Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Latest 3D Baby Pics

OK. So these are way better than the last 3D pictures we got way back in, oh probably March.

You can actually see each of their faces, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. Who do you think they look like?

Baby A has his right arm up with his hand over his eye, so you can only really see half of his face. Do you think they look alike? I think their noses are different, but I am sure it is just the angle, right?

They look like real babies now. Plump even. How cool is that?


stephanie said...

AH! What creazy pics! SOrry we didn't get to see you guys last weekend, it was a whirlwind. We'll be up in November, so hopefulyl we'll get to see all four of you then!!

Jozet said...


And hey! I need to call you! I got the package in the mail. BIG KISSES!

And good job Ernie on interviewing the docs.