Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Feet

Look like this (according to my adoring husband).

Yes. My feet look like giant, swollen Monty Python feet. I am ready to step on some heads (most likely those belonging to my kitties, poor things). Don't know if there's a damn thing I can do about it either.

At work I prop my feet up on the garbage can beneath my desk. Not the most comfortable arrangement but I figure it's got to help at least a little bit right?

They say to help relieve swelling you need to drink tons of water. Well, if I drink any more water in a day I will have to move my desk into the loo. Not sure how well that would go over. I mean, I have only been at my job for two weeks, it may be premature to ask for relocation.

So I sit with ever-expanding feet. Not to mention big round ankles. Oh yes, it is sexy. And all I can think of is the fact that I have three more months to go. This is only the far can this take me I wonder? I am getting a little bit frightened.

I think my days of having that cute pregnant look are over. I went to the Chiropractor yesterday and she said "I thought you said you were 6 months?" and I was like "Yeah, with TWINS". She just looked at me with compassion in her eyes and let out a low "ohhhhh yeahhhhh." *sigh*...what's a girl to do?

The good news is that Baby A and Baby B weigh almost 2 pounds a piece and are growing perfectly. So I guess this all counts for something afterall. I try my best not to complain but am not succeeding (ask my husband). I don't mean to sound ungrateful, and if I were feeling this way in oh say month 8 or 9 I would probably suck it up. What gets me is that I still have so far to go and at this stage the end is not in sight for me.

So if you see a giant foot headed your way, it's just me out for a stroll. I will try my best not to stomp on your noggin but hey, I can't make any promises.


Jozet said...

My feet actually grew a size and stayed that way even after I had Madeline. It's the weirdest thing. I don't understand it. I suppose your body just hinks you need more of a base now that you're carrying a kid on your hip.

Two kids, in your case.

I have 7 more weeks to go. It's hot. I feel very big, but we're probably about the same size right now. My bambino is weighing in at 4 1/2 pounds. Roughly.

I can't tie my shoes anymore. I can't bend over to tie my shoes.

anne said...

Boy, the picture in the beginning of this post really gets the point across.

I think there is something in the by-laws of marriage that require the husband to massage the feet of pregnant wife. You might want to check on that.

I'm glad to hear everything is going ok otherwise. I hope we get to see you both (or, all four of you, I should say) for the picking party.