Sunday, August 13, 2006


So many babies. Soooooo many........

Congratulations to Krista and Jason on the arrival of little Leia Elizabeth. She is georgous and perfect and was born July 14th (maybe it was the 13th?). Mom and Dad and baby are all doing fine and have already ventured up to our house in CT as well as to several NYC eateries. Bravo!

Congratulations to Josette and Mike on the arrival of little Jonathan Joseph. He is also beautiful and perfect and will be the second counsin of my little guys - or once removed or something like that. And Josette somehow still manages to post on her blog.

Congratulations to Melissa and Yves who just last night welcomed their little guy Noah to the family. He is also adorable and perfect. He was four weeks early and has no problems. He was born in Switzerland, where the family is living for the time being.

Melissa was due the week before me. We thought for sure my guys would be born first, I even asked her to bet me, but she declined.

BUT, rather than having my little babies to hold, I am here at home, miserable. Unable to find a comfortable position in which to exist. Peeing every 4 seconds. Sleeping for 20 minutes at a time. Pumping myself full of drugs to stop my premature labor. Being kicked and punched from the inside by two very aggressive little boys who want OUT NOW!

I have realized that my doctor is a Preemie Nazi. He will in no way allow these babies to be born before 37 weeks. People told me this about him but I guess I didn't really get what that meant. I mean surely these guys must be cooked enough by now, right? I spent 6 hours in the Dr's office on Friday being pumped full of more drugs and IVs of liquid to try to stop my contractions. Nothing worked. My body is rebelling against the drugs. But unfortunately not enough. Not that I want mt babies to be early or in the NICU for even one minute, but couldn't they be done by now? I don't know how much longer I can stand it. And I don't like to think of myself as a complainer. But really, I couldn't feel any worse. When these guys are born it will be the happiest day of my life in more ways than one. Please send booze in lieu of flowers to the hospital after their delivery - it will be mich appreciated, thanks.

Well, congratulations once again to all of my friends on the arrivals of their perfect little bundles of joy! I should also mention the arrival of Simon Kinglsey to Emily and John way back in May. I am so jealous I could spit, but I know my time will come soon enough....I just keep trying to be patient and find strength thought Zen meditation - or ironing.

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