Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Purple Shoes with Black Flowered Socks

...Don't look very hip. Nor do they look very sane come to think of it. And yet for some reason this is what I chose to wear today. Frightening, really.

I could attribute this choice to being over-tired, running late, or lack of plain black socks...but any way you look at it I am turning into someone's mom. Though I am not really anyone's mom, which makes it all the worse.

Why is this happening to me? How could I go out of the house like this? I did look in the full-length mirror before walking out the door and somehow convinced myself that it was OK. Someone should have stopped me, really.

And it's not just purple shoes, but purple shoes with little cut-outs in the front to really show-off my black socks with the little mauve flowers. They have bows even. You can imagine it can't you?

Don't get me wrong, the shoes are very cute on their own, as are the socks. But it is the combination of the two that has gotten me worried.

I think it is time I pull myself away from the computer long enough to notice what the cool people are wearing these days. Perhaps peruse a recent issue of Vogue or something. Get cable? Pay attention to the world around me?

Or I could simply go on looking like the crazy lady with the unkempt hair and mismatched footwear. The make-upless girl who has no time to consider if her coat and shoes match her purse, or whether or not she has visible panty lines (*gasp*). I could easily slip into the thirty-something (I almost wrote middle-aged but couldn't do it) abyss where a woman can either look like she is in her 20's or like she is a mid-western school teacher mom in her 40ish 50s with salt and pepper hair, over-grown eyebrows, unpainted toes and jeans that sit on the waist.

Help me, please. I don't deserve this, really I don't. I have been a devoted fashion slave these past 30-odd years yet this all seems to have come about so quickly. I didn't even see it sneaking up on me, yet here I am wearing purple shoes with black flowered socks...

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Jozet said...

Don't knock overgrown eyebrows. Once you can let the eyebrow plucking slide, next to go will be the leg shaving. And, I'll tell you, never will you have felt such a sense of freedom.

Josette, who is currently wearing her one pair of jeans that sit on her waist. :-)