Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It Isn't Really in the Middle of Nowhere...

After yesterday's post I got comments ranging from "You mean you had no water, like the Flintstones?" and "Steve is convinced it is haunted" and then "Brrrr...it looks too cold and like too much work to get out there. I will wait until the Spring until I come out", and finally "We would have put it back on the market already".

I am afraid many of you are missing the point of Adzentoivich Woods. Luckily we are fortunate enough to be able to have one comfortable place to live in the Big City and a second place in the Country. We are very thankful for this. When we saw the farm we fell in love with the view, the air, the trees, the pond, the people, the creek, etc. We didn't even pay all that close attention to the house itself on the day we went to see it. We knew the house was in rough shape and needed a ton of work. On that day we didn't even notice all of the lovely details that are still intact such as: tongue and groove beadboard, decorative door hinges, claw foot cast iron tub, stairway, the summer kitchen, etc. Only now are we beginning to appreciate the beauty of the house.

This is a project for us that we are looking forward to undertaking. We love to build, fix, restore, paint, refinish, etc. Living in the city doesn't give us much opportunity to work with our hands or to be outdoors. This project is our refuge. And we want it to be our legacy for generations of Adzentoivichs and Woods to come.

We hope we will have many, many visitors to the farm over the years, and we hope that it becomes a magical place full of wonderful memories for everyone who comes to enjoy it. I wanted to post some photos of the surrounding area to debunk the idea that we are isolated in the middle of nowhere. There are a few small towns around us but Hazleton is the biggest one by far. It is a great little city with an Arts League, several hospitals and a Penn State campus, among other things. We may have been playing up the country thing more than necessary - see for yourselves.

Hope to see you at the farm.

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