Thursday, January 06, 2005


Wellies. Do you rememebr them? Also known as Golashes, Rubbers and rain boots. I love mine. I love this rainy/snowy weather becasue I have an excuse to wear my Wellies. Everyone at work thinks I am a nut. Today I am wearing them with a skirt and tights. Of course I don't bring a pair of regular shoes to change into once I get to the office - I wear my Wellies all day long!

My Wellies are shiny black rubber. They have bright pink soles and trim around the top. Very snazy. Not quite as showy as some of the others I've seen walking around the City. This morning I saw someone at my train sotp wearing bright red ones with big white polkadots. How can you not smile when an adult professional walks by you wearing bright-colored rubber booties? How can you feel down when your super shiny rubber boots give you the ability to splash through puddles at every corner without a care in the world like some sort of rainy day super hero?

You have to love this weather.

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derek said...

I'd love to see you in your tights and wellies - it's such a sexy combination, especially when you have been in them all day! If you want someone to massage your feet or suck your toes then I'm your man.
Do you feel as sexy as you look in them?