Thursday, May 12, 2005

Germano Hair

What you may be thinking, is Germano Hair? Well it sort of looks like this

Growing up, my mom and her 4 sisters always looked like the Sunmand Raisin lady to me. I actually thomght my mom was the Sunmaid Raisin Lady for several years of my young life.

Germano hair always seemed very mysterious to me. All of the Germano women had long brown wavy hair. Cut into layers, because it was the 70's, after all. My Aunts always looked like models or movie stars to me. And I still picture them this way today, even though most of them no longer have dark brown hair and only one or two have kept it below their shoulders. I always wanted Germano hair. Somehow my 13 year old hair couldn't achieve the same carefree curls or glossy length. No matter how many deep conditioners I bought from the local pharmacy for $0.50. No matter how much Alberto Vo5 I applied. I couldn't get it right.

Well, now I have discovered the secret. Age. Now that I have reached the age that my mom and Aunts were during their Sunmaid Raisin glory days, my hair has sort of morphed into Germano hair. Unfortunately, along with the Germano hair comes Germano hips and thighs. The Germano neuroses have begun to set in as well.

Oh well, at least my hair looks great! (as long as I remember to color it every few weeks to hide the Germano Greys)

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