Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cats and Bunnies and Other Furry Critters

Don't know if you read the story this week about the "Monster" Bunny in the UK who was eating many of the crops from the farms of one small village. This guy was really causing a ruckus! Nobody could catch him and the rutabagas were in danger! Every carrot and celery was fearing for it's life.

Well, they caught the scoundrel and here he is:

Now that's one big bunny!

(I chose to believe that he is being held lovingly by this fine gentleman and hasn't been shot dead or poisoned or something).

Here is the story on Yahoo!

Happy Easter.

Now for the cat part of our story.

Last night I had a very vivid dream. In this dream I quietly gave birth to a cat. Yes, a cat. Not really a kitten but a cat. This particular cat looked very much like my cat Chaplin who was black and white. Sort of a tuxedo style cat. Some of you may remember her.

Now in my dream this didn't seem all that odd. I went to my doctor and told him about the cat. And then I rationalized that of course I wasn't having twins! It was the cat we saw on the ultrasound and mistook her for a second baby! It all seemed to make so much more sense.

Until I woke up.

In the other furry creatures department: I don't really have anything. I just liked the title. But hey, it is spring. There are tons of furry creatures about. Why I have at least 6 squirrels who frequent my backyard on a daily basis. One raccoon that scared the crap out of me one evening on my front porch. And of course there are always deer - on the Parkway or Rte. 80.

Welcome Spring!

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anne said...

I can't believe the size of that bunny! Amazing!

And I don't think it is odd at all to dream of giving birth to a cat.

Not odd at all.