Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Thoughts

One tradition I have tried to instill is one of reflecting on the past year on New Year's Eve. It is meant to be funny and thoughtful. Here are the questions Ernie and I will try to answer wihle drinking a bottle of wine tonight. Maybe I will post our answers, maybe not.


1. Funniest memory of 2005
2. Biggest personal accomplishment of 2005
3. Biggest professional accomplishment of 2005
4. Most inspiring moment of 2005
5. Biggest decision you made in 2005
6. Most difficult decision you made in 2005
7. Biggest disappointment in 2005
8. Someone who did something nice for you in 2005 – what did he/she do?
9. Someone you did something nice for in 2005 – who and what was it?
10. Stupidest thing you did in 2005
11. Smartest thing you did in 2005
12. Most challenging thing you did in 2005
13. Weirdest thing you did in 2005
14. One new thing you tried in 2005
15. Name a new person you met in 2005
16. Biggest purchase of 2005 (monetarily)
17. Best purchase in 2005 (emotionally)
18. Strangest thing you saw in person in 2005
19. Strangest thing you saw on TV or online in 2005
20. A good joke you heard in 2005
21. Favorite outfit in 2005
22. Something you’re sorry you did in 2005
23. Someone you owe an apology to for something you did in 2005
24. Someone who owes you an apology for something he/she did in 2005
25. Who did you have your biggest fight/argument with in 2005?
26. One person you made laugh in 2005
27. One word to describe your year
28. One word that you hope describes the year ahead
29. Personal prediction for 2006
30. Professional prediction for 2006


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