Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Buying Furniture

We had a lot of fun shopping for furniture during all of the January sales. Yes, it is time to graduate from compact, practical apartment furniture, to real grown-up house furniture!

We shopped around until we found the best stuff at the best prices (of course, we're Adzentoivich). It may have taken us three times as long to buy one chair as it takes most people to furnish an entire house - but we got a great deal!

We are still hunting. It is like a game...screw you Lillian August.


We got new chairs, but still no couch! Rug is from Aunt Marjorie's house.

I am thinking of taking the tree down sometime before Valentine's Day.

Bought some stools at Pier One for the breakfast counter. Now that was a real bargin! Cushions, too.

Ernie decided we would save the $100 delivery fee on our already incredibly "affordable" dining room set by picking it up from the store- Fortunoff "the Source" - and assembling it himself. It only took 4 or 5 hours and minimal cursing (and at least one bottle of wine).

These would become our chairs.

Carpet is from ABC Carpet and Home in NY. Purchased from the DUMBO location which was having a "Closing Location" sale. Can you say BARGAIN! (the leather wingback living room chair also comes from ABC).

Ernie soon discovered that the chairs weren't necessarily balanced and each needed to be adjusted so as not to wobble. This called for a beverage break.

Yes, the counters are messy - we're in the middle of moving, give me a break.

He finally got his "little soldiers" assembled and situated them at the far end of the dining room (that other furniture doesn't belong in the dining room but it has no place to live yet).

And the finished product...

We had our first Sunday dinner the following day with my mom, dad and Grandfather. We are looking forward to many, many joyous meals and memories being enjoyed around this table.

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