Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Preparing for the Farm through Reading

Last evening, after work, I bought the book Contracting Your Home. Ernie bought the Book Home Masonry. For Christmas my father bought us Old Home Rennovation. We have an apartment full of painting, caulking and cleaning supplies. Not to mention clothing and linens stored away in Rubbermaid containers where they will live until the house is finished.

Mrs. Jinx and Godzille and freaking out. They definitely know something is up. Godzilla likes to sit in the middle of the pile of stuff as if saying "Don't forget to take me too!" Unfortunately the kitties will have to stay at home in Brooklyn alone this time and perhaps for many, many weekends to come, until we get things semi-squared away (or at least to a point where they can't get hurt among the construction).

We have ordered a subscription to This Old House magazine, Ernie got me the entire first season of Ask This Old House on DVD. We have also become very fond of Cottage Living and Old Home Journal magazines.

Ernie came across The Complete Guide to Country Living at Barnes and Noble. It is a giant tome full of wise advice such as "how to teach your cat simple tricks" and "making home vinegar". Ernie believes this book is going to be essential to our lives once the farm is completed....

Help Wanted:
The Truck
We are still looking for a pickup truck to buy on the cheap. Something good for hauling the demolition materials away to the landfill and lugging supplies from Home Depot or Lowes (both of which are very close to the farm...thankfully!) to the homestead. This truck may also be used to plow the 1/2 mile wooded dirt driveway...and should be 4-wheel drive and have at least a half a backseat so that we can fit a kid or two in there (hopefully someday). If anyone knows of such a truck please let us know.

Gravel Driveway Experts
If anyone has expertise in building gravel driveways over wet dirt, please let us know. We are hoping to start this project this we need to be able to get down th driveway to the house and the Hyundai will never make it in it's current condition.

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