Friday, April 07, 2006

Hitting the BIG Time

I guess I am. I am off of Bed Rest now and went in to work this morning.

Any of you who have ever commuted to NYC on MetroNorth will really appreciate this story.

This morning on the train platform, as the train was pulling into the station, people were jockying for position to be the first in the door to get one of the few coveted empty seats. I am standing there in my black raincoat (black is slimming, right?) and the two men in front of me turn around and look at my belly. Then they exchange glances with one another and part ways like the red sea. They actually let me on the train first!

I am sure I blushed as I passed by them muttering "thank you, thank you, thank you" over and over again like a well trained Geisha.

Luckily when I boarded the train there were many empty seats (a miracle in itself) so the two nice gentlemen were able to sit.

Moral of the story, I's a gettin' big....

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Jozet said...

Isn't that great!

When Madeline and I went to NYC recently, there were a few very crowded subway cars we had to get on.

On each one, someone got up and gave me their seat. One time, it was even some young hoodlum looking character who was immersed in something on his iPod.

Go New York!