Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bed Rest

For those of you who asked after reading the last post, I am on bed rest right now, but only for a limited time. Not (God forbid!) until the end of the pregnancy. I can't even imagine the next 4 months staying still all day every day. Especially with spring coming. What torture would that be?

Bed rest is interesting. I find it is something I thought I would be good at but alas, am not. I found myself last evening in the kitchen whipping up a few quiches, one to freeze, while simultaneously making myself dinner.

This morning I awoke and climbed down the stairs to make coffee (for Ernie), a smoothy (for me) , a pound of bacon (to be used by either me or Ernie for breakfast, lunches, dinners, whatever), and a bagel. I then washed a sink load of dishes and meandered back upstairs to the couch that has become by daytime bed.

I can't actually spend these days of bed rest in the bed that I sleep in at night. That's just too much sameness for me. It is already so bad that at night I don't want to go to sleep. The last thing I want to do is crawl into bed. Ick. My back and hips are already so sore from all the side-sleeping (you're not supposed to sleep on your back when pregnant and not on your stomach for obvious reasons).

What I would like to do is go for a nice run in the bright spring sun. Now that sounds like a good time! Although I don't think I would even be able to manage tying the laces on my running shoes with this belly.

I think I may have gained a pound since I started this bed rest thing on Tuesday. I am certainly not eating as much as I usually do, but after I eat I am just laying there. Actually, I am laying down while I eat. So the food is just accumulating, which is I guess what we want it to do. I suppose the walking to and from the train, up and down subway stairs and to and from my office actually does burn calories. Who knew?

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anne said...

Would it be possible for you to come to my house for your bed rest? At least that way there would be some chance of my family eating and some housework getting done. I've never heard of such an active bed rester.
While the idea of bed rest sounds like a small vacation in paradise to me, I think I would also get sick of it pretty easily. Like after the first month or so. ;)

Do you have any parks nearby? Maybe you could take a blanket and pillow(s) and rest on the grass...

This might explain why a lot of women take up knitting when pregnant. Something to keep your hands, and mind, occupied while giving your body a rest. My sister-in-law started knitting while recovering from back surgery. She makes the most beautiful sweaters now.