clutch and the car was out of the mud. The weight of the truck alone was enough to pull the little Hyundia from the muddy muck. It took all of 3 seconds once we had everything rigged up.

I love my truck.

Pulled to Drier Land by the F150

Pulled to Drier Land by the F150
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
Luckily for us there were a bunch of old chains in the Summer Kitchen...

Hyundais Don't Belong in the Mud

Hyundais Don't Belong in the Mud
Originally uploaded by nadzent.

Mrs. Jinx and Godzilla at Adzentoivich-Woods

Did Mrs. Jinx and Godzilla enjoy their first weekend in the contry? Well, let me put it to you this way - Ernie and I didn't get much sleep on Saturday night. It was kitty-cat Disneyworld at Adzentoivich Woods.

The two cats have never had stairs before...Their new favorite activity is running up and down them as quickly as possible - as many times as possible - all night long. They also enjoyed jumping up onto the bed throughout the night scaring the shit out of me each time. Once, I awoke to a cat nose touching my mouth while the cat it was attached to sat on my chest. I assume I must have been snoring or something and so the cat was checking it out. Don't know which one it was - in the pitch black they both look the same.

Mrs. Jinx enjoyed the front porch, although we didn't let her have free reign in fear that she would chase a goose and we would never see her again.

Next time we are going to do what all city pet owners would do - bring the cat's leashes and harnesses and let them walk around the property while we keep a tight hold on them. God forbid we would ever let a couple of cats run free in the outdoors! The horror...what, you never saw a cat on a leash before?

Mrs. Jinx Watching the Action

Mrs. Jinx Watching the Action
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
From this vantage point she can see the entire kitchen/dining room area as well as monitor the walkway to the bathroom.

Mrs. Jinx Keeps a Lookout

Mrs. Jinx Keeps a Lookout
Originally uploaded by nadzent.

Brush Fire in Shenandoah

Brush Fire in Shenandoah
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
There was a fire on Sunday afternoon. As I was down in the lower field planting berries I saw planes and helicopters above. Not a common site in Brandonville, PA I assure you. It wasn't until I walked up to the house that I saw the billowing smoke rising from the far side of the mountain.

There is a forest fire warning out right now for the surrounding counties. I guess they need to institute one for Schukyll County too.

The Vegetable Garden Stake-Out

The Vegetable Garden Stake-Out
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
We staked out the vegetable garden area. Now we just need a tiller, or some type of powered tool, to help us turn all of the dirt and get rid of the grass! It's either that, or a bunch of willing friends who don't mind swaping back-breaking manual labor for a few beers and a warm dinner...

The New Berry Patch

the New Berry Patch
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
We planted 6 blueberry bushes. 3 differeent varieties. Next year should be our first yield of crops!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Britney Baby

Britney is having a baby...

You have to click on this is so funny. And the picture...OY! Poor Britney isn't looking as anorexic as she once did.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Spring Comes to Adzentoivich Woods 2005

This was the first weekend where all of the snow was melted: the grass and trees are turning green, flowers are popping up and birds are abundant.

This is going to be a great season...

Planting the Orchard

Planting the Orchard
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
We planned out and began planting our Orchard last weekend. We now have a Granny Smith Apple tree, a Bing Cherry tree, an Orient Pear tree and a Moonglow Pear tree. We just ordered four more apple trees this morning.

We are learning a lot about fruit tree polination, varieties, sizes, etc. It has been very educational.

Next gardening project is the Vineyard.

Digging Drainage to the Stream

Digging Drainage to the Stream
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
Ernie began digging the first of many ditches leading to the stream in an effort to control drainage and the flow of water on the property.

Brown Toad

Brown Toad
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
Ernie dug up a huge brown toad while digging alongside the stream. I don't know who was more surprised - Ernie or the Toad!

Since the dam on the pond broke the water has drained quite a lot and is now standing still. We have a colony of about a million Pollywogs...future frogs if you will.

Reminds me of an old story where a young boy fell into a Pollywog Pond. He panicked and couldn't get out fast enough. His big sister stood on the shore of the pond screaming for help. When his mom rescued him from the pond he was wet and crying. Seemed the Pollywogs found their way into his trousers and underneath his shirt. It took several squigly minutes before mom was able to release all of the little frogs from the boys person. He was never the same again. He learned it was best to stay away from ponds full of Pollywogs unless you were wearing shoes with very good traction...Remember, Bryan?

Jason Burns the Barn

Jason Burns the Barn
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
It was very difficult to keep Jason in check when it came to fire-tending. He kept building it higher and higher. Ernie, of all people, tried to convince him that bigger wasn't necessarliy better in this case.

In the end, Jason had his way and the job was done in half the time.

A Barn Burning Party

A Barn Burning Party
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
On Easter Sunday we disposed of the remainder of the barn. Ernie and Jason tended the fire for hours. Jason referred to it as "Ranger TV"...alluding to his days in the Army.

Cousin Anne stopped by, mimosa's in tow (yumm...), with Hannah and Sebastian.

