Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Post #14

Well here I am at the end of my trip to Orlando and I managed to post every day! Granted, yesterday's post was sort of lame...but at least I logged on and typed something. I feel very accomplished!

Last night we went to the House of Blues at the Magic Kingdom and had dinner and saw a Keller Williams show. Judy and I took the client. It was a pretty good dinner. The atmosphere at House of Blues is pretty cool. The entire place is a follk art piece. Folk art on the walls, ceiling, floors....we were trying to figure out if it was authentic art or "Disney" art. I still have no idea.

The show was pretty good. I guess Keller Williams is popular with the hippie kids and the older generation of Dead Heads. The kids were dancing the free-style and the older folks were in the balcony (more expensive seats) swaying back and forth. It was actually more entertaining to watch the crowd than to watch the show.

Today I planned to sleep with no alarm and then have breakfast and grab a cab to the airport. I guess I didn't fill-in my better half because at 7:15 my phone rang and there he was. I heard the boys in the background tearing apart the kitchen. Ah, well. I guess I didn't really need the extra sleep.

It was a productive few days and enjoyable too. I can't wait to get home anc see the family this afternoon. I miss them so much!

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