Friday, November 02, 2007

Post #2

Yay! I am on day two. Are you proud of me?

It is also day two of just me and the boys at home. Vladimir is walking around going something like "blegh, agh, yagh" and bubbley stuff is coming out of his mouth. This is because he has his brothers cold and his snot is running from his nose to his mouth. I guess he doesn't like the taste? Aren't little boys supposed to like eating boogers?

No big plans for today. But definitely going to take the boys out in the minivan for a trip to Target. Right now I am just waiting for them both to poop before we go. Gotta love that. I've been thinking about it for a good 24 hours. A trip to Target sans hubby. I can buy all those non-essentials that look so cool on the TV ads without a little birdy whispering in my ear about not spending money, blah, blah...

I got a call from said Husband last evening. Seems he is having a swell time in LA. He met some guy who wrote all the music for the new Halo game. He asked him for his reel and told him that he was looking for some more composers. Husband is a good networker. He always seems to do well at those things.

Today I am supposed to have my first professional piece published by MediaPost. If you subscribe to any of their gajillion eNewsletters you just may see my name today.

I remembered to give the cat his pill this morning.

If you ask me, I think I have accomplished quite a bit today already. Now if only I could convince the boys that it would be very OK to let mama take a nap - she has earned it! Somehow I don't think that one will go over very well. I have difficulty convincing them that it is OK for THEM to take naps....ah well. The daily marathon continues.

The boys just put on their Halloween costumes and are playing together as a puppy and a lion...

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