Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Friday Morning Cat Calls

It is a beautiful day today in NYC. Sun is shining, a warm breeze is blowing, trees and flowers are all in bloom. Breathe it in...ahhhhhh. Just lovely. Zen even.

I will admit that I had a little strut to my step this morning as I made my way three blocks from the subway in Union Square to my office building. I was feeling pretty good about myself. I had a nice new pedicure done yesterday and was wearing open toed shoes, I was carrying a cute new summertime tote bag from Old Navy, I was wearing pink (with jeans, not head to toe pink). My belly looked big but not bad, and I was wide awake and full of energy (this was at 8:30am, give me a few hours...).

Up ahead I see a construction supply truck parked at the curb. OK, nothing weird there. Until I notice one guy staring me down. I mean really. IEW!

Hello - I am very obviously pregnant. Even from a distance.

I was at least 300 feet away and here he is burning holes in me with his rude stare. So of course I pretend not to notice him and continue to saunter past. Again, iew.

Then I get the old "Hello there. Good Morning" in that creepy, construction worker guy kind of way.


What is wrong with men like this? Obviously I am pregnant. There is a 99% chance that there is a man involved in this equation that is not Mr. Construction Worker Guy. This would lead one to believe that I am either 1. Happily Married or 2. Happily Committed in a non-committal-type relationship. Either way, a big bulging belly does not scream "AVAILABLE! FREE FOR DRINKS AFTER WORK! I LOVE STRANGE MEN OGLYING (how the hell do you spell that?) ME! PLEASE COMMENT!!" Thanks.

But honestly, I was in a good mood to begin with and even though this guy completely grossed me out it did make me feel sort of good to know that my pregnant belly isn't completely repulsive. Not that I am saying I look like Heidi Clum or Uma Thurman when they were knocked up, but I guess I'm not all that bad either.

Happy Friday and Happy Cinco de Mayo! Please have a Margarita on me.

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