Thursday, December 29, 2005

Miss. Doxie - She Funny

OK. So Ernie has been trying to convince me to read this Miss. Doxie blog for months, He found her through Anne's blog. Anne sometimes gives her a shout out and has a link on her blog.

Well, seeing as it is the week between Christmas and New Years and every one of my clients and the Search Engines themselves are all closed - I am bored, bored, bored. I already updated my Friendster profile, worked on MySpace and read The NY Times online. So what next? I read Steph's blog, not updated. Deanne's blog. Anne and Josette have obviously taken a blogging hiatus, as has Searchviews. So I had nowhere else to turn but to Miss. Doxie.

I read two entries and was peeing my pants at my desk. I literally had to stop reading and look out the window because I was crying from laughing and didn't want my co-workers to see me. You see, our boss is out on vacation and I am the Senior team member this week aka The Man. It would be very unprofessional for my team to see me hysterical over reading a blog during the work day. But there I was.

And so, Miss. Doxie you now have my vote. Not that you need it. She has zillions of comments for every blog post. Oh my God. I just read one about a shark encounter she had while helping to clean up a beach after one of the hurricanes, oh my God...If you're looking for a laugh.

So now I will add Mss. Doxie's blog to my list to the right. Please read her in good health. And Miss. Doxie - keep up the awesome posts!

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