Thursday, November 08, 2007

Post #8

Jozet commented on the toy recall post and sent along this link to a really cool site where you can find great toys that (most likely) will not harm your child.

Tomorrow is another PTO day from work! Woo-hoo. I get to hang out with all the boys for the day; hubby, Vladi, Waylon. My favorite men. Very exciting.

Thinking the boys might need another hair cut. Their hair is starting to look like their Grandmother Adzentoivich's. Maybe we will take them to the old barber shop tomorrow during our family day.

Sinuses are clearing up yet I still feel oh soooo tired. I've got to go to Orlando this weekend with work. Actually with my boss and the client. Though I am not complaining. It should be a fun conference. Typically, when I travel for work I end up in Saint Louis, which is a fine city, but I will surely appreciate the warm and sunny Florida weather for a change.

NBC is broadcasting this stupid Green Week. All of the shows have a Green theme. Only it is really stupid. I don't know what they are trying to get across. I guess maybe just reaching the most people to let them know that being Green is now "cool". But wouldn't it make more impact if NBC/GE actually became Green themselves. As companies? I know GE produces windmills and alternative energy research, etc. But are the networks Green? I don't know. I have yet to hear of any Big Business making any sort of radical change in the name of Green, though they are all jumping on the PR band-wagon for the sake of good press. But what does it all really mean?

If we want to really get involved I think we need to turn off our TVs and do something.

Here is the link to the Green Party web site
Here is the link to where you can find Go Green Guides
Here is the National Geographic Green Guide
And the US Green Building Council
Lastly, the Sundance Channel's Green Programming Site

We just had one of the City organizations come to our house and test it for energy waste. Since our house is heated with Gas and is almost 100 years old we qualified for this test. They spent a couple of hours replacing all of our lightbulbs with super efficient CFL bulbs (though we already had quite a few). They also tested the sealant around our windows, doors, walls, etc. They also tested all of our appliances and gave us a little watt tester to find out how much energy they draw when off but still plugged in. So now we are starting to unplug things like the toaster over, when not in use. I try to use the cold water a lot more than the hot. My sister and I carpool to work every day.

I know we aren't the Greenest family - but we'll do all we can to be better at it. I am looking into kitchen composters now.

And what do you think about this?

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anne said...

I would love a Zenn! Although I would be willing to give up the panoramic sunroof for some solar panels.
This is way cool. I wonder how much they cost.