Monday, April 18, 2005

Hyundai Mud Bog

Hyundai Mud Bog
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The best part of our weekend at Adzentoivich Woods, besides Ernie's food poisoning which he gave himself by drinking Orange Juice that expired 4/1, was at 7:30 pm when we couldn't get the Hyundai out of the mud in the front yard.

We know where all of the wet spots are, mind you. However, Ernie being in his weakened, food-poisoned state, forgot when he parked the car on the lawn.

We had everything packed to leave, including the cats in their florescent yellow Sherpa bags, and were pulling out already way behind schedule. The trouble was, when I hit the gas there was nothing. Hit it again, nothing.

Get out and look and see that the front of the car is now touching the ground. The tires are burried in mud up to the fenders. No kidding.

We try to get the car jack underneath the car to lift it up so we can put boards under the tires, but the car was so low in the ground the little jack couldn't even fit under.

Cats are crying in the back seat. Ernie is delirious. It is SO FUN!

We walk up to the Summer Kitchen (which is now a shed) and find some old rusty chains. I drive the truck down to where the car is and back it up so they are butt to butt. Ernie rigs up the chains and gets in the Hyundia to put it in neutral. I get the truck in gear and start to roll down the driveway and out pops the Hyundai. I swear I heard a thwapping sound as it un-sucked itself from the mud bog.

The whole ordeal took about 45 minutes from start to finish. 45 agonizing minutes if you are a cat stuck in a bag with a 3 hour drive ahead of you...and even worse if you are the driver facing 3 hours of driving with two screeching cats and a sick, groaning husband.

In the end we made it home before midnight and everyone is feeling much better after a good nights sleep.

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