Monday, January 31, 2005

Our Second Weekend at Adzentoivich Woods

It all started out on Friday night when Nancy left work. Since the C train is no longer running (see previous post) she had to take the A train to Jay Street in Brooklyn. Here she should have transferred to the V train which would have taken her to her usual C train stop. However, she instead took the F train (which in her defense is also Orange) and ended up in Park Slope near NY Methodist Hospital. If you are not too familiar with Brooklyn you should know that this is not close to where she lives, not close at all.

So, in the negative degree weather she decides to walk home rather than paying for a cab. So across 7th Avenue she walked, in her hiking boots, crossing Flatbush, across Bergen Street to Underhill where she eventually turned onto Pacific and landed home. This took a good 45 minutes at a fast clip.

By the time she got home it was 8:30 and she was starving and tired. Mrs. Jinx and Godzilla whined and cried until they were fed. Nancy had no food in the house for dinner. Nancy was not a happy camper.

Ernie was at a recording session which was supposed to be over at 9:00. It was up to Nancy to pack up the car and to go to the city to pick him up on their way out of town. As Nancy was gathering the gear and making piles of necessary items, the phone rang. It was Ernie saying he had finished early and she should come pick him up. Instead Nancy requested that Ernie come home and help her to load the car, which would give her an extra half an hour to find something to eat.

Ernie arrived home at 9:30 and said he didn't want to leave until Saturday morning. Fine. So they went to sleep.

Saturday morning Nancy woke up at 3:30 am. She promptly woke Ernie and they prepared to leave. Neither one could sleep as they were very excited to get to the farm and had an 11:00 appointment with their Allstate Insurance agent to switch the car insurance from CT to PA. They were hoping this would save them money, and they were right.

By 5:30 a.m. they were on the road. They got to PA in no time and went first to the 24 hour Walmart in Hazleton for more supplies; a new sweeper and a few saucer sleds, and then straight to the Ringtown Post Office. They opened a PO Box and now have an official address:

42 Old Mill Rd.
PO Box 74
Ringtown, PA 17976 (I think that is the Zip)

NOTE: This is a bit confusing because Adzentoivich Woods is actually in the town of Brandonville, not Ringtown. However, Brandonville has no Post Office, therefore no Zip Code. So the mailing address is different than the actual location of the farm.

Another side note: Ringtown is a quaint little town with beautiful Victorian and Colonial homes. Nancy and Ernie are looking forward to exploring it further.

Upon their arrival to Adzentoivich Woods, they realized there was no way the Hyundai would make it up the snow-covered drive to the house. This is where the saucer sleds came in handy. They loaded as many of the supplies as they could onto the sleds and pulled them along through the forest. Nancy was smart enough to pack a backpack and filled it with the smaller things like books, silverware and a bottle of wine. This she carried on her back while pulling the sled. It wasn't heavy at all. They made this trek twice that day. Funny how a full-size vacuum cleaner really doesn't ride well on a little saucer sled. See photos below.

When they got to the farm they found the mountain spring that feeds the water to the house had indeed frozen over, as Nancy's father has predicted. There was no water in the house the entire weekend. Luckily there was plenty of snow outside and a few buckets to fill. Ernie kept a continuous supply of snow-filled buckets standing atop the heating vent to have water for flushing the toilet (of course they had already picked up a few jugs of drinking water at Walmart).

When it was time to go to see the Allstate Lady they decided to put the sleds to the test and slide down the drive. Alas, these sleds were not made for full-sized people and so did not get them very far. They did have fun trying though! See photos below.

Later in the evening Ernie decided to explore near the pond, where he found a small run-off stream that was not entirely frozen. He used old water jugs to gather water for rinsing food off dishes and flushing when the snow was not yet melted. The headlamp came in handy. It was snowing. See photos below.

There is plenty more to the tale of Adzentoivich Woods, but some things must wait for another day. Perhaps tomorrow we will tell of the mysterious flies, our Sunday morning visitors, or the antique hinges we discovered on our doors...

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