Wednesday, May 03, 2006


...third is my Mother in-Law's birthday. Happy Birthday MIL!

...fifth is Cinco de Maio, and more importantly, Gerald and Genevieve's wedding - Happy Wedding Guys!

...27th is Jennifer's birthday - I will wait until then to wish you a happy.

...any day now Emily's son will be born (he is being stubbornly late) - so we will soon have another birthday to announce, hopefully very soon! Christine's birthday - I think the 25th?

...Mother's Day is the 14th

...Memorial Day is the 29th

And so on.

Spring is here. Flowers and trees in the city and the suburbs are bursting with color. I actually forgot how beautiful this time of year is in the suburbs. So much color, so much green. It really does change your mood. I am sure the farm is gorgeous right now as well, with all of the things we planted last spring and fall - unfortunately we haven't been able to get out there at all.

Hope you are enjoying spring, wherever you are.


Jennifer Baranello said...

My 8th anniversary was on the 3rd as well!

nadzent said...

Oh yeah! So sorry, see update.

May 5th is also Michael Scanlon's birthday - my first love from high school. LOL. I always remembered that because it was on Cinco de Mayo and we all remember how much he loved beer...