Saturday, November 03, 2007

Post #3

Wow. I almost forgot about this today. I hadn't even logged onto the computer and just remembered as I was about to sit down for my evening TV viewing. The boys are asleep, the kitchen is clean. The washing machine and dryer are both whirring away. Mega Blocks are put away. Stinky diaper's are out in the trash. Now it's my time. I typically last about an hour or so before I drift off.

Aunt Dee and I took the monsters to Bennigans today. I had never been to a Bennigans before, and now I know why. Ick. The set-up was good for the boys and it was so massive that I didn't worry that they were disturbing anyone. But the food? Yuck. Gross. Deanne's sandwich wasn't too bad, but the thing I had was nasty. The boys milk shake was gross too - and it's pretty hard to mess that up. Yes, they are drinking milk shakes these days as they are one of about three things I can convince them to eat. Seems they are on a hunger strike lately. Especuially Waylon. He won't eat anything. He does OK with avocado, french fries, spaghetti, milk shakes and cookies. Pretty much my worse nightmare. But I figure that anything I can get into his gullet is better than nothing. Right?

Boy was it cold and windy here today. They say we are getting a taste of Noel - that storm that hit Florida at the end of the week. It is really cold. Like 40. Feels like winter, finally. Boys had to wear their little winter coats for the first time, courtesy of the Mother's of Multiples tag sale a few weeks ago.

I found Heroes on the G4 channel, which I thought was a video game channel. I guess Heroes appeals to the same demographic? All season 2 episodes. I think I am going to stay up for a couple of hours and catch up on what I have missed so far this season. We have a DVR which records probably 25 different shows a week but I honestly only ever get to watch one or two of them in any given week. I see the appeal of the gadget but there are still only so many hours in a day to watch TV.

OK. So I fulfilled my obligation today. Even if it was a lame-o post....I promise they won't all be this bad.


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