Monday, March 28, 2005

Pug on the Farm

Tybalt is a Pug. He is not an Elizabethan swordsman.

Tybalt is a dog. He is not a "Dog".

Tybalt likes to be held and coddled. He does not like to run through fields. He doesn't really even like to be outdoors at all.

Tybalt was a guest on the farm this weekend. He spent some time on the couch, some time on his mommy's lap, and a very little bit of time walking through the woods and in the mud. All of the humans on the farm were very impressed with his tenacity. He was a good little trooper - walking through the last remnants of snow, and navigating over thorn bushes.

You may recognize Tybalt from the famous Rowe Greeting Cards. There was "Lady-Pug", "Czar Pug", and everyone's favorite "Angel Pug", to name a few.

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