Friday, January 28, 2005

Farm Weekend

We are heading out to the farm this weekend once again. We will see if it remained in one piece while we were gone. The temperature in Hazleton, PA today is -2, without wind chill. I am not looking forward to the cold walk down the driveway. You see, we have not had our drive plowed and so will have to park the Hyundia at the end, put our stuff on a sled, and drag it down the drive, through the forest, through more than a foot of snow, in the dark. Doesn't that soudns like fun though? We will have our miner's headlamps which we are lucky enough to have bought for our annual campaing trips to Maine. We will stop at the 24 hour Walmart on the way in to purchase a plastic sled...

My phone service has now been changed to Verizon Wireless and will work at Adzentoivich Woods. If anyone needs to get in touch with us please call my cell. If you need the number shoot me an e-mail And if you also have Verizon we are now IN and should talk more often!

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