Friday, November 16, 2007

Post #16

Today I spent the day in NYC. Boy, was it cold. It felt like winter. Brr. And it is only supposed to get colder over the weekend. Sunday is the Thanksgiving Parade in town. With the big Macy's Day Parade balloons. Or I should say the rejects from past Macy's Parades that didn't make the cut this year. They also fly some that are brand new and need a test run before the Big City parade on Thursday. Either way, it is a fun spectacle and the entire town, and more, come out for it every year. I am really looking forward to the boys' reactions this year. Last year they slept through it.

I spent the day at Yahoo! today and got to see all of my former colleagues. Most of us have moved on to different agencies but we all keep in touch via email from time to time. When I walked into the room it was like I had stepped back in time to my former office. Some of the folks there I hadn't seen since the day I left. It was really nice.

Yahoo! gave us each a big flippin' umbrella as a parting gift at the end of the day. Not so sure what to do with such a huge umbrella in the suburbs seeing as we don't play golf. In the city we used umbrellas like that when we had to walk around town during a downpour. Now that we are suburbanites we take the car everywhere. Not all that much walking to do. Maybe we can take it to the parade on Sunday?

OK. Gotta run. I just heard Mrs. Jinx puking in the dining room and I'd better go clean it up.

Mrs. Jinx is the cat...

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Anonymous said...

You'll use the umbrella. When you have a family of 4 and you all need to get from point a to b, that whopping golf umbrella comes in handy. Jennifer