Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Goin' Back to Cali...

I am off to Pasadena this afternoon. Going to spend a few quality days with the folks from Overture (also known as Yahoo!) for some in-depth search engine marketing training. They are flying two of us out there and putting us up at the Ritz Carlton Huntington for two nights. Swanky!

I will take an extra day to spend Friday and Saturday with Deanne and Bryan. It should be a nice impromptu visit. I plan to spend some time on La Brea cruising through the antique stores getting ideas for our huge renovation project a.k.a. Adzentoivich Woods.

Ernie will be at home with Mrs. Jinx and Godzilla. No farm for him this weekend.

Looking forward to some warm weather and hob-nobbing with the big dotcoms.

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