Tuesday, January 03, 2006

January 3rd

Well, we all seem to have made it through to 2006. Phew!

I did not swim with the Polar Bear Club. It was raining and cold and I just couldn't do it. Plus, I was already coming down with a cold/flu and didn't think it would be very responsible of me to jump into the Atlantic Ocean. Yeah - that's the ticket.

I didn't answer my own corny questions on New Years Eve. Ernie tried but I just couldn't get into it. Instead, we ate a lovely meal off of our make-shift diningroom table (two TV trays set under our chandeliere) and listened to Garrison Keihlor (however you spell it) and then to the New Years Eve Gala at the NY Philharmonic - which ended at 10pm, duh. Then we opened the token bottle of twist-off cap Andre "Champagne" (early, lest we fall asleep before we remembered to open it), and retired to our bedroom floor (where our lovely foam camping mat serves as our bed) to watch Carson Daley on the only channel that we could get in on our TV with our rabbit ears antennae.

It was very festive.

Ernie tooted the Tuba at 12:01. I mean a real tuba, not the "tuba", or not "tooted" the way you do after a large Mexican meal.

At 12:03 we were both sound asleep.

We have to stop partying like this.

I will probably do a year in pictures sort of thing - like I did last year. But not right now. I am still sick with that cold/flu thing. It sucks. I spent most of my birthday complaining about not being able to breath through my nose while dealing with painful chapped lips resulting from my constant mouth breathing (iew.).

So bear with me, pictures will be posted soon.

Happy New Year.

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