Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Boys Will be Boys

And I am growing two of them right now. Yep, two little penises developing inside my womb. Ick. Sounds weird.

Ernie could not be happier.

He is already planning the first trick the three of them will play on me. He is already planning experiments to do on them. The pots and pans symphony is being composed as we speak.

My dad is hoping for one Dale Earnhart and one Yo-Yo- Ma.

My Father in Law can't wait to go fishing.

My Mother in Law is trying to figure out how on Earth we are going to live with four Adzentoivich men, three living under one roof.

My Mother can't wait to shop. She didn't care if she was going for pink or blue, as long as she knew one way or the other. Shopping is shopping afterall.

I am just very, very happy and grateful. So far every test and every ultrasound has been perfect. Knock wood.

They each weigh 7 oz and are about 7 inches long from head to butt. Don't ask about names because we have no idea. And if we did we wouldn't tell anyway.

My fears about my employer trying to squeeze me out of the company seem to be coming to fruition. Yesterday they rejected my Maternity Plan. In light of their "No Paid Maternity Leave Policy" I proposed a plan that I thought would benefit everyone in case of complications, etc. This plan included my working on special projects, contributing Blog entries for our company blog, doing sales proposals, and other autonomous tasks that could easily be accomplished from home using our company intranet (which was built for just this purpose)should I need to stop working early or require bed rest (already happened), etc. In the case of no complications I proposed spending some of the 12 weeks mandated by law actually working from home. This would allow me to contribute to the organization as well as continue to nurse the babies and care for them in their infancy. Well, I was told with no negotiations, that working from home for extended periods will not be allowed. Period. So I get the $175/week short term disability pay and that's it. Good luck paying two mortgages on that. Oh yeah, and caring and providing for two infants. Nice. After two years of dedicated service I get their message loud and clear.

So we are freaking out a little bit. Luckily we had an appointment today and got to see our two healthy squirmy baby boys. It helped put things into perspective. So what if we need to squeeze them and their car seats into the back of our two door Hyundai - I guess we won't be the first ones.


Jozet said...

WOW! Two more Adzentoivich guys!!!!!!

I'm thrilled for you! (Of course, I'd be equally thrilled if they were girls ;-) )


Well, we can both exchange stories on being mommies to boys. This is all new to me, too.

And about the job...! I'm so sorry about that. It must feel like a real slap in the face after all the work you've put into the company. I hope they get their heads out of their butts and realize what a BIG mistake they are making.

It will all work out. I don't know how, but that's always been my mantra, and so far, so good.

And you're right...with these two new wee ones, the world could come creashing down and those babies will still put the biggest smile on your face. I hate to be one of those "wait, you'll see" types, but really...in a few months, you are going to see the face of the love in this universe on those two little boys.

anne said...

Regarding living with three Adzentoivich men...you might want to consider what grandmother did...move into a house attached to a bar. Seemed to work for her.

I'm sure you'll all find your way.

Regarding the job...that STINKS! But, like big sis, I try to take a philosophical approach. Everything for a reason. If they do squeeze you out, perhaps it is because you have much better things on the horizon.