Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Stupid Blogger

I wrote a witty post yesterday afternoon about the Giant Inflatable Santa Claus riding the Lobster...Blogger timed out for routine maintenance and my story was never posted. Let me just say you all missed out on one hell of a blog post - and you have no one but Blogger to blame.

And don't think I am going to sit here and attempt to regurgitate the whole thing....'cause I won't, I just won't I tell ya'...

But it was really bizarre the day I came up from the subway to see a giant inflatable Santa riding a lobster like a rodeo bull. Sitting in the middle of Canal Street and 6th Avenue. The middle of China Town. Right near the Holland Tunnel. IN MAY... had to be at least 3 stories tall

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tony c said...

Chinatown is magic. I have great stories from Chinatown Boston.

Chinese New Year they would hang rolls of fireworks like a belt of machine-gun ammo out of 2nd story windows. Lit at the bottom it would pop and climb up to, like, 4 big fireworks and blow your head off.

Little 8yr old Chinese kids throwing whole packs of firecrackers at ear level.

Asking the guy at the local liquor store / herbal pharmacy why he sold Deer Penis for $55 dollars in a plastic bag. It looked like a miniature beef jerky handgun. The whole shriveled schmuck was there. For $55 dollars.

And of course the obligatory Chinese waiter stories. One of them involved a lobster.