Sunday, September 03, 2006


Yesterday it rained. And it poured. Trees came down all over our suburban neighborhood - including one on top of our garage.Ernie climbed up to the roof and - assisted by our elderly Italian neighbor - chain-sawed the limbs, braving the 7o mph winds to do so. I chose to stay in the bedroom and nurse the babies rather than watch him. It only pissed me off that he couldn't wait to climb up there in the middle of the storm. So I ignored him. He is sitting here grumbling now as I write this because I am not presenting his "side", and I am explaining that this is my blog so why would I present his side? But anyway he states for the record that he was trying to be a good dad and "protect our investment" and make sure the limbs didn't break off even more and put a huge hole in the roof. So there - that is his side. He adds that it was a "calculated risk", even though last evening he told me that he almost died on the roof. If it were up to me I would have let a tree professional come out and cut the fallen limb and trim the rest of the tree as well. Or at least would have waited until the storm passed before getting up on the ladder. But what do I know? I am just a milk machine.

Our friends from The City braved the storm and we had a baby play date in the evening. The husbands thought it funny to walk around mooing.....they don't call it a nursery for nothing, especially when there are four babies under the age of four months.
I can just see the embarassment value of this photo in about 12 years when little Simon, Waylon, Vladi and Leia hit puberty...

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