Thursday, February 17, 2005

All the Bloggers in Da' House Unite...

So it seems my blogging has spurred a trend amongst my family members. Although I can't say for sure it was my blog that started it all, I do know that MINE WAS FIRST!

Anyway - if you are into the Bridget Jones type of thing, you have to check out Stephanie's blog. It is so cute. And for those of us who are married it is a hoot to read about her single-woman exploits.
I love it.

And if you are into really well-written dry-witted mommy commentary, try Josette's new blog. Although I have only read the first few installments I am hooked. I hope she keeps it up!

Who knew there was so much talent in one family (OK, so Josette is a cousin by marriage but still!)? Anyone else out there itchin' to blog it out? Gail? Bryan? Linda? Krista? Come on, I know ya' wanna....

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