Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mrs. Jinx is the Scariest Cat Not on TV

This weekend I spent the night at our new house in CT - the one we don't live in yet - with my cats. Ernie is in Los Angeles on business for a few days.

So me, Mrs, Jinx and Godzilla got in the car and dropped daddy off at Laguardia Saturday morning. The ride to Stamford was quite uneventful as I find it usually is as long as Mrs. Jinx approves of what is on the radio. Usually she prefers anything top 40, not hip hop, rap or KROC type stuff. More like Kelly Clarkson and Rob Thomas. And usually she likes it when I sing along (but sometimes not).

So Saturday morning I tried something different and tuned into Public Radio. They were playing old-timey stuff like Sinatra and the like. Mrs. Jinx was quiet as a mouse (Godzilla ia always an angel, it is the primadonna we always need to worry about) until some female crooner came on. She did not approve - not one bit. This woman apprently has just released a compilation of Irving Berlin tunes. Well, Mrs. Jinx did not give her a favorable review. I was forced to switch over to WPLJ - greatest hits of the 80's, 90's and today! She calmed down almost immediately. Crisis (and headache) averted.

That evening as I slept on the foam mattress in what will someday be my master bedroom, I was awoken by a strange feeling at the top of my head. I open my eyes a crack and in the dark of night I can just barely make out the silouette of Mrs. Jinx peering down at me from the pillow above my head.

She was sitting on the pillow pawing at my scalp! It seems she was trying to pry loose strands of my hair from between my head and the pillow. She was going at it with such intensity. It was almost like she was trying to tease my hair into some odd up-do. The thing is, as soon as she got a small clump free SHE STARTED TO CHEW ON IT! I immediately became 100% awake and brushed her off the pillow screaming "What is wrong with you! Are you insane?" and went back to sleep.

Later - I have no idea how much later because it was all like one long nightmare - I was re-awoken to Mrs. Jinx noshing on my hair again! I twisted my neck to see her and she was staring into my face with this look of utter concentration. I swear she wanted to eat through to my brain. This time I pushed her off the foam bed completely and pleaded to Godzilla to protect me from her. I threatened to lock her out of the bedroom. Since I was on the foam mattress I was basically on the floor at prime cat access level...I was completely exposed!

It happened again. I am not kidding. It was right out of some teen horror flick. I am sure she was intent on eating my head, had I let her. Straight through the hair to the scalp, to the brain. Like she isn't smart enough? Now she wants my brain too?

This time I think I scared her because she didn't come back for fourths (at least not that I am aware of).

Later on that morning, when I woke up at a more normal hour, there was a clanging in the basement. I hadn't gotten out of bed (off the floor) yet but assumed it was the furnace turning on. Well, it must have disturbed Mrs. Jinx (who was sleeping now that it was daylight). The next thing I know I see the bedroom door slowly swinging shut. As it shuts I see Mrs. Jinx is behind it, on two legs, pushing it with her front feet until it closed. She was sort of walking along behind it until it shut all the way. Once shut she sat there and looked at her reflection in the mirror that hangs on the back of it.

Is this normal behavior for a cat? I mean really?! I am afraid of her.

Have I ever bothered to mention that Mrs. Jinx weighs a whopping 7 pounds?

The Horror!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your new house is like "Amityvilled" and your cat is possessed.
There's alot of old Indian burial grounds in that part of CT...