Sunday, November 11, 2007

Post #11

Hubby and I had a very romantic, relaxing evening at the Doral Arrowwood Hotel in Rye Brook, NY. It was a beautiful resort. Our room was OK. Ernie used the gym and the sauna and steam room. We went to Tarrytown, which is an adorable little village on the Hudson River for lunch today. There is an amazing Greek place on the corner of Main Street that had a 20 minute wait. We sat outside and ate with our coats on to avoid the wait. The gyros were amazing. Like the best I have ever tasted. Wow.

Then Ernie dopped me off at the airport (conveniently 10 minutes from the rresort) and off I flew to Orlando, which is where I am right now. In a crappy hotel. One mile from Disney. The hotel is the Radisson ORlando Celebration. I arrived at 7pm. I have three nights accomodations which had been reserved for more than a month. I check in and they tell me at the front desk that I only had two nights booked. I was like, um, please check again. I am tired and hungry and still suffering from a sinus infection.

I convince them to give me a third night. After a few minutes in a back room, the front desk person came back to tell me "no worries", they would have a room for me.

I get to my room and unpack. OK. Starving. I tell my boss and coworker that I am not going to join them for dinner because I need a good nights' sleep. I call room service, about 100 times, and realize there is no room service. I call the Guest Services number and they ask if I want to speak to a manager and I tell them no, I want some food. Can you get me some? Again "do you want to speak to a manager?" So I hung up.

There are two menus under my room door from local pizza joints. Visions of a creepy delivery guy from central Florida coming to my hotel room gives me chills. Plus, I gave almost all of my cash to the super-creepy, bible-thumping, Hatian-hating, ex-hippie, army brat taxi driver on the way to the hotel.

An hour later I switch out of my comfy sweat pants back into my travel clothes and make the treck across the tropical waterfall area to the next building where a deli and Pizza Hut are. Gross. Starving. ??? What would you do?

I ordered a veggie lovers pizza and bring it back to my room. Gross. But at least now I'm not hungry.

That's it. Again. Don't ever stay here. Terrible service and I have only been here for two hours.

Oh yeah, and the up button on the TV remote doesn't work either. Geesh.

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steph said...

where are you? are you in celebration? because although it is surreal, it is very nice and clean and safe. if not, no worries -- there is every restaurant you could think of there. orlando is totally safe and not weird south-ish. i am surprised your driver hated haitians, because many of the cab drivers are haitians...when we were there, we only have haitian cab drivers! good luck!!