Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving...

...All you Turkeys!

And I'd better not hear of one single person having Turducken this Thanksgiving. It is the most vile concept I have ever heard of. Demonstrates the vulgar over-indulgence and complete disregard for the natural world that is so prevalent in this country. Gross.

If you have no idea what Turducken is, I applaud you. But here is a link. Let me know if you find it equally repugnant. Supposedly it is a Cajun delicacy so it is all over the news in homage to New Orleans. It was the most searched term on AOL this week (good thing nobody is searching for useless things like Tom DeLay...or Troops in Iraq...).

BTW - all three animals have no bones, explain that one to me. This is what the people with the upsidedown Christmas trees are serving for Thanksgiving this year - I betcha.

It's just wrong!

Gobble, gobble

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