We managed to get rid of the barn and AllState has now reinstated our policy. I wonder how they would feel to know we carried out their orders of removing the barn by holding a two-day long bonfire on the property?

Our little way of sticking it to The Man.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday Morning 4am

I sit watching the Pope's Funeral on NBC/ABC/FOX/UPN/CBS - whichever network has no annoying commentary at the given moment.

I think...

Who told Katie Couric she was a journalist anyway?
KC: "Wow. Listen to all of them clapping. That's not something we do at American Funerals!"


Most Americans are self-centered fools, especially those involved with the Media (though not my media, only the other stupid old-fashioned, bad media...)
An American Journalist: "What does it mean that three US Presidents are here today? This is a first in both the history of the Church and the history of the US. I think this is a political message, perhaps having to do with the religious ramblings in our country of late."


And lastly...
Another journalist, speaking to an American Bishop (on Wednesday, but it comes to mind now): "They stopped the line of people for an hour or so in order to do some maintenance. What exactly does that mean?"
Bishop: "Well, the Pope's body has not been embalmed. They do not do that here the way they would in the US.:
Journalist: "Most Americans would find that offensive I am sure."


Why did I set my alarm to get up in the middle of the night to listen to a bunch of idiots discuss what it all means to America? I expected, foolishly, to be a witness to some Dan Brown-esque event steeped in centuries-old tradition and shrouded in mystery. Something that would be slightly moving and perhaps inspiring in some way. A palpable translation of the works of Michelangelo or Da Vinci and the other Renaissance Masters. A common connection to all of those Popes and peoples who had gone before. I hoped to hear the Italian and Latin words of the choir and the mass. I thought this event in time would transcend Americanisms or Europeanisms, or any other isms for that matter. I wanted it to be more Romantic. But it wasn't, it didn't.

Instead I got Katie Couric making high school cheerleader caliber comments while Isabella Rosallini and Michael Bloomberg took turns translating the mass (not really, I don't think, but sounded awfully close, unfortunately). I got no information about the beautiful voices of the Sistine Choir, the arrangements they sang or the tradition behind any of the continuous music that was part of the service. Where did that tapestry over St. Peter's basilica door come from? How old was it? Had it been used in this manner before? How about some information about St. Peter's itself?

It was difficult to feel moved. I didn't have the opportunity to become engrossed in the scene because I was too busy flipping channels to escape the US Political Agenda booming from my set under the pretense of Papal Honor. And the breakaways to the crowd of people which lingered momentarily on carefully selected men and women who were either extremely good looking or extremely pious looking, seemed so contrived it was almost laughable.

So sad.

Will American Media, or the general American populace, ever understand that America is not the center of the Universe? This one universal event that brought people together of all races, religions and nations was not even enough to drive that point home. If we let go of some of the burden of creating a world culture based on our own, or our expectations that the whole world should be like it is in Suburbia, we might all be much more at ease and less stressed out.

I found the most acceptable broadcast to be on Fox, believe it or not. I think NBC was the worst, sorry Katie.

The Vatican has an official web site (YES!). This is probably where those of us interested in true historical meaning can satisfy our questions. And for the others of us who prefer a different historical perspective there is always this site .

Now I must go get another cup of coffee. Watching 2 1/2 hours of television in the middle of the night is no easy feat when one must work the following day...maybe some Divine spirit can help me stay awake until 6:30 this evening....

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sick Days

Whatever happened to sick days?

Whatever happened to mom bringing hot chicken soup with crackers on a tray to my bedside?

Where did the little black and white TV go that used to be set at the foot of my bed so I wouldn't get too bored?

Who took those fuzzy slippers I used to shuffle around in from my bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen and back?

Where did that heating pad go that mom used to put behind my back to ease my aches?

How about the cool washclothes to chill my fever, and the extra blankets to sweat it out?

Sick Days 2005
Wake up
Log on

Get tea
Feed cats
Blow nose

Take a nap
Answer Phone
Log on


not bed sheets
Cell phones
not celluloid
Blow nose

Sick days...2005 (*sniffle*)

Friday, April 01, 2005

Pope and His Shooter

Pope and shooter
Originally uploaded by nadzent.
This is what we need to all remember about Pope John Paul in his final hours. Not a weak broken body that is suffering, but a compasionate man who forgave the man who shot and nearly killed him in the 1980's.

Like the Dali Lama, it is his example of forgiveness and acceptance that we should all try to emulate. Religous beliefs aside.

New Google Gulp!

Google Gulp!

What is it you may ask? Click to find out.

Have you had your Gulp! today? (unfortunately, I have had many, too many Gulps!)

You can also read the related story on Search Views today.


Anyone worried about the new studies released this week about oil supply? Anyone hear what Goldman Sachs has to say on the topic?

The news is not good my friends.

Washington, Oklahoma and North Dakota are raising gas taxes. There are warnings going off all over the place within the DOE. I am not usually a doomsdayer, but I haven't seen any encouraging news on the subject. Oil is now around $55 per gallon and the predictions are it will soon be more than $150.

The DOE has a web site (several of them actually) with ideas on how to conserve energy. It's worth a look.