Saturday, January 22, 2005

Clawfoot Tub After I Ruined It

Clawfoot Tub After I Ruined It
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This tub was pristine when we arrived after the closing, except for a few spiders and dead flies. Of course it did not take me long to destroy a tub that has sat in peace for more than 75 years.
I filled it with hot water and bleach in an attempt to clean it. Ernie was washing dishes at the same time. Apparently the hot water heater doesn't have a very big tank. We ran it until the water turned to rust and was cold. When I went to check on the tub it was filled with rusty brown water. The tub had rusted on the bottom by the time I emptied it. We tried to scrub it with AJAX, thinking it was a stain. Unfortunately it looks like we burned the finish completely off the bottom of the tub. Luckily we have found several tub reglazers in the Scranton area who claim to be able to repair the damage I have done. More hard-learned lessons.... 1. Replace a hot water heater if it is more than 25 years old before attempting to fill a bathtub 2. Don't add chemicals to a cast iron tub 3. Don't clean with chemicals when your water is untreated spring water, already high in metals, and prone to rust and reactions...We will be installing our water treatment system and a new hot water heater very soon.

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