Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Yes, Happy Birthday to Jennifer, who on 5/27 turns as old as me!

Every year she mocks me for turning a year older - 5+ months before she does. I love it when she catches up.

When we were in High School being 5 months older was a good thing. I got my drivers license far sooner than everyone else, I got to buy beer legally sooner than everyone else. My friends certainly reaped the rewards of my New Years birthday status. Now that we are all 30 - something, the tables seem to have turned. Funny how that happens.

Ah well, makes no difference to me, really. As long as I keep on having birthdays you will never hear me complain about them!

Jen, I hope your day was fun and relaxing. Check your answering machine - I left you a beautiful rendition of the Birthday Song.

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Jennifer Baranello said...

ah, thank you for that beautiful rendition! I was camping on my birthday, which felt strange. I had my kids keep yelling "Happy Birthday" to me just to remind me that it was. We had a little 4 inch cake and they sang really loud at the campsite. Because I was away, and didn't have our usual 3 birthday picnic (me, Janis & Renee) it didn't actually feel like my b-day. But that's okay. We had a good time and I was surrounded by the ones I love. (Janis turned 50!)