Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This Blog Sucks

I know. I haven't written anything interesting or witty in a very long time. Every time I read Anne or Josette I hang my head in shame. They are just so good at this thing...

Well, here I am on bed rest working from home for two days (so far) this week. You would think there would be plenty of fodder in my brain to dump something cool into my blog. But honestly, I have a one or two track mind these days; babies and work.

Babies - well I think it is obvious why I have babies on the brain. I have two quickly growing inside me as we speak. Creepy, but true. So I tend to find myself frequently thinking about things like tandem strollers, names that are cool but not too weird, whether or not two car seats will fit into the backseat of my two door Hyundai, etc.

Work - this is sort of baby related too. I wonder if my workload has been lightened lately because my employer is weary to give me too much responsibility because I am pregnant. If so this would verge on illegal, but it's not like they have fired me or anything. I am so damned bored at work and I don't know why. For the past year or so I thought I had the coolest job in the world. I loved it and I loved the challenges it presented. For the past few months it is as boring as any other job I have ever had and I wonder, do I want to commute two hours a day for this? And should I confront my superiors about my lack of assignments? It's not like it's any secret that I have been looking for work to do, yet none seems to come my way. In my defense I certainly never asked for a lighter load or any special consideration of any sort. It worries me since I am the primary breadwinner (at least the one of us who has a regular paycheck) and I am going to have two new family members to provide for in a few months. So this is what I think about.

These things are not interesting, nor are they funny. They are typical anxieties of any 30-something in the 21st century - work and family. BORING. I wish I had something more interesting to say.

We have been neglecting Adzentoivich Woods. We were there twice all winter. We lost power sometime between November and February. We had the power company come out and they cut up some felled trees that apparently were on the electrical wires. We need to put a new roof on the house this spring/summer. Ernie is playing in the pit of Landscape of the Body, starring Lily Taylor, which is every single weekend between now and June. So it looks like we won't make many trips out to the farm this spring either.

By the time summer gets into full swing I should be as big as a beached whale and it is doubtful that I will want to spend 3 hours riding in the little Hyundai. Ho - hum. Wo-is-me.

So that's it. Sorry for my lame excuse for an entry here. I will try to do better. I promise.


Jozet said...

Your entries are never lame! And believe me, I was just thinking that I fall back on the "ha-ha" too much and should try to write something of substance once in a while.

And I, for one, am MORE than interested in hearing about your pregnancy and baby thoughts. You are a great writer, and I'm so curious to hear what's goin on, from bodily functions to thoughts on strollers.

As for work, that really stinks. You don't need that anxiety on top of your physical stress. There might be some misunderstanding on their part or well-intentioned but just plain wrong assumptions being made. Go talk with your boss. Maybe they're worried about bed rest becoming more semi-premanent? Can you work from home or set it up so you can? I don't know...I just know that *sigh* on top of all the other assumptions made about women in general, the assumptions made about pregnant women sometimes feel particularly...wrong? insulting?

Write what you want, dear. You are fabulous. I'd be extremely interested in hearing your list of "what I ate today", and I know you'd write it with your own inimitable sense of style.

Jozet said...

BTW, I'm awake right now at 4:53 AM eating raisn bran. I also woke at about 2:00 also completely ravenous and finished the remaining cold curly-fries from Arby's.


nadzent said...

Yummmm....curly fries....I would want to dip them in Mayo...

I have still been food-challenged. Not much appeals to me still. I have started a new thing with this smoothy. I have at least 32 oz. per day:

Plain Yogurt, 1 cup
Whey Protein Powder, 1 scoop
Skin Milk, 1 cup
Banana, 1/2
Strawberries, 5 or 6
either blueberries or pineapple
Powdered Milk, 1/4 pouch
Wheat Germ (when I remember to add it)
Crushed Ice

I mix this in my blender and then drink it from a straw out of one of those Nalgene containers. It is the best bank for my nutritional buck and it goes down really fast!

I figure if I drink the whole blender-full it must be about 40 - 50gm of protein. Yeah!

anne said...


I LOVE reading your blog! Please, please, please keep at it. I check it all the time for the latest news in Adzentoivichville.

And I think maybe my sis hit the nail on the head about work - maybe they are thinking they are doing a good thing by lightening up on your work load and not realizing you are hoping for more assignments. Whatever the case, I think you should talk it over with you boss and clue her/him in.

I'm not sure about the milk shake recepie. Maybe if I, don't even type it. Right now, I can't eat a banana unless it's covered in chocolate ice cream and hot fudge.

And I wonder why I'm doing battle with the scale...