Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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OK, I admit this wasn't written by me - but I had to pass it along.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Who's Sitting At The Children's Table?

Lifetime Products, based in Clearfield, Utah, commissioned a survey in October about American trends related to the ubiquitous kiddie table. Here are key findings:

More than nine in ten adults surveyed (94%) have sat at a kiddie table during Thanksgiving, while 83% have sat at the kiddie table for Christmas and 47% have sat there during Easter meals.

More than one in four adults (26%) and almost half of the children surveyed (44%) think the kiddie table is just plain more fun than the adult table.

Most often, adults ages 18-24 years old say their kiddie table was a plastic folding table (37%), but only 6% of respondents ages 45 and older can make that claim.

Forty percent of adults ages 18-24 say their kiddie table was set with disposable plates and utensils, while only 11% of adults ages 45 and older make that claim. Also, 84% of adults 45 and older report that their kiddie table had a tablecloth on it, but only 54% of people in the 18-24 age group say their table was set that way.

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