Friday, May 05, 2006

May Update...

As stated in the comments, I missed Jennifer and Steve's 8th Wedding Anniversary, which was also on May 3rd. Sorry about that!

You would think I would remember that day. I was in the wedding, but was touring the country with a children's theater production of The Wizard of Oz. I caught a red eye flight from San Francisco to make it back East in time for the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Then the wedding was on Saturday, and it was beautiful. I think I flew back West on Sunday - to a different airport to meet my cast and crew with a show on Monday morning!

One of the most memorable things for me was the size of the dress I wore - I think it was an 8! Those were my starving actress days, literally. Even my feet were smaller then. I bought the cutest fabric shoes to match the dress and they never fit me again after that day, no matter how I tried to stretch them.

I also remember the morning of the wedding, being at Jen's parent's house with Michelle and Stephanie. We each had a different assignment. I think Michelle did Jen's hair and Steph did her make-up. I can't remember exactly what I was assigned. That was the last time I was in Jennifer's old room, where we spent many nights with the Ouija board and on long phone calls with boys....

Now 8 years later Jen and Steve have two adorable sons, a dog who looks like Duchess (my old dog whom Jennifer made fun of all the time, lol) and two cats. They have created an awesome family!

Happy Anniversary!

